Tuesday, July 08, 2008

El Salvador: Student Leader Assassinated – Solidarity with the BERS-24

By Bloque Popular Juvenil – Peoples’ Youth Block
Tuesday, 08 July 2008

On June 26, at around 10.40pm, comrade Ángel Humberto Martínez Cerón was assassinated just a few metres from his home. He was the General Coordinator of the "January 24" Revolutionary Socialist Students Block (known as BERS-24). The political activity this revolutionary young militant was involved in was the reason why the ruling class decided to silence him.

Comrade Ángel had a spirit of sacrifice for the cause of socialism, and he was aware of the possible consequences of genuine revolutionary activity. He would always say that "we do not need any more martyrs, what we need is revolutionaries dedicating all their energies to the struggle, we need them alive to build socialism". The best tribute we can pay to the comrade is to continue his struggle, never to lose our convictions. He had the qualities of a genuine leader, he was able to inspire confidence and give strength to comrades when they most needed it. Without doubt, the memory of the comrade will inspire future generations to carry on the struggle.

BERS-24 is one of the very few organizations carrying out revolutionary work amongst the youth in Santa Ana, a department in the interior. Currently they are involved in the struggle against the increase in transport prices of, having recently organized a demonstration with 200 students. As a result they have been victims of constant police harassment. Two police officers, numbers 02-1841 and 02-1840, have "accompanied" their daily activities, plainclothes police officers follow the most known members of the organization, and three members of the BERS-24, including Ángel were recently arrested after a protest against the high cost of living. The ruling class is afraid of their activities and will not hesitate to use all means at their disposal to prevent organizations like this from growing and becoming stronger.

However, the assassination of Ángel will not be the end of this campaign of harassment and repression. We hold the mayor of Santa Ana, Orlando Mena, and Francisco Rovira, the Director of the National Civilian Police, responsible for any further attacks and aggressions against FMLN members in Santa Ana, and particularly against those who are part of BERS-24. This assassination reminds us of the sicariato (hired gun killings of activists) in the 1980s. Some of the witnesses say that those who carried out the killing were wearing black balaclavas and footprints matching those of the boots worn by the Special Forces of the National Civilian Police were found at the scene of the crime.

We call on the FMLN to come out publicly against this killing, since this is an attack against all the left-wing organizations in the country. The comrades from of BERS-24 are genuine members of the FMLN and they may face further repression. We ask the FMLN to take up the case and protect the comrades. We cannot allow another political killing to go unpunished. The left-wing and working class organizations should respond by calling a 24-hour general strike against political attacks, killings and harassment.

The ruling class will blame criminal gangs (which they are also responsible for) for this killing. However, we know who organized his assassination. Ángel joins a long list of revolutionaries who have been silenced since the signing of the peace agreements. Under capitalism, the struggle for the emancipation of the working people is considered a crime, a crime against the interests of the ruling class, and they know how to protect their interests, their wealth which has been created with the sweat of the workers.

The alternative is: socialism or barbarism. Under capitalism the emancipation of the working class will not be possible. Today the task is to consolidate strong Marxist organizations. The world socialist revolution is the only way forward and we are convinced that BERS-24 will be at the forefront of the struggle for workers' interests.

We swear on comrade that we will win!

No more martyrs, the FMLN must respond with mass struggle in the streets!

Workers of all countries unite!

Sign the petition

against attacks on the BPJ, FMLN and the Salvadorean left in general.



Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

I'm always very grateful to you for exposing me to things I would miss with my narrow focus.

Thanks for this RE!

Anonymous said...

I'll be willing to bet that this a-hole was killed by a fellow lefty. Any arrests, yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh, did I say lefty? I meant opposing gang member of a criminal enterprise. Kinda the same thing.

Una said...

Sorry. I could not read everything that you have published on your blog because my mother was seriously ill and I went to Salamanca to be with her the last days of his life.
As I can read all what you've written because I find it very interesting.
Deseo que puedas comprender este inglés de traductor mecánico.

Frank Partisan said...

María Teresa: Condolences to you.

Whenever I do a post about culture, it's with you in mind, particularly movies.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill: Thank you for the comment.

FJ: We shall see. I'm sure there are some old death squad people around. The FMLN will probably regain the presidency next elections.

Graeme said...

i hadn't heard about this at all. nice post Ren.

Entdinglichung said...

put the text with a short introduction in German on Entdinglichung, revolutionary greetings!

Mad Zionist said...

The goal for the impoverished is to become middle class by working hard to get better paying jobs, and then saving some money to buy a house.

The goal of the middle class is to become upper middle class by working hard, getting a better paying job or opening a small business of your own, and setting aside some savings for the future.

The goal of the upper middle class is to become wealthy by working hard, advancing to a top paying position or expanding a small business to a large company, and investing money wisely for maximum return.

Call it what you will, but this is the real world working at it's highest level. No guarantees of equal results, a person can succeed if he applies himself and develops skills, or he can fail and be impoverished because of laziness and lacking any skills.

Those who choose the path of being impoverished can live at sustanance level from government and charitable contribution, while seeking aid and comfort from their families.

Any more would be cruel and unjust to those who have earned more, and anything less would be cruel and unjust to the poor.

Frank Partisan said...

Entdinglichung: Your blog unfortunately doesn't allow comments. Thank you for reprinting this post.

Graeme: A whole section of the FMLN youth broke from Maoism, to Trotskyism and some to anarchism.

MZ: You would be correct in another generation.

Now capitalism is at a stage, where making money with weak foundations as selling debt, is the character of capitalism.

It is not the days of the best idea triumphs.

There is no investment in productive enterprise.

Production is social, and ownership is private. The US has the capacity to meet the needs of the people, food, jobs and housing. It needs rational planning.

Some socialists believe in buying out enterprise, others don't.

No guarantees of equal results with socialism, just read Marx, atleast fairer considering we already have productive capacity.

Food crisis when we have enough food to feed all? capitalism is anarchy in the worst sense of the word.

The masses have less and less. Who are the robbers?

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