Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iran: We Will Take Revenge for Farzad and His Comrades!

Written by Babak Kasrayi
Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Farzad kamangar

A few days ago the hated Islamic Republic of Iran executed five militant youth. Komalah, the Kurdistan Organization of the Communist Party of Iran, has called for a general strike throughout Iranian Kurdistan. It is a call that the IMT fully supports. The regime can only be brought down by the mass action of the workers and the actions in Kurdistan should be spread to the whole of Iran, involving the whole of the working class.

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sonia said...

I feel a bit sorry for the author. He apparently didn't get the most recent Politburo memo that clearly stated that the present Iranian regime is a great friend of all Communists everywhere (and especially its present "leaderus supremus", Hugo Chavez).

So to call for a general strike in Iran must surely be a damn Yankee Zionist imperialist CIA plot (probably masterminded by Valerie Plame)...

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: Now you know what I go through.

Locally my tendency is the only one, who is active with Iranian issues on the left. I do find many Iranians secretly socialist.

Trotsky wrote an essay called Learn To Think. It opposes always putting an o. where your opponent puts an x. Even if I put my x at the same place, my reasons are different.

SecondComingOfBast said...

That is exactly why I've avoided getting all misty-eyed and sentimental over the Iranian rebels. As much as I hate and despise the Iranian Ayatollahs, I am not in the least bit convinced that the current crop of protesters are or would be any better, or would be inclined to be more Pro-Western, or less anti-Israeli, than the current regime. If I knew exactly what they were about and what they stood for, and where they intend to take the country should they ever overthrow the regime, it would be easier to support them. But if they are like I think they are, another bunch like Mossadegh, I'm not interested in getting behind that.

Bottom line, sell us oil at a reasonable price and stop being a problem in other areas, and I can support you, or at least not actively oppose you.

The real power in Iran isn't really the Ayatollahs anyway, its the Guard, which is propping them up. Without them they are nothing, and without them, no revolution is going anywhere.

sonia said...

Trying to overthrow the Iranian regime while being a Communist is a bit like trying to win a Republican primary while being a porn star. It's not impossible, but it's very, very hard...

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: Even a secular, democratic government in Iran, would have great ramifications throughout the world.

If the Iranian Revolution could be compared to a pregnancy, its at the first month.

Pagan: The Iranian left was massacred in the 1980s. The remnants are so desperate to overthrow the government they'll get in bed with anyone. Coalitions bring together forces that wouldn't be together under normal conditions. I'm active with Iranian support, but politically at arms length.

Nothing strengthened Iran more, than the Iraq War.

Anonymous said...

These rebels were Kurds and Kurds are struggling for their very existence. Doesn't matter what kind of political or philosophical spin you put on it, struggle for existence is struggle for existence.

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