Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Britain’s Contradictory Election Results – Unstable Situation Opens Up

Written by Rob Sewell and Fred Weston
Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The "hung" parliament, with Labour in red, liberals in yellow and tories in blue. Illustration by Dove.

Last week’s elections results have posed a dilemma before the British ruling class. They wanted a strong Tory government to introduce draconian anti-working class measures. The electorate denied them that pleasure. Now they are seeking to patch together some form of government that can guarantee them the same programme, but on a much more unstable base.

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sonia said...

This will be a period in which the ideas of genuine Marxism will be more relevant than ever

If during the worst depression in living memory, British voters actually moved to the right, I don't really see how Marxism could ever make a comeback there.

The only European country where the depression makes people move to the left is Greece. There, Marxism seems relevant enough to burn bankers alive, but not relevant enough to prevent Greece from becoming a pathetic, money-begging welfare-state junkie...

tony said...

Im not even sure it was a move to the Right.The Majority voted for left-of-center Parties.They were duped by The Liberals who promised to oppose the right wing Tories but were seduced into jumping into bed with the right with the promise of personal power.
Maybe Im kidding myself but in the medium term (2 years say)The Labour Party & the Left in Britain will be even stronger.

The Sentinel said...

The UK rejected Marxism and all of its guises quite some time ago.

Indeed it was purely because of this and the thinly veiled core of the Labour party that the conservatives ruled from 1979 to 1997. Even the Labour party themselves recognised that they were unelectable as an open communist party and re-branded themselves as ‘New Labour’ – the first of so many lies.

This latest election has shown again that the ‘left’ has been largely been rejected by the electorate with Labour losing 91 seats, the LibDems losing 5 but the Tories gaining 97.

The biggest vote shares after these three main parties (including the two main ‘leftist’ parties) were the UKIP and the BNP, hugely over and beyond any of the fringe ‘leftist’ parties, Marxist parties and pseudo-Nationalist parties that are really ‘leftist’ parties.

They didn’t take any seats despite polling substantially more then the other ‘small parties’ such as the SNP who got 6 seats, Plaid Cymru who got 3 seats, SF who got 5 seats, Green party who got 1 seat etc etc but the order of parties vote-wise has been established and there is a fair chance that electoral reform in the shape of PR may well be embraced to address the anomaly of votes cast to representation.

If what are ostensibly centre ‘left’ parties are so comprehensively rejected what chance do extreme-left parties have? Well we already know the answer to that as several such as the “Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition” and the “Scottish Socialist Party” stood and polled less the 30,000 votes between them losing their deposits.

But I think talk of ‘right’ and ‘left’ is always just to simplistic though.

I think something of much more concern is the fact that widespread election fraud and incompetence led to the criticism of the system used by the ‘Mother of All Parliaments’ by most of the independent commonwealth observers from such bastions of democracy as Bangladesh, Jamaica, Kenya, Malaysia and Nigeria.

There are around 50 official police investigations into electoral fraud ongoing at the moment (and a journalist was beaten in East London for investigating a tip off) but I think the whole affair was succinctly summed up Visiting Professor Mark Almond of International Relations at Bilkent University, Ankara:

“Hung parliament or not, the General Election produced one clear result on the night. All the TV pundits agreed that this was one of the most shambolic, incompetent and fraudulent elections Britain has ever witnessed.

From widespread allegations of postal-vote fraud, to the hugely unreliable electoral register, to the scenes of mutiny outside polling stations that were closed before hundreds had been able to vote, this was a disgrace to the democratic process.

These are abuses of process one might expect in a banana republic, not in the land that gave us the Mother of all Parliaments.

Having acted as an official observer in more than a hundred polls across the old Communist bloc, I have witnessed more incompetence and corruption than I care to remember. Yet this week's British election has shocked even seasoned monitors like me. As one friend from Azerbaijan remarked archly to me yesterday, 'At least in my country, we have managed chaos….

To that end, New Labour turned voter registration into a free-for-all. Coupled with unfettered immigration, keeping accurate electoral records was thus reduced to little more than guesswork.

Ingenious fraudsters - usually in minority communities - were soon competing to see who could squeeze the most imaginary voters into one property.

Worse still, Blair also opened up postal voting to anyone who requested it, making the scope for fraud even greater…

In many other nations I have visited, an election as incompetently managed as Thursday's would result in riots in the street. In Britain, we just seem to shrug our shoulders.”


SecondComingOfBast said...

Since Brown resigned, there's a chance Labour and Liberal Democrats might form a coalition. I don't see what Brown resigning would amount to. It's still the same old Labour Party with a different front man, that's all. The British people should rise up and raise hell if that's permitted to happen.

There should be enough seats held by minor parties willing to form a coalition with the Tories to give the Conservatives the nod, seeing as how the Tories hold by far the most number of seats of any of the parties-just not enough to form a government on their own.

The Sentinel said...


Cameron is the new PM with a Lib-Dem coalition.

jams o donnell said...

Pagan outside of the Lib Dems the only chance of a partherships would ahve been the Democratic Unionists and I'm not sure of that. Sinn Fein do not attend parliament, SDLP take the labour whip Plaid Cymeu, the SNP and the Green MP would rather cut their feet off than support the tories. The Independent Unionist is a labour supporter. The Alliance Party is linked with the LibDems.

The Tories could not have otained a mjaoruty i any other way.

Sonia the move to teh right was hardly emphatic or else the Tories would have swept into parliament. Hung Parliaments are rare in the UK.

Ducky's here said...

Gordon Brown has resigned, and looks like we'll have the Tory-LibDem alliance after all.

Good luck with that!

tony said...

I find it amusing to read most of the above.Most of it totally misses the point & really does not represent a true picture of what it has felt like to live in the middle of this election.
I speak as a Labour Voter but my guess is that Liberals & Conservatives here would be equally amused at Americans giving us lectures on honesty in politics.
Yes, Sentinal, Britain has never had a mass Marxist movement.But equally, it always had had a left-of center majority. Labour & Liberal have always split the left vote here& often resulted in letting the minority Conservatives gain power.Many people voted Liberal this time as a tactical vote to stop a Conservative MP being elected.Only to find the person they voted in against the Conservative is now helping a Conservative government to be formed!
As to all this stuff about rigged-voting etc your making it sound much bigger than it actually was & it didnt effect the result of the election in any way (again Tory Liberal& Labour would all agree on this)
jesus ! This election has been complicated enough without you throwing in images of thousands of "imaginary voters".

The Sentinel said...

Well Tony, for one I am not an American, I am as British as they come. Secondly I very much ‘lived’ through this election too so I don’t know why you claim my opinion does not “represent a true picture of what it has felt like” – maybe not to you Tony, but you are not at the centre the universe, certainly not mine in any case!

As we go on you make a lot of pure assumptions about how and why people voted, you have no evidence at all that “many people voted Liberal this time as a tactical vote to stop a Conservative MP being elected” that is just an opinion, and in the event that the Liberals lost 5 seats anyway, probably not an accurate one.

Equally you have no evidence whatsoever as the actual scope of election fraud given that the police themselves are still investigating at least 50 incidents of it and consequently you don’t have the slightest notion in reality that “it didnt effect the result of the election in any way.”

As cited, most of the independent Commonwealth observers slated the conduct of this election and they come from places not generally known to be bastions of electoral integrity, as did at least one Professor who has acted as an official observer in over 100 communist bloc polls meaning that I, and I believe most reasonable people, would take his objective expert analysis over your opinionated amateur one Tony.

tony said...

Sentinal.I apologise for calling you an American !
Dont you think the Internet is a great way of meeting new friends?
well Sir ,you may not be American but you seem to play "hardball"!
We are all "amateur" & we all hold subjective opinions.non?
I dont really understand what your driving at regarding "election fraud".Did this effect the result of this Election.If indeed it exist on the scale you suggest then this will appear in due course no doubt.Lets wait and see on that one.But are you saying a particular Party was trying to gain advantage? If that was the case, it was a cock-up as everybody "failed" to get the result they wanted.
I told you i voted Labour.who did you vote for? For the life of me i dont see where your coming from.Hey , maybe we live near each other.Fancy A Pint some time?

Anonymous said...

One bit of good news is that the Neo-Nazi British Nationalist Party got a good hiding and lost most of its council seats, as well as failing to win a single seat in the general election.

Be thankful for this. At least one European country has emphatically rejected Neo-Nazism.


Frank Partisan said...

In the US, the media gave the impression that Liberal Democrats were a new party. They are the Whig Party, with a new name.

Sonia: You're back!

I have been studying the question of whether bad conditions as recession/depression or periods of prosperity, cause people to be more politically active. In another post I can go into detail, but the answer is neither.

The Greece bank incident was condemned by Marxists. It was an anarchist or police provocation. Either way nothing to do with Marxists. Good anarchist groups also condemned it. Greece is the tip of the iceberg.

Tony: I agree with your overall assessment.

The left does best with Labour, out of office.

Go back to Ted Grant. It's a cardinal political rule, that when the working class moves, the first place they go to, is the groups they are most familiar with.

People still have memories of Thatcher. As the election got closer, Labour gained.

Sentinel: The momentum for the Tories changed during the TV debates. That's what the US media said.

It's a rule of politics, that when reformists don't bring reform, people abandon the party. Blair and the neoliberals, have been trying to separate the party, from its socialist and trade union past.

The extreme left Greens, Respect lost, as did the extreme right BNP.

I don't think fraud is an important issue.

Pagan: Jams is right.

Anonymous: Thank you for visiting.

Rejected also was the left, that doesn't understand that in the UK, the base is in labour, not sect parties.

Jams: Correct.

Frank Partisan said...

Ducky: I'm glad labour didn't join.

The Sentinel said...


There is no need to apologise; there is nothing in the least bit wrong with being an American, its just that I am not one.

As for ‘hardball’ well I can be direct, I know, but I am civil and honest; I work on reason and logic and try hard to remain objective. For that reason I trust some expert opinion when it comes with solid evidence, but I don’t automatically defer to it.

As for the election fraud and its impact, as I said I don’t know yet. No one does for sure.

Where I am coming from though Tony is that if the integrity of an election cannot be guaranteed, then there is little point in having one.

Many independent outside observers were disturbed by what they have seen, the police have at least 50 ongoing investigations, a reporter was beaten for investigating it in the capital, and several arrests in connection to organised electoral fraud have already been made.

The electoral register is left wide open with few checks; just for one instance officials in Tower Hamlets received 5,166 new registrations literally just before the April 20 deadline which in itself is highly irregular, few of the names were checked.

That is just one of the police investigations.

The postal vote system is particularly open to abuse as very few, if any, identities are actually checked and under Labour pretty much anyone can demand a postal vote; at present 7 million people use postal votes and most, it is safe to say, don’t need to. Like for instance the woman that Brown decided to call a bigot behind her back for raising immigration, she seemed perfectly fine to saunter around on her own but has a postal vote nonetheless.

The Electoral Commission themselves have already complained that Labour ‘did not comply’ with the code of conduct on the submission of postal-vote applications.

And this appalling abuse of votes and democracy below is apparently not illegal:

“Thousands of people in Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Ghana used votes "donated" by members of the British public to take part in UK election…

The "Give Your Vote" scheme asks British citizens to pass on their votes to residents of poor countries that are heavily affected by British foreign policy.”


Will the authorities clear it up? Maybe. But I wouldn’t hold your breath when, for instance, they let Blair go from the ‘cash for peerages’ case and could only charge 4 MP’s out of hundreds of blatantly fraudulent expenses claims made by dozens, if not hundreds of MP’s, and only then after public outrage.

As for a pint, who knows Tony? It is a small world. I spend most of my time travelling at the moment though, but you just never know. I may bump into you.

The Sentinel said...


Back to reason, logic and objectivity: Despite the somewhat bizarre celebration of the ‘left’, the truth is that the BNP didn’t get any hiding; they trebled their General Election vote and became the fifth largest party in the UK way and above the SNP, Greens, Plaid Cymru and SF. Under PR they would have had 12 seats.

They didn’t really expect to win parliamentary seats, they hoped at some points, but they didn’t expect it and whilst they lost 27 council seats, they still have 19 borough and county council seats and around 50 parish councillors along with a member of the GLA and 2 MEP’s.

10 years ago they had nothing. And only 47,000 votes in the General Election.

Hardly a hiding by any means.

As to the BNP being ‘neo-Nazis’, well that suits their detractors and sure they have dubious characters as all parties do but not in the league of the war criminals, endemic expense fiddling thieves, liars and traitors that make up the establishment.

In reality you need a history and politics lesson about the Nazis and their political programme.

A party is a collection of all its members and supporters, it is a movement and not one policy of the BNP can accurately be described as ‘Nazism’; it would also mean that there were around a million ‘Nazi’ voters last year too and either an additional half a million this year, or a combination of diehard and vacillating ‘Nazis’. Not really credible.

At the end of the day this is just one election; the BNP will go on. Whether they make good on their losses or lose further, or whether they implode, split or transmute -who knows?

But I guess your bitterness comes from finding out that your party - the Lib Dems - have no principles at all and are just in it for the power and the money like nearly all of them.

They touted themselves around like 2 dollar hookers trying to get the best deal for themselves personally and their so-called ‘ideology’ be damned.

They are now in bed with people that they are supposed to be diametrically opposed to and that says it all really.

Renegade Eye:

The media were crying out for a hung parliament, had been for months. I hate to say it but it would appear most people are easily led, given that quite of few of the expense thieves were voted back in.

And fraud is a very important issue and would appear to have been rampant as evidenced by the comments above, as was shoddy undemocratic practice.

As I said, if the integrity of an election cannot be guaranteed, then there is little point in having one.

tony said...

Briefly interupting all this reason, logic and objectivity...........Sentinel Hey,That's ok.I accept your apology.
Actually, a couple of things you said in your reply to me have the ring of truth .
Firstly, I havn't really looked into the postal ballot increase, so maybe fraud was an issue.Yes, this election saw a dramatic increase in the numbers of people using this method.As to the reasons of how & why I simply do not know the details.
You seem to be implying (correct me if I'm wrong!)that (a)it was engineered by Labour to their benifit.& (b)Asian immigrants were the target & beneficiaries of this system.Have I interpreted your point correctly?
If i got your implication right, we have no proof it was caused by Labour either directly or indirectly
Again (assuming what you suggest is true)Labour didnt seem to benifit from any fraud.
As to these Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Ghana voters.Well, the Asian vote in Britain is no longer predominantly Labour.your just as likely to see a Ghanaian pop up in a Tory rosette as you would a Labour one.Also,to my knowledge, neither the Tory's or Liberals have raised any concern themselves
Secondly,I sadly admit that your talk of Blair etc does raise some general issues of New Labours record on civil liberties.for example ,ID cards,photography in public,etc etc.However I cannot see the Tories doing anything to improve personal freedoms.
Sentinal.You seem to go through in great detail the comments here.I'm surprised you still havnt told us who you voted for.Your far too angry to be a Tory. Why so shy? This is a debate about politics after all.

The Sentinel said...


As I recall, you were the one apologising, not me! I meant every word of what I said; it was direct but civil.

Anyhow back to some more reason, logic and objectivity: Yes it has already been more then established that postal voting is a quick fix for corruption and works very well for Labour. The article I linked to about these Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Ghana voters voting in British elections was separate to electoral fraud, I said it is apparently legal, but in any case the connection between Asians and electoral fraud is a valid one.

In 2005 when six Labour councillors were found guilty of massive electoral fraud in Birmingham the judge said it “would disgrace a banana republic.”

“SIX middle-aged Muslim men, all pillars of their communities, won seats on Britain’s biggest local authority in the most corrupt election campaign since the Victorian era.

Vote-riggers exploited weaknesses in the postal voting system to steal thousands of ballot papers and mark them for Labour, helping the party to take first place in elections to Birmingham City Council…

They coldly exploited communities where many cannot speak English or write their names. They forced what the judge called “dishonest or frightened” postmen into handing over sacks of postal ballots. They seem to have infiltrated the mail service: several voters gave evidence that their ballot papers were altered to support Labour after they put them in the post…

Voters were traced and asked if they really had voted Labour. It emerged that some had handed completed postal ballots to Labour supporters calling at their homes offering to post them. The envelopes had been opened and the papers altered, then delivered to the election office for counting.

One of the wards where corruption was rife covered Aston, an inner-city neighbourhood. This is the fiefdom of Muhammad Afzal, a city councillor for 23 years, regarded as the most powerful man in Birmingham Asian politics. At midnight two days before the election, the police stumbled on what appeared to be a vote-forging factory. Half a dozen men were discovered in a warehouse with 274 unsealed postal votes for Aston ward.

Among them were Mr Afzal and his two fellow candidates. Mohammed Kazi is a longstanding Labour officer. He is a former postman and official of the postal workers’ union but says that this is irrelevant because he left the job in 1993. Mohammed Islam is the trustee of a mosque. A handwriting expert found that Mr Islam had signed 121 voting papers using five names and six addresses…

The vote riggers were versed in election cheating. The basic technique is so well known that two senior Labour figures, on separate occasions, both described the same method to The Times. The first step is to consult a little-known public document called the marked register. Produced locally after every election, this shows which individuals on the electoral roll have voted.

A vote rigger notes the names of people who never seem to vote. They may be dead, living elsewhere, illiterate or apathetic. These are the people whose votes are stolen. Labour knows that postal voting is vulnerable to suspicions of fraud…”


The Sentinel said...

More recently:

“At the European elections, less than a year ago, the electoral roll of the London Borough of Tower Hamlets contained 148,970 names. By January this year, it had shot up to 160,278. And in the past month alone, a further 5,000 new names have mysteriously appeared on the voting lists.

There are only two possibilities here. Either Tower Hamlets is growing twice as fast as the fastest-growing city in China, or it is the target of massive and systematic electoral fraud…

Our rulers have tiptoed round this subject because voting fraud is mostly a problem – for now – in Asian areas.”


So it is no surprise that Tower Hamlets is now under no less then four separate police investigations for electoral fraud.


And it is the same area where a journalist was savagely beaten recently for investigating electoral fraud.


Tower Hamlets is by no means alone in the investigations though.

But anyhow, away from this my point about the “Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Ghana voters” - and I am not sure if you actually read that article and what it was about - was that they are not British, most haven’t even been to Britain yet they are being allowed to vote in British elections by using proxy votes. That is extremely undemocratic and wrong.

I don’t care who they are voting for, they shouldn’t be voting at all in a British election.

Anonymous said...

"Con-Dem-Nation" was spot on.

For wider Streets:

Frank Partisan said...

Sentinel: I'm surprized you didn't vote.

I don't know how extensive was there voter fraud.

I think the bigger picture is that Tories and LibDems, will be unpopular. I doubt that the Blairites, will waltz into power in Labour.

Anonymous said...

You seem to go through in great detail the comments here.I'm surprised you still havnt told us who you voted for.Your far too angry to be a Tory. Why so shy? This is a debate about politics after all.

The silence is deafening...

The Sentinel said...


Oh here we go again. Back to the same old pattern of ‘anonymous’ digs now is it? It’ll be cowardly spoofed comments and disgusting debased insults about incest and the like next just like it was the last time around.

Grow a backbone and post your comments under your own blogger profile, I know debate is hardly a forte of yours but at least have the courage to take ownership of your utterances.

As to who I, or anyone else for that matter, voted for, it is none of your business or anyone else’s. You are an insignificant nobody and the day I explain myself to an empty headed, underhanded, nasty, petty little PC wannbe thug will be the day I hang my boots up.

I know you have as much contempt for democracy as you do for freedom of speech and general decency but while we still have some semblance left the secret ballot is still king.

If people want to discuss it, that is their right, if they don’t that there is right too.

But I know who you voted for: LD and I know who you got for your vote instead – Conservatives! So well done for voting in a new conservative government for the next 5 years!! What a tool!

Renegade Eye:

I am pretty sure you are astute enough to know who is behind this recent spattering of ‘anonymous’ comments and where it will lead, given the direction it took last time around and you will notice that the antagonist doesn’t allow ‘anonymous’ comments on their own blog, knowing the underhanded uses that they can be put to.

If it all descends into an obscene surreal farce again, you know where to lay the blame.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I think it's fucking hilarious myself, that far left types got all mushy eyed and orgasmic over Klegg, voted for him, and for all their trouble got Cameron-the Conservative. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa

From the perspective of a progressive, that's got to be kind of like going out to the pub, getting dog ass drunk, and picking up the prettiest, sexiest woman in the place, taking her to your flat, and waking up the next morning next to Susan Boyle.


Frank Partisan said...

Pagan: For my tendency inside Labour, this was the best case scenario. Labour gets to be the opposition, while the others are doing the budget cuts.

Sentinel: Not telling how you voted, is out of character for you. If I were taking bets.....

tony said...

Speaking as A Fan Of Susan Boyle........

SecondComingOfBast said...

If you guys are fucking with the Sentinel because you're assuming he voted for the BNP, I hate to break it to you, but here's a newsflash-

The only difference between the BNP and the other parties in Britain is at least the BNP is open and honest about its fascist tendencies, unlike the others, who are even more fascist while cloaking their intentions in sheep's clothing.

These Labour, LibDem,and "Conservative" parties might have the British people fooled, because by now that's all they're used to. They don't fool me. Hitler with a smiley face is just that-Hitler with a smiley face. There is no such thing as a conservative party in Britain. That's including the BNP, and its god damned sure including the "Conservative" Party as well.

The Sentinel said...


I find it amusing how much these lunchtime revolutionaries must despise the brittle framework of democracy they live under – I guess they would still like it USSR style where there was no need to demand who people voted for because there was no voting at all, and everyone thought the same way by law or was either an enemy of the state destined for the gulag or mentally ill and destined for the asylum and political rehabilitation.

And so it is in the UK, for one, now with the threat of witchfinder tactics and bizarre anti-democratic sanctions against people who do not say exactly the right thing as deemed by Pavlov’s PC mantras or even worse, dare to step completely out of the zone of control and demonstrate a rebellious streak against Pavlov’s PC conditioning.

Aptly demonstrated once again this week by way of a football player called Wayne Brown who “admitted” voting for the BNP during a political discussion in the locker room and has now been suspended and “forced into making a grovelling apology” for exercising his democratic right and despite the fact that the only disciplinary offences really committed were by the players who aggressively demanded he explain himself, told him his political views were “unacceptable” and berated him for exercising his democratic right to vote for a legitimate political party to the point of physical confrontation.

This will most likely be the end of his pro career. Such is the respect for democracy in the UK now: If he had voted for two time (three in my book) illegal war of aggression mass murdering criminals who secretly unsecured the UK’s borders for political ends or perhaps Irish terrorists responsible for the murder of thousands and the blowing up of children he would have been fine.

Go against Pavlov’s PC conditioning and you are a monster.


And so as to who I voted for, besides the fact that I think it is an irrelevant distraction in this thread, it is not so much the ‘who’ but the way it was demanded, like there was some sort of right to know or authority over me to compel me to tell.

If I had decided to speak of it, and I probably would have, then that is my right but when I get people pretty much demanding to know what I did in a secret ballot then they can fuck right off.

If Tony has asked some guy in a pub he doesn’t know who he voted for after gratuitously offering his own voting choice I am pretty sure the reaction would not have been friendly; if he continued to ask – demand - even after that guy ignored him I am pretty sure the reaction would have been overtly hostile.

And if another chirped in “guessing” the result and yet another surreal nut job chipped in ‘anonymously’ demanding to know as well then I am pretty sure the reaction would have been combative.

It doesn’t matter to me in the slightest who knows which way the entity known as “The Sentinel” voted, it bothers me the way in which it is done.

I am ardent believer in democracy and I served my country – in hindsight with extremely naive motivations – in order to protect my country, its democracy and its principles.

And a secret ballot is the underlying foundation of our democracy.

The Sentinel said...

‘anonymous coward’

How predictable. How boring. How typically cowardly and bizarre. How sad.

Why can’t you act like normal people do even when online? Why can’t you post under your own blogger profile? We all know who you are anyway?! What are you so afraid of? Cowards die a thousand deaths and all that…

I know your sense of normalcy, decency and integrity are as non-existent as your career but if you want to at least pretend to walk in the shadow of men you need some serious help on feigning these qualities!

Maybe I voted Liberal Democrat and got a Conservative government instead?

Oh wait, no one is that stupid, gormless and gullible are they are?!!

SecondComingOfBast said...

Yep, its a sad situation all right. We have that here in America too, with one hundred million democratic calling one hundred million republican kettles black, and also throwing in that they're racist if the kettles call the pots black in kind.

That's why I don't worry about these groundless accusations of racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, class oppression, gender inequality, religious intolerance, etc., etc., ad nauseum. I got wise to that game a long time ago. It's the left that subjects blacks like Clarence Thomas, for example, to accusations that they are Uncle Toms, and then proceed to engage in, in Thomas's appraisal, "high tech lynching" of any black that dares to leave the leftist welfare plantation that is the crime ridden, drug-addled reservation of Democratic vote-buying. Now they want to extend that formula towards illegal alien immigrants, as they have towards radical gays and feminists, and even towards Muslims, adherents of the cult of perpetual outrage, yet whom I am told I should exercise "tolerance"-with a straight face, unbelievably.

If you voted for the BNP, that is your right. They would not be my cup of tea, in all honesty, but were I a British subject, perhaps I would opt for them over the other loser hypocrites that claim to be tolerant, but are in fact intolerant towards any who dare to adhere to traditional British values, it would seem.

It never ceases to amaze me how the purveyors of multi-culturalism, tolerance, and "inclusion" are more often than not the most rabid of the vile and hateful spewers of hatred and intolerance towards their own everyday average citizens. Including, tellingly, those citizens amongst the minority citizens who dare have the temerity to hold s point of view different from their own.

When you see your reaction to them folks is when you see their own true bigotry and intolerance come rushing to the forefront like some poisoned well spewing its pollution. I even have heard American Indians who dare adhere to a conservative or patriotic point of view referred to as "Uncle Tom Toms", by none other than the bigoted leftist "comedian" Dick Gregory.

It defies comprehension as to how they can maintain the power and influence necessary to promote their views, but what is even more mystifying is how the average person in both Britain in America allows themselves to be bullied and intimidated by the likes of these people.

SecondComingOfBast said...


By the way, if you want a few good belly laughs, here's a British blog I discovered earlier. It's called Left Foot Forward, which bills itself as evidence based political blogging, and in one of its latest posts encourages a Robin Hood tax to fund third world nations energy make-overs and to implement yet another scheme along the lines of the failed Copenhagen Summit, among other things.

SecondComingOfBast said...

I wrote in Prince Harry through a proxy friend. What Britain needs is another Edward Longshanks.

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