Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pilobolus Dance Theater

Pilobolus is an internationally renowned contemporary dance company, based in Connecticut. It was formed at Dartmouth College in 1971, by Alison Chase.

Their style stretches the human and other forms, while not merging with gymnastics.

The prize winning company performed last year at the Academy Awards Ceremony.



K. said...

Mesmerizing. Brilliant. Beautiful. The sequence between 4:20 and 6:00 especially blew my mind. Thanks for posting -- I'll try to send some readers your way.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

It's been a while since I've seen some dance like this, used to see ti all the time.

Great stuff, on a side issue and off topic I met with Mohamed tonight, our blogging comrade and he was a wonderful human and we had a fantastic night.

I hope one day we get to meet face to face.

Una said...

Beautiful, aesthetic, elegant, harmonious and a very good physical preparation.

jams o donnell said...

Superb. Utterly engaging!

K. said...

Got tix to see them in Bellingham (WA) in February! It would not have crossed my mind were it not for this post. Thanks!

sonia said...

What, no politics!?

Btw, I finally saw "Milk" and I hated it. He deserved a more controversial film.

Frank Partisan said...

Daniel H-G: You don't see dance like Pilobulos, all the time.

Mohamed had a great blog.

Tere: I knew you'd like it.

Sonia: Atleast you agree Sean Penn was outstanding. He was so good, it was scary. I don't think Milk was controversial or scary, as you want in your review. He wasn't much more than any liberal Democrat. Slumdog Millionaire was the best movie so far.

Jams: Glad you liked it.

K: I saw them in person in the 1970s. They were always apart from the other dance companies.

superlinks said...

thanks for your comments renegade..

sonia said...


I don't think Milk was controversial or scary

Are you kidding? Yes, you are kidding. Milk's was a REAL revolution, asking closeted gays to come out of the closet, almost dragging them - kicking and screaming - out of the closet.... Only a fraction did, but imagine if all of them did - it would have been an earthquake of monumental proportions. Don't insult Milk by saying he wasn't controversial... As for "scary", I know many gays who were scared like hell of him.

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: It was Penn's showcase role.

I thought it was a good movie, not great. I disagree with your review, saying you hated it. You should see Nobel Son with Alan Rickman, for a movie to hate.

In MN atleast two politicians, came out after meeting Milk's operatives.

K. said...

I figure that there were several Harvey Milks: businessman and activist, skilled politician and movement leader, martyr and saint. The movie concentrated on the latter and did a good job of it. I don't think that the saint/martyr theme has the potential for great cinema in the way an account of the tensions between the requirements of being both a movement icon and a successful politician does, but it's a legitimate approach nonetheless.

Frank Partisan said...

I thought the movie was good, and Penn was great. Sonia has a movie blog, where she said she hated it. I don't have anything to hate about it.

Sean Penn must be getting an Academy Award nomination.

K; I agree.

? said...

I can understand sonias point but I love this myself

Anonymous said...


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