Sunday, November 09, 2008

Slumdog Millionaire (2008) **** /Other Stuff

**I saw a screening of Danny Boyle's (trainspotting) new movie Slumdog Millionaire, with partners in crime Graeme and John Peterson. I highly recommend it. I like Graeme's description of it "as City of God meets Bollywood.' Based on bestselling novel Q and A by Vikas Swarup, the story revolves around how could a slumboy from Mumbai, know the answers to such hard questions? There is much more to this beautifully told story then I want to give away. Opens November 12th 2008.

**RIP Miriam Makeba, Studs Terkel and Inca Princess Yma Sumac.

**Blogrolling is still down, while it is being repaired after being hacked. I'm keeping a list of new blogs I want to add to my blogroll, that will eventually be added.

**Sonia is the only rightist blogger who understands what Obama stands for, and supported him. In this post, she explains why insider/outsider presidential candidates don't work, as opposed to outsider/insider. I personally doubt the Palin/McCain ticket could have won in this climate. It is like putting lipstick on George Bush.

**Stratfor and UK journalist blogger David Osler have stories about Obama and his security issues, with emphasis on white supremacist groups.

**Louis Proyect blogs about progressives who supported Obama such as 1960s radicals Tom Hayden, Carl Oglesby, Mike Klonsky etc. Carl Davidson left comments in his own defense. The "new left" was hatched from social democracy. Under all the rhetoric, the ideas of the new left were compatible with capitalism.



Anonymous said...

"Under all the rhetoric, the ideas of the new left were compatible with capitalism."

LOL! If you believe that, you'll believe anything. The ideas of the New Left are incompatible with CIVILIZATION. They seek to transform humans into bonobos.

Now excuse me while I go off into a corner to masturbate....

Ducky's here said...

VP candidates should be seen and not heard. The Palin fiasco was just a matter of McCain thinking he could draw some disgruntled women who had supported Hillary.

That merely compounded the insult Palin represented and when she proved to be a loose cannon it was over.

A smarter choice might have been someone like Florida's governor Crist who would have probably delivered a key swing state and maybe North Carolina but we won't know the reasons he wasn't selected.

Possibly everyone just saw McCheese as such a loser that he was down to seeds and stems and had to pick Gidget.

Kinda fun watching her get torn apart after they had to endure her act for a couple months.

Ducky's here said...

Inca Princess Yma Sumac


You don't buy the old gossip that she was Amy Camus from the Bronx?

Frank Partisan said...

Ducky: Many in the GOP are rougher on Sarah Palin, than Dems are on Joe Lieberman. They never make public, if he answers the door wrapped in a towel.

I think someone as Romney, could have been more useful on the economy. Even so they still would never win.

I don't think Yma Sumac is Amy Camus. Amy Camus is Yma Sumac spelled backwards.

FJ: Only read the original Marxist texts.

Mariamariacuchita said...

FYI, the Yma Sumac video in your comments link is no longer available.
I also read Graeme's review. Glad you guys have connected.
That film looks visually lush, the kind that draws the viewer in. It looks like a very different kind of film from Danny Boyle's Shallow Grave or Trainspotting. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

FJ: Only read the original Marxist texts.

The New Left is NOT the old Left, RE. It seems you know very little of the beast you spawned.

And people of truly "liberal" inclinations do NOT limit their reading material to the "approved canon". That's something only a religion as illiberal as YOUR church would recommend.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Marcuse was one of the founders of the New Left. And as the song goes, truth is in birth.

Take it from an "old bencher" fan. ;-)

Frank Partisan said...

Maria: Slumdog Millionaire has a different look than the grittiness of Trainspotting etc. It is more City of God.

It manages to touch on wholistically life in India today.

Very clever plot devices used.

FJ: The New Left philosophy and Marcuse lead to at best identity politics.

Marcuse wrote because of expediency, a repudiation of Marx. History moved past Marcuse, not Marx.

I'm surprised you have rock video on your page. The closest I come to rock is liking Leonard Cohen and Jerry Lee Lewis. Ones conservatism causes revolution, protecting your roots.

Anonymous said...

Marcuse wrote because of expediency, a repudiation of Marx. History moved past Marcuse, not Marx.

You think so? Because Marcuse did his writing in the human subconscious through the greater counter-cultural movement, and in a language that required no literacy or reasoned mindful intervention for it to materialize. And neither Marxism nor Capitalism will likely survive it or its' effects.

And RE, perhaps you need to indulge your Dionysian side once in a while. Only then can you understand the power of the Bacchante or Corbyantine ritual.

Cavern where Curetes dwell
O ye sacred caves of Crete
Halls where Zeus divine was born
Where the Corbyantes frenzied
Reveling with triple helmets

This loud sounding drum invented
Joined the sound of Bacchic numbers
With the sweet voiced Phrygian flute
Placed in mother Rhea's hand
To the Bacchai's shouts attuned

And hardby the insane Satyrs
Supplicate the goddess mother
And they add the choral dance
Of the trieteric feastings
Which delight Dionysus

The Revellers The Choruses of the Bacchai of Euripides, and the Third Book of Lucretius By Robert Ekin McBride, Euripides, Titus Lucretius Carus

Anonymous said...

Marx is as powerless as Pentheus to reverse the effects of Marcuse. Chronos and the titans have broken out of bondage in their subterranian caverns and are assaulting Olympus, AS WE SPEAK. The only question as to outcome is likely to be is, for how long will Chronos reign before another Zeus is reborn?

Frank Partisan said...

I wouldn't put it past the GOP to discover Marcuse in this period, and neither do you: And neither Marxism nor Capitalism will likely survive it or its' effects.

Anonymous said...

The GOP couldn't discover a turkey if it were stuffed, roasted and handed to them on a silver platter.

Frank Partisan said...

FJ: Agree

Anonymous said...

Renegade eye,

Thanks for yor recomendation of Slumdog Millionaire! Excellent! I even was lucky enough to snag free preview tickets to the 11/13/08 screening. Graeme's comparing it to "City of God" is so true. Of course Bollywood has many orphan flicks, since art imitates life. I was pleasantly surprised by the great music in the film and love hearing M.I.A. and some old Bollywood tunes worked in, and the A.R. Rahman score. I also kept thinking the movie reminded me of "Millions"

and when I got home and looked up Boyle, I understood why, since he also directed that.

All the best!

Billie Greenwood said...

Slumdog Millionaire looks great. Netflix is saving it for me--thanks to you.

Anonymous said...


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