Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Threat of Spamming and Trolling: Unite Against The Threat To Free Speech

For the last few years, this blog has several times been threatened with spamming. The threats have been coming from a group of rightist bloggers who are friends. The threats come in blackmail form as; unless you do 1, 2, and 3, I will spam you. Even if you have no control over 1, 2, 3 that doesn't matter to them. In anger I started making threats back. I was able to in time apologize before actually doing anything. I was turning into my enemy. I won't spam any blog. Despite what they will say, they know I apologized for making such remarks.

My blog was picked out to be spammed and threatened with spam, only because of its socialist and leftist views. If this was something as a Giuliani blog, it would have been left alone. This problem is a political problem. Some don't want an opinionated left blog, with vigorous discussions to exist.

Trolling is a different problem. A troll doesn't come to a forum for a respectful give and take. They come to elicit an emotional response, to attack personally and create a tone of hostility. I have been told by some they don't want to leave comments, because of the personal attacks. To stop that threat the blog owner has the right to ask a troll to leave.

I refuse to use the moderation features of blogspot. I think people enjoy seeing their comments instantly.

Spamming and trolling are a form of censorship and harassement in blogging. All spamming and trolling is wrong no matter who does it. They are political not personality issues. I call on all my friends of all opinions, to unite for free speech. This blog will not go down.RENEGADE EYE


MarxistFromLebanon said...

Comrades stick togather Renegade... "Democracy Needs Socialism Just as the Human Body Needs Oxygen" ~ Trotsky

Larry Gambone said...

You have my support for sure. However after enduring trolls and threatened spamming I introduced comment moderation and see no problem with it - it keps the crap out and the decent people - regardless of viewpoint - in. There is a concerted effort by the neofascists to shut down blogs, news and discussion groups they do not agree with. We must not let them get away with it.

beakerkin said...

You were 100 percent never spammed.

Spam is defined as repetative comments. This is a tactic your friend John Brown has done on a community for three years.

The people that you define as rightists include some Conservatives and moderates. You were not selected for your Communist views. There are plenty of other ass clowns who are communists.

We can debate what is consired trolling. However you were clearly not spammed. Had I or someone else
placed Down with John Brown 300 plus times daily that would be spam.

I am glad you are tired but my friends have put up with this for three years. Moreover, you are well
aware that threats of molestation of children were made by Brown.

Politics aside threatening people's children is uncalled for and beyond the pale. You are crying because you are compared to Pol Pot but think knowingly falsely calling people pedophiles and Klansman is funny.

It seems that when you get a taste of your friends medicine you object. I am glad you object to unwanted comments that were on topic. Now you understand a small part of what my friends have been dealing with for three years.

Talk to John Brown/LWB and tell him to stop harassing people.

The people who hail Castro, Chavez and the executioner of Kulaks have no clue what democracy is.


Nobody wants to shut anyone's blog
down. Just as you desire peace and the freedom to enjoy your space so do we.

Talk to John Brown and tell him to dissappear. If he wants to remain here that is fine, just out of my community.

Frank Partisan said...

Larry: You are 95% right. Beak is not a neofascist, just a Giuliani guy.

Beak: I have to add liar to your resume. At your post you said I take joy in what JB does to you. I don't and never did. Just more rationalization for you being against this blog's free speech. Why not tell the truth for once? The difference between us, is you can say what you want about me, I won't comment or spam. You want to come where you are not wanted. If you asked me never to comment at your blog, I wouldn't argue.

Stop playing innocent. You and your friends spammed the crap out of John Brown's blog.

The issue is my blog, not John Brown's.

You chose this blog for its viewpoint. You know I have nothing to do with what JB does. What matters is that I never called you a pedophile, and wouldn't.

It's a free speech issue. JB's politics is from a different tradition from the left. The only issue is my blog's freedom from spam and trolling.

You would spam this blog with or without JB.

I'm not going to let you spam/troll this blog or any others. We're going to come together against this threat, and go back to good honest political discussion, without name calling or verbal abuse. Free speech is at stake.

John Brown said...


Do you remember when you and your fascist gang spamed my blog with hundreds of pornographic posts?

I do.

Lame attempts at extortion can't whitewash your actions.

So why don't you go back to worshiping your Nazi Grandfather and spitting incoherent, poorly written rhetoric.

beatroot said...

ren - just delete comments you don't like if you think it is nothing to do with the subject. That is not some attack on free speech. Free speech is a principle. But some speech is not worth saying.

It is like in any debate. The chair of the debate sets the rules. Gibberish is not worth listening to or reading. Delete!

But I really think that it is time all of you just stopped this. I mean both sides. Let's get back to the politics. Please!

Larry Gambone said...

A number of years ago I spent a fair amount of time reading right-libertarian right-populist stuff on the Internet. No left wing trolls. The few times I have checked into neo-fascist and new authoritarian tendency groups - and the latter is the best description of beak - and blogs I found no left wing trolls. Over the years I have belonged to a fair number of discussion, news groups and read many progressive blogs. The most popular of these tend to be cinfested with faqr-right trolls who, like beak, come not to dialogue, but to destroy. I think there is a concerted effort by the far-right - and this does not imply any conspiracy - to disrupt Interet use by progressives

beakerkin said...


I would never have heard of this blog if not for John Brown. I have never spammed Brown's blog and that
is ablatant lie.

Moreover, there are plenty of other blogs that are Communist and do not get similar treatment. The problem is John Brown's behavior.

I am glad you have withdrawn your foolish threat to Junglemom. As Junglemom is allready in moderation due to your friend John Brown this is amusing.

I had nothing to do with any spamming of this site. Moreover, if you or any of your goons act on your threat you nwill have an army of people here.

I will take your words above as backing off your threat. However, for every comment John Brown leaves on my site you will get three from me.

How do I get so many people all complaining about the same person.
I am a persuasive person with many friends but not a magician. John Brown's behavior speaks for itself.
Moreover, you have only seen a fraction of the people Brown has annoyed.

Keep your dog out of my community.
The record shows I keep my word unlike John Brown.

beakerkin said...

Brown has allready tresspassed. Keep your dog in your yard.

Frank Partisan said...

I don't want to spam anybody ever.

JB told me you spammed his blog with copy and paste spam.

The issue is my blog's freedom of speech. This blog's free speech doesn't stop because you hate JB.

Anyone who has read your blog, knows that you would take delight in suppressing it.

I vow not to spam first. I feel bad I made that threat to Jungle Mom. You know I apologized and acted like you didn't know I apologized. When you talk of getting a group together to spam my blog, is openly saying your willing to use fascist tactics to suppress my freedom. Unlike you I'm only calling for my defense against your strikes. Again I won't attack first.

1) I believe I have the right to ask someone not to post here.

2) I believe I have the right to set the tone of discussion.

3) I believe I have the right to blog free of spam.

You attacked this blog from the start because of its ideas. You know perfectly well I can't control JB, or really know your history with him.

Warren said...

Renegade Eye said:

"JB told me you spammed his blog with copy and paste spam."

Yes "I" did, it was about "a year ago" and it consisted entirely of spam that he had placed on my blog in order to close my blog down. I had been putting up with it for several months.

I left a small sample of that here, 1/8th the size of "one" of his comments on my blog, to show you what the cowardly little retard was doing. You were playing "three monkeys" then, )you know, hear no evil etc.) and you are doing it again now.

"JB told me you spammed his blog with copy and paste spam."

And why would you believe someone that is obviously mentally deranged? If someone spams "shit stain's" blog, its surly less than he deserves for tormenting at least a dozen people. One of them is a quadriplegic that has to have someone else take care of their blog. He threatens peoples children and attempts to have people fired from their jobs by pretending to be them.

Oh, one more little thing, he's your "comrade".

"The issue is my blog's freedom of speech. This blog's free speech doesn't stop because you hate JB."

And if I shot a rabid dog it would be about hating it, huh? And our blog's "freedom of speech" counts for nothing, right?

I fully expect to have my blog shut down again after this post as I've had to shut it down numerous times because of your "comrade" john brown.

"Anyone who has read your blog, knows that you would take delight in suppressing it."

Don't flatter yourself! We believe that loonies should be allowed to ramble all they want, "on their own blogs".

"1) I believe I have the right to ask someone not to post here."

I was naive enough to believe that at one time. Then Shit Stain came along. Notice the date of the post and look at my little score card in the side bar for "troll abortions". Each troll abortion represents one post by john brown. There were probably a hundred more before I started keeping score.

"2) I believe I have the right to set the tone of discussion."

I believe in Santa Claus, (see #1).

3) I believe I have the right to blog free of spam.

You ain't been spammed, believe me, I know!

"You attacked this blog from the start because of its ideas."

If you can't take the heat...

"You know perfectly well I can't control JB, or really know your history with him."


beakerkin said...


I could care less what you fruit loopy ideas are. You have zero clue what mine are other than anti-communist.

Nobody has spammed this blog> Every single comment was an original post on topic.

John Brown was never spammed by me.
Moreover, the only spam he got was cut and paste copies of his own comments.

Nobody wants to shut your site down. The blogosphere needs comedic jester and lunatics. Quite frankly I think you are a comedy act. You can look at my site and I have never ever wanted to censor any site.

You can look at my site and see plenty of personal attacks from Commies and Jihadis. It is very hard to get banned on my site.

How do I get so many people telling the same exact story. I am more than happy to leave you in peace when John Brown stops posting on my site, removes the names from the Klanwatch section and the criminal site accusing me of being a pedophile stops I will be more than happy to go. Keep Brown out of my community or cut him loose.

You were not targeted for your inane political views. You were targeted because you welcome a cyber criminal whose antics are known across the blogosphere.

If Brown can not control himself you should send him packing. There is no excuse for threatening to molest children.

I haven't posted at Brown's site i a year, but I get 300 daily comments.

I came to you and asked you nicely to talk to your friend. You ignored my request in an imperious manner. Moreover, plenty of people told you that Brown has threatened to molest children.

When Brown leaves me and my community alone you will be left in peace. Your infantile political views are meaningless in this discussion.

Talk to your dog. Keep him in your yard or watch Old Yeller. How you deal with John Brown is up to you.

beakerkin said...


I am honestly glad that you have backed off the threat to Junglemom.
I understand your frustration and do empathize better than you could ever understand. Then again as a souless communist hack empathy may be an alien emotion to you.

Do yourself a favor and talk to John Brown. His behavior is now affecting you. Moreover, your belef that I could produce so many people with the same story is silly.

I have hardly commented on Brown's site al all. He sends 300 spam like comments each day.

Talk to Brown.

Frank Partisan said...

Warren: I don't know who you are. I wouldn't have spammed your blog.

John Brown: I was so preoccupied fighting Beak, I didn't notice your post.

Everyone on the left expressed solidarity with me except you. Anarchists and Trotskyists volunteered to help. Didn't you read the post?

History judges you by the company you keep. It's on record I've told you dozen of times to stay away from crappy rightist sites that don't want you? I'm more than happy to. Why talk to supporters of Colombian death squads? Why do give them reasons, to bother me?

It is not helping me that you posted like a troll in response in to Beak. The Blustein joke is anti-Semitic. These morons associate me with your politics.

Trotsky's last struggle before he died, was against Schachtmanites. Now I see why.

I told you from my first visit on your blog, that the Iraq resistance is reactionary. As much as I oppose the war, I never give them political support. They are anti-communist and barbaric.

Don't ever attack Craig personally. I sent him an email last week apologizing for your remarks. Attack his ideas, not him as a person. Ask Craig if that isn't true. Same goes for Sonia and Roman. They were friends of mine before I knew you or Beak. They have class, even if they are woefully incorrect politically.

The difference between us, is you enjoy teasing the reactionaries. I'm dead serious politically.

liberal white boy said...


Wait a minute this was cb's opening comment to the mfl post.

"It is amazing the lengths to which some will go to denegrate a country the size of New Jersey - a tiny sliver of sanity in a cesspool of theologically corrupt notions that inform a backward culture. It is done with the flimsiest of reasoning. They try to build a tank with frayed rubber bands, chicken witre and used chewing gum. They are victims of their own small mentality."

Yes this little victim state that sits on a pile of nuclear weapons denying 6 million Arabs the right to vote or their own nation for over 40 years. The most powerful military in the Middle East thanks to America's never ending generosity. How dare anyone criticize these little fascists?

CB was trying to provoke here and of course he did. He insulted 1 of every six human beings on the face of the earth.

Are you suggesting commentary like this does not deserve a strong response? cb got the response that he was looking for from JB.

Cb is no different that the rest of the Kahanist's talking foolishness and expecting the rest of us to ignore it.

If you look at the last post here it was not JB that caused a problem it was the usual culprit, beakerkahane.

He was trying to keep JB from speaking the truth so he became a pain in the ass. This is what Kahanist's do. They whimper and obstruct.

steven rix said...

Free speech is okay but it's gone too far, it's crazy talk now.

beatroot said...

Brown has allready tresspassed. Keep your dog in your yard.

Beak - GROW UP!

Frank Partisan said...

Beatroot: A butterfly grows out of a caterpillar.

Politiques: Again sorry for this mess.

LWB: Fight Craig politically, not personally. He has posted here several years, and won respect from detractors.

I never worried my blog would be spammed by him.

I'm going to get the blog to be how it was. There was sharp discussion, without name calling or threats. No matter who it comes from.

Frank Partisan said...

All spamming and trolling done by either side is wrong.

I will not, or my side, be the first to spam. If I'm left alone I won't spam anybody. I hate it period.

All spamming and trolling is an affront to free speech.

No more spamming or trolling by anyone.

No name calling on my blog.

Beak must leave.

Are you going to stop this or not? It is all in your hands.

Graeme said...

Obviously I support you Ren.

Beak, why would you think Renegade can control what John Brown does? Think about that for a second, does it make any sense?

The whole problem is with Beak and John Brown. Those two need to handle their business somewhere else.

beakerkin said...


I have endured Brown and his antics for three years. Several people have asked Ren to talk to Brown. They were rudely dismissed and this is not trolling it is harassment.

Much of Ren's wounds are self inflicted. He has been asked several times for his thoughts and has refused to clarify his positions. It is odd that a person who has a position on the price of Wombat livers and neo Trotskyite positions on the abuse of botanical companions remains silent on over the top anti-semitism. Nor am I alone in pointing out the rabid anti-semitic comments of LWB and Brown.
These were noted by CB, Sonia and even Eric. Even G made an effort to tell LWB to cool it.

I am a man of peace and not interested in a larger fight. Had Ren done this months ago much of the needless hostility would not have been exchanged.


Keep Brown here and his actions are not teasing they are stslking and harassment.

I would like you to read the John Brown stories that will come from other commenters. Three years of being spammed and harassed is a long time.

I would like you to state your own positions in your own words to some basic questions.

1 Do you think a secret cabal of Jews runs America and the media?

2 Do you believe that Jews who support Israel are traitors.

3 Do you believe Israel knew of 9-11 in advance? Do you believe that
that 9-11 was an insde job.

4 Do you think a reasonable person seeing these positions advanced might deduce the person making these comments is an anti-semite?

Good luck hopefully John Brown/will keep the peace.

You have your community and I have

Frank Partisan said...

I'm on record opposed to all spamming and trolling, left or right.

Questions 1-3 No, 4 yes. You should have known that.

I've never been approached about JB, wothout a threat. I'm so used to being threatened at times I can't tell the difference.

I honestly believe JB and all of us, are best served, not visiting hostile sites, and never spamming.

Now we can all move on, with more civility.

Tula 49 said...

I also oppose the spammers, but I think that if push comes to shove, the spammers should be suppressed in some way, shape, or form. If they can't respect the rules, they should not be here, period.

Frank Partisan said...

Tula49: A lot was resolved today. We can move on.

nanc said...

fact of the matter is, ren - most of us do not go to sites where we are not welcome - therefore we expect the same in kind.

if you visit any links we have at our sites, you'll see, we're all pretty friendly with one another.

for instance, until these incidents with the poopstain, NONE of us would even think of coming here and voicing our disdain for one of your friends, but when push comes to shove and it's time to rumble, we (like you and yours) will stick together.

call your dog off! and this will cease.

it's quite easy - yours don't bother us and we don't bother you. it's your call. just beware.

Craig Bardo said...


You and I have disagreed without being disagreable. We have not engaged in personal attacks. From the time we "met" at Jae's site you've been very helpful to me in getting started with blogging. In fact, I only engage in invectives when I have dismissed someone. JB and lwb (because of their rabid anti-semitism) will sometimes get the zingers or one liners, because it doesn't require consideration or thought, but are sufficient respones for their targets.

it seems to me that the consistent source of difficulty doesn't come from you and beak (with whom I agree and you disagree politically) or you and warren (with whom I agree and you disagree politically) from me, sonia or roman. It's not even lwb, It looks as if JB is the one consistently mentioned with trouble.

Frank Partisan said...

Nanc: If I had any say JB would stay away from your site.

If you ask me nicely to talk to JB I'll do my best.

I want to stop all name calling on my blog. I want a friendly atmosphere.

JB is not my kind. My politics is different than his.

If you treat me with respect, I'll go the extra mile for you.

I will defend my blog to the death.

nanc said...

spot on, cb.

the problem will not alleviate until he is kept in check.

it seems j.b. keeps himself in check when visiting this and other sites like this, but when he visits mine and other sites like it, he turns into the troll from hell.

if you need examples, just ask - there is no end to his escapades and i speak from the perspective of one who has sat at my mouse deleting his spam for up to an hour - while he was hitting the submit button, i was hitting the delete button.

i and others in OUR community want NO trouble from you, but if he persists, we are ready and able to dish it back out.

nanc said...

ren - i and others in our group have NEVER called you any names - brownie has proven he deserves any and all ammunition we aim at him and at any who side with him.

nanc said...

p.s. - until you've had to set your comments at moderation level each night before you retire you'll never know what i'm talking about. some of us have had to go to permanent c.m. and that is a shame.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

Renegade Eye,

I often read your blog, but don't often post replies. I mostly know you from Sonia's place.

I'm probably politically opposed to just about every idea you express, but I have no issues with you as a person, a blogger, or as a commenter. You can roll with the punches in a debate, and I've never seen you stalk down and continually harass people you disagree with all over the blogosphere.

I sympathize with your predicament because when you lashed out at John Brown for posting links to a gay porn picture on his "Mullah Beak the DHS Pedophile" blog, he created a "Renegade Eye" sock puppet on that blog to post his gay porn pictures. "Miss Beamish the Censorboy" is another of John Brown's attempts at wit. Apparently pretending to be a pedophile is quite a hobby for John Brown.

Sock puppets are his specialty. None of the comments on his "Savage Justice" blog attributed to me came from my keyboard.

It isn't enough for John Brown to burn bandwidth posting to himself. He has to get others involved. I owe him no chances to repent and interact on my blog again.

I just wish he'd quit crying about it. It's been 2 years.

Frank Partisan said...

The whole community has tried to get JB to stop. He doesn't listen to anyone.

Nanc: JB's politics and choices are different than mine. He blasted my Palestine post.

I will help you as much as reasonably possible. If you think I can pull off miracles you are mistaken.

If I had any control over JB, he wouldn't screw around at a blog like yours.

There are threats in your messages. Why help someone who'll screw me over anyways?

I finally came to peace with Beak, now you come around with threats.

About 10 of us, have tried to stop JB. He doesn't listen.

If you want to talk Argentine tango stay. Milonga spoken here. If you want to spam go elsewhere.

beakerkin said...


People have approached you and asked you to talk to him nicely.
To a large degree your wounds are self inflicted.

When this conversation was first broached you were rude and dissmissive. The story of Brown is not credible and wasn't from the start. My point from the onset was
you enjoy your freedom and we want

I am glad you took the time to answer the questions. However, do remember the saying "Those who do not define themselves risk being defined by others."

I am glad that you took the time to define yourself. Your silence at several junctures when similar questions were asked led many to wonder what your views were.

How much control you and your own have over John Brown is arguable. When we came here the harassment stopped for three months.

I think Larry should also take the time to talk to Brown.

Serve your community in peace and I hope you have learned something.
In one respect you are correct that you are not responsible for the views of commenters on your blog. However, when those views are presented many times people start to wonder about your own views.

If you were capable of introspection you should ask yourself why such hateful people come here. Did your silence to the repeated over the top anti-semitism of LWB and Brown lead them to question what was in your own heart.

Always define yourself as when you
don't disasters like this happen.

beakerkin said...


The comments of Nanc were not threats, but frustration from dealing with Brown/LWB for three years. If you think that my comments were bad you need to seriously look at Brown's antics. We have endured this for three years.

Moreover, if I did not have some social skills there would not be so
many people telling you the same story.

Nanc has been dealing with Brown's comments and abuse for three years.
If you are frustrated by me put yourself in her shoes.

Better late than never

liberal white boy said...

Blogging imitating life

Two posts on Israel Palestine conflict

Strident opponent of racism and injustice offers his opinion on the topic which makes sense to many

Beakerkahane obstructs any further reasonable commentary on the topic with nonsense

Change the subject from a reasonable discussion of Israel Palestine conflict to an attack on John Brown

Invite your fascist friends over to make it look like a consensus of opinion

Better look out Renegade like those who resist in Palestine they will probably be back to D-9 your blog this afternoon . After all you do know JB don’t you?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

I find it amusing that the rightests are justifying to themselves that it is ok to attack someone because someone else is doing that...

who is the fascist again?

nanc said...

emeff'nl - are you saying we're not as equal as you?

all we want is for brownie to stay away from our tightly knit community.

you're full of it gambone - who wants to shut whom down? i'd be willing to wager that more conservative sites are on the verge of shutting down due to leftist trolls than leftist sites.

we're not normally given to such behavior, but sometimes when pushed to the edge, one must fight fire with fire.

we normally are not even allowed to comment at the larger leftwing sites (daily kos, huffpo, d.u.) and it's not because of our obnoxious behavior, bad language or typos - it's for one reason only and that is dissent.

i've got my own troll problem - you guys would love her!

jams o donnell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jams o donnell said...

For what it's worth how does trolling, spamming or creating of oh-so-unfunny "spoof" blogs advance anyone's cause? It's hardly a blow against the empire, for god's sake!

To me these sort of antics are the work of a sad wanker (best case) or of someome who needs medical help (worst case)... or somewhere in between, of course.

Rita Loca said...

I have only commented here 4 or 5 times. I have not spammed anyone and once it was obvious you were not interested in hearing my opinions, I continued to read but have not bothered to comment.
HOWEVER, more than one of your regulars has harassed me and continue to do so. Slave Revolt has been warned off and continues to do so, daily. I do not know if you have influence over him or not, but, if I were you, I might ask myself , why are so many of these kinds of people drawn here to your blog?
I am glad you apologized for your threat to me. I do not feel you really want to be identified with these psycho types.

Frank Partisan said...

Jungle Mom: As you know I support the revolutionary process in Venezuela. What you might find hard to believe, is that Slave Revolt has only commented here once. The time he commented was only to respond to you. You commented here more times than him. He is at "Oil Wars" regularly.

Thank you for accepting my apology. You might be able to tell there was a few hours between my threat and my apology. Those were sleepless hours.

nanc said...

thank you, ren for apologizing to jungle mom - it shows great character.

sorry i got so riled.


Frank Partisan said...

Jams: It is worse than that. If a blog is spammed, it is objectively if not subjectively, being deprived of freedom of speech.

Nanc: I didn't really read your blog yet, but I saw a post about Piazzolla. Are you an Argentine tango dancer?

If I didn't apologize to Jungle Mom, I would have turned into what I was against. The cycle has to end.

nanc said...

no, my blog partner, freedomnow, is and he's the one in the video with the young lady.

he's the bomb and a very good friend. you'd appreciate his blog also. he tends to matters of a more serious nature.

you might say he's the ying to my yang, so to speak and a former leftist liberal. living proof it is never to late to leave the dark side.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Just put comment moderation on for Godsake, I think we confuse comments for discussion and there is to a certain extent comment whoring.

It gets the goons to stop and any readers who respect you will not be upset that their precious words didn't appear right away.

Slave Revolt said...

Ren, Jungle Mom said: "I have only commented here 4 or 5 times. I have not spammed anyone and once it was obvious you were not interested in hearing my opinions, I continued to read but have not bothered to comment.
HOWEVER, more than one of your regulars has harassed me and continue to do so. Slave Revolt has been warned off and continues to do so, daily. I do not know if you have influence over him or not, but, if I were you, I might ask myself , why are so many of these kinds of people drawn here to your blog?
I am glad you apologized for your threat to me. I do not feel you really want to be identified with these psycho types.

Posted by Jungle Mom | 30 July, 2007 17:41

I will have you know that I only commented a few times on her blog--and then only to politly inform her that she is going to burn in hell for supporting war and empire with a goody-two-shoes, hypocritical, "Christian' face.

For Jungle Mom no lie or propganda is too brazen when it comes to the left--anyone that opposes empire and corporate capitalism is in the catagory of 'bad guys' for Jungle Mom's far right wing crew.

She chose not to allow me to state my views about her hypocrisy on her blog.

Anyway, to let you know I am not engaging a barrage on her blog--but I will admit that my comments there were quite vituperative.

I despise blogs that censor comments and ban people.

Frank Partisan said...

Slave Revolt: I would imagine after reading what she wrote, I'd stay away from her blog. just read it to find out the opposition view. I wouldn't comment there myself.

I don't visit blogs where I'm not wanted.

Jungle Mom is thin skinned. You don't need her in your life, and she hates you in her life. I don't go there, because I'm not tolerant of those who attack FARC, without mentioning death squads.

I wish you posted more often here. All I care about is that people not get personal.

Slave Revolt said...

Indeed, Ren, I concur.

By the way, are you having any problems accessing Oil Wars?--or is it just my connection?

Frank Partisan said...

Slave Revolt: I couldn't get into Oil Wars either.

I think a blog owner has the right to determine the character of their blog. I think it's ok for blogs to be left or right only. Sometimes people need to talk amongst themselves only.

Jungle Mom's blog is for her friends only. I can respect that. My blog allows anyone with manners

Slave Revolt said...

That is all well and good--but hardly 'democratic'.

She let me post a few comments--but me calling her on her hypocrisy as a 'Christian' was too much for her.

I wasn't arguing that she did not have the 'right' to ban people--I was just pointing up the sheer hypocrisy, inasmuch as she enjoys posting hit-and-run comments on other people's blogs, or denigrating people on other blogs.

No skin off my back. I get the satisfaction of knowing that her wacko rightwing, pro-Imperialist 'missionaries' were kicked out of Venezuela, no longer allowed to indoctrinate and poison the minds of indigenous peoples.

It is well known that the people with the most anti-democratic ethos are the most exclusionary.

Incognito said...

Arabs can vote in ISrael.
Get your facts straight, darlin.

liberal white boy said...

Hi Babe good to see you out of your closet. I was talking about the Gaza and West Bank Palestinians. Arab Israeli's can vote they just can't buy land from the national land trust. Also once the Arab Israeli's actually elect someone to serve, Israel accuses them of cooperating with the enemy and they have to leave the country or be thrown in jail with the other 10,000 political prisoners. So the voting issue seems kind of like a moot point. But if Lieberman and some of the other racist right wing Israeli politicians have their way and are successful with their plans for ethnically cleansing the rest of the Arabs from Israel like they want to, I guess you will still be right. They would technically still have the right to vote there just wouldn't be any Arab Israeli's there to vote.

Anonymous said...

Well renegade I see you have the same problems I do. I noticed your policy is not to moderate. Mine is moderation but selectively. I choose to allow most comments to fly right through, but with selective measures I can stop the spammers. I use a different blogging platform than you do, so these measures in place won't stop most people from commenting, or seeing their comments instantly. It is selective aimed at a select few who choose to be foul mouthed and obscene. I am with you though in that these people are just trying to shut us down by spamming. They think they can control us. I am not going to let it bother me. I will just try to prevent it selectively. What passes the censors will generally be okay and what isn't will be deleted. Good luck with your troll problem, and wish me luck with mine. :-)

Anonymous said...

Renegade Eye: I agree with your policy of not spamming other blogs even if they do so to you and of moderating certain commentators who go out of their way to make personal attacks. I think mine commenting on your blog and linking to you is a perfect example of how just about anyone can long as both parties are human beings(and this has nothing to do with left, right, Communist, fascist, Palestinian, or Israeli).

Anonymous said...