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Israeli Defense Forces Made of Terrorist Elements: Irgun and Stern

MFL notes: I will quote Dr. Fayez Sayegh as follows on the Irgun and the Stern Group, from his pamphlet The Arab-Israeli Conflict. The reference links I used to introduce those who are interested in such a topic to learn the truth... the truth of Israel. This section is important because it is a response on Ben-Gurion's claims that the butcheries of Christian/Muslim Palestinians were not planned by the Jewish Agency:

Dr. Sayegh's Writings:

These attacks on Arab Cities and the occupation of large numbers of Arab localities were not the work of irresponsible "terrorists" or uncontrollable "extremists". On the contrary, they were perpetual upon the instructions, and in accordance with the plans, of the official leadership of the would-be State of Israel.

a) Most of these attacks were launched by the Haganah, which was the official military arm of the Jewish Agency and the precursor of the Israeli Army.

b) Throughout the history of the Palestine Problem, there was collaboration between the terrorist organizations, such as the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Group, and the official armed forces of the Jewish Agency, the Haganah and the Palmach, whenever the Zionist community faced a crisis or a grave challenge. The best illustration of this pattern may be found in the Zionist revolt of 1945 – 1946, waged by the "Jewish Resistance Group", which compromised the four aforementioned groups and was inspired and directed by the Jewish Agency. In an authorative document published by the British Government on the subject, its findings were summarized in the following words:

" The information which was in possession of His Majesty's Government when they undertook their recent action in Palestine led them to draw the following conclusions:

1) That the Haganah and its associated force the Palmach (working under the political control of prominent members of the Jewish Agency) have been engaging in carefully planned movements of sabotage and violence under the guise of 'the Jewish resistance Movement';

2) That the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Group have worked since last Autumn in cooperation with the Haganah High Command on certain of these operations; and

3) That the broadcasting station 'Kol Israel', which was working under the general direction of the Jewish Agency has been supporting these organizations.

"The evidence on which these conclusions are based is derived in the main from three sources –

i) Information which has been obtained showing that between 23rd September 1945, and the 3rd November 1945, seven telegrams passed between London and Jerusalem, and a further telegram on 12th May 1946. Copies of these have been intercepted and are here set out;

ii) Various broadcast by 'Kol Israel' between 31st October, 1945, and the 23rd June, 1946, referring to specific acts of violence and sabortage; and

iii) Information on various dates derived from the pamphlet Hamaas (the publication of the Irgun Zvai Leumi) and from Eshnav (the publication of the 'Jewish Resistance Movement'). Examples from these pamphlets are set out in this Paper.

"This evidence related to the three widespread sabotage operations of the 31st October / 1st November, 1945; 20th – 25th February, 1946, and 16th – 18th June 1946. All three para-military organizations participated in these actions which not only caused very serious destruction but also loss of life."

"Of this White Paper, Menachem Begin – who, on this subject can speak with authority – says: "I must record that this particular White Paper on 'Violence in Palestine' was one of the few British documents on Palestine that I have read in which there were scarcely any distortions."

This pattern of behind-the scenes collaboration was followed again in 1948. Thus, as early as 3 February 1948, there was talk of coordination of operations betweenthe Haganah and the Irgun." By 7 May 1948 the agreement seems to have been concluded between the Haganah and the Irgun.

There are categorical assertions by the leader of the Irgun to the effect that the raid on Deir Yassin was made by the Irgun and the Stern Group "with the knowledge of the Haganah and the approval of its Commander." In a letter from the Haganah Regional Commander to the Irgun Commander in Jerusalem prior to the raid, the Haganah leader asserted that, "The capture of Deir Yasin and its holding… is one stage in our general plan. I have no objection to your carrying out the operation providing you are able to hold th village." In fact, Deir Yasin was handed over to the Haganah forces three days after its capture by the Irgun."

c) Israeli legislation, promulgated after the establishment of the State, proclaims that the military and para-military forces operations between 29 November 1947 and 15 May 1948 were acting on behalf of the then non-existing Sate, and affirms that their actions were retroactively "adopted" by the State authorities. Section I, Paragraph B, of Law No. 49 – "Fallen Soldiers' Family (Pension and Rehabilitation) Law of 1950" – states:

"In this law – 'military service' and 'service mean –

"(a) services in the Defence Army of Israel;
"(b) in respect of the period between 17th Kislev, 5708 (30th November, 1947) and 29th Kislev, 5709 (31st December 1948) – any other service declared by the Minister of Defence, by proclamation published in State Records, to be military service for the purposes of this Law,"

In fact, four Irgunists who had been wounded in the attack on Deir Yasin and had subsequently demanded "war veterans' pensions" for their "service" were granted heir demand by an Israeli court, in June 1953, on the basis of this law, according to a report which appeared in TIME Magazine of 15 June 1953.

(MFL notes more scandals exist in this pamphlet with full references whenever the author used such heavy information.)

RENEGADE EYE & MarxistFromLebanon


Craig Bardo said...

It is amazing the lengths to which some will go to denegrate a country the size of New Jersey - a tiny sliver of sanity in a cesspool of theologically corrupt notions that inform a backward culture. It is done with the flimsiest of reasoning. They try to build a tank with frayed rubber bands, chicken witre and used chewing gum. They are victims of their own small mentality.

Frank Partisan said...

Craig: MFL is a Palestinian refugee.

John Brown said...

I don't know exactly who the "it" and the "they" are about whom you speak, but Apartheid Israel is bankrolled by the very same people who kidnapped your ancestors and forced them into bondage.

I would venture a guess that you're the progeny of their rape.

So you may shuck'n'jive, high-fiving reprehensible thugs who raped your ancestors Armstrong Williams-style, but you should hardly be confused or surprised when other people, who have dignity and self-respect, aren't so apt to drop to their knees before a savage oppressor.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Off Topic: apologies RE but could you hit me with more facts on the Minnesota festival, real interested.

roman said...

John Brown,

Armstrong Williams Style? Is that the best you can do. A guy who took a few bucks promoting a GOOD thing like No Child Left Behind?
Kind of a reach, init?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Thank you Renegade for giving me the chance to write at your post, even though I rarely edit my posts due to lack of time . Wjat I love most about your blog Renegade is knowing the other, and how much hard work we have to teach the world the REAL history as it happened, as our duty as revolutionary marxists know history as it happened (Historical Materialism & Dialectical Materialism).

BTW, my mother's side are refugees from Ramleh, my father's side lived in Palestine, but they are lebanese and fled back due to Zionist aggression.

Again, Renegade, All Power to the Proletariat against all forms of Oppression

Graeme said...

Much like British and other colonists, Zionists talked of changing a worthless land into something worthwhile. They, again like the colonists of old, also claimed to have god on their side. Too bad for the colonists, british and zionist alike, that the "savages" that lived there often fought back.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Graeme, it wasnt till 1935 the Palestinians developed a certain weak infrastructure to fight back, the Bits banned them from a lot of activities. The encounters were at grassroots level, and even then they paid a heavy price if they objected to the expulsions or extortions. 1948 is the perfect example, when a town of 50,000 civilians were forced to walk from Ramli to Ramallah, even though they prefered peace, and had their homes torn down to block their return to their homes. That what bugs me about certain people, they do not bother to know history as it happened, and if you ask for that to happen, they accuse you of anti-Semitism... because they refute to look at the whole truth.

beakerkin said...


MFL is a generic Arab no different from those in Jordan, most of Syria and Egypt Saudi Arabia. There is no such thing as a Palestiian. The same logic has the current residents of Brooklyn as Canarsie Indians and Vermonters as Abenakis.

Arabs need to settle their own refugees. Moreover, Arabs complaining about colonialism and opression is a sick joke given their own history that doesn't begin in 1948.

Jews are not colonialist except in the minds of deranged communist dolts. These same deranged communist dolts ignore centuries of Islamocolonialism and Islamojim crow that lasted many times longer than their Wester Counterparts.

Jews have always been recognized as a nation with a historical identity, distinct language andunique cult5ure. Even Ren's beloved abomination the Soviet Union lists Joooo as an ethnicity.

Moreover a simple look at the demographics of Israel vs its adjacent states or India vs its adjacent states show what states are apartheid. Moreover the lost G
manages a post on Darfur without mentioning Arabs are killing non-Arabs or Muslims. How much land do Muslims need.

Arabs need to settlke their own refugees. Moreover the rise of Neonazi Hamas and Narconeonazi Hezbollah have more to do with Communist corruption in the PA than Israel. Communist goon Arafat stole most of the aid failed to build an economy or deliver services.

Arabs or anyone else who hitch their future to an imbecilic utopian death cult deserve their fate.

Lets go over the communist solution to similar problems. We can round up Muslims and place them in cattle cars to Siberia or Kazakhstan while 1/3 die in traqnsit or shortly after . We can follow the Chinese example and erase them via education, immigration and subsidized intermarriage. We can follow the example of Pol Pot and force them to raise pigs and eat the Pork. Communists should be the last people to pass judgement on anyone.

Kulaks kill your Kulaks. Dead Cuban peasant seved by Communist imbeciles. Dead Miskito Indians being served by the new and improved Daniel Ortega.

Sorry Ren Communism is for imbeciles.

History does not begin because the imbecilic followers of Marx say so.
Nor does 1400 years of Islamocolonialism and Islamojimcrow get swept under the rug for convenience. Communists abuse history in the same manner Vanilla Ice abuses music.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

beakerkin, you are one stupid academic, and I pity you

you are racist towards the Arabs blindly for such a statement you said, (Nazi Style)

Second, there has been a Palestine, and the Jews (according to British Authorities 9%)

Third, funny how 95% of the Jews in Palestine had their ancestors outside Palestine

Fourth, King - Krane Commission, under the direct commands of President Wilson, found that the majority were non - Jews in PALESTINE, and they voted for Either independence, be part of Syrian Kingdom, or be under the US Mandate, and not under the British (talking about Democracy again?)

Fifth, it amazes me how ignorant you are in history, specially when you refer to the whole region as Arabs, (as if asking people of Bulgaria to shove off elsewhere to find space for the Jews), seriously man, get a life.

Stay racist towards the Arabs, you are the one making a mockery out of yourself. I keep wondering about your age since you refute to accept the facts...

Poor racist you, how much pity you need

MarxistFromLebanon said...

Oh yeah, get your facts right when you want to reply to my earlier statement, and yes, the IDF is made of terrorist elements, so go cry somewhere, unless the whole world lives in a lie :P

this guy is funny

John Brown said...


I told you in the last post: go back to your OWN WEBSITE.

Nobody here wants to read your incoherent ravings or your sick, twisted paeans to your dead Nazi grandfather.

John Brown said...

One thing I found interesting about the Nakba and the surrounding events you describe, MFL, is how Zionists - all the way up through the present - rely almost totally on the welfare and charity of White European colonists for the weapons and resources which they in turn use as weapons against Palestine.

When the colonialist Brits left, they turned over to the Zionists "77 percent of the land... nearly 2,000 miles of first-class roads, 624,000 miles of railroads, 41 railway stations, 31 airports, 33 hospitals, 15 post offices, 37 military camps (including unused ammunition and supplies), 99 police stations and posts, 350 schools, 1,984 Christian and Muslim religious buildings and 3,649 sources of water (wells, springs, cisterns, etc.)."

In other words, the UN didn't just midwife Apartheid Israel into existene. Instead, it gave them a HUGE welfare check as seed money so that they could ethnically cleanse the remaining 23% of the land. It was then as it is now.

Apartheid Israel exists today due to the welfare and charity of Vanilla Imperialists.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

that my friend is another sad story... but it amazes me how even Terrorism if carried under Zionist logo is justified.... if that is not racism, I do not know what to call it, even the British Official called them terrorists (unless we go with Beakerkin's illogical opinion, the Brits were anti-Semites then as well) looooooool


liberal white boy said...


You are right again. As a matter of fact last summer when Israel was bombing the crap of Lebanese civilians with American precision guided weapons and American media was complaining that some of Hezbollah’s, less advanced errant missiles were falling on Israeli civilians, I contacted my congressional representative. I proposed to him that the U.S. sell Hezbollah precision guided weapons just like those the Israelis had. This way we could see once and for all if the weapons were directed at civilians (a terrorist action like that used by Israel's military) or were directed at the Israeli military infrastructure responsible for the several invasions and the occupation of Lebanon for most of the past quarter century. Had we done so, I think Israel wouldn’t just have been stopped in their tracks, I think apartheid would be a thing of the past in Palestine. I don’t think I received a response though JB.

John Brown said...

That's funny, LWB.

It's interesting to note that Hizbullah's rocket attacks killed about 40 civilians while Apartheid Israel's use of Uncle Sam's Welfare Weapons resulted in the deaths of more than 1500 civilians.

Then again, that's what happens when you put such weapons into the hands of genocidal terrorist killers.

They did exactly what Uncle Sam wanted them to do.

Frank Partisan said...

rJohn Brown and MFL: It is incorrect to argue with Beak as if he was a Zionist. His positions are contrary to the Israeli government, Golda Meir, Paul Wolfowitz, George Bush. All of them have officially declared the existence of the Palestinian people. The United Nations definition of a "Palestinian refugee" is a person "whose normal place of residence was Palestine between June 1946 and May 1948, who lost both their homes and means of livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli conflict". Even Zionists reject Beak's views on the national question.

The Arab government response to Palestinian is another straw man argument, as if real communists have any use for them. Certainly they mistreated Palestinian refugees. To repeat it spamming.

Trotsky supported the idea of European Jews escaping Nazism, by migration to Palestine. Anti-Semitism was so bad in Europe, he conceded it was necessary. At the same time Jewish people can only achieve safety is by overthrowing capitalism. He denounced Zionists as reactionary and utopian.

Beak supported the junta in Argentina, and denies anti-Semitism existed there. can someone like that define a Jew or a Palestinian?

MarxistFromLebanon said...

LWB, tell it to the 1200 civilian dead and 5000 wounded...

Renegade, what to expect from a person who never researches history as it happened...

Frank Partisan said...

Beak: I don't like your tone. It doesn't reflect the spirit of this blog. No more spamming.

Goodbye forever from this blog.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

In response to your comment over at mine (and thanks for offering advice on the Min Fringe) I think that by the very nature of your blog you will attract idiots who will attack remorselessly with comments that are not only in bad faith but alter the tone of your blog.

As a political blogger I have had more than my fair share of abuse and idiots, after a while the arguement that censorship is bad wears thin; I have had to utilise the comment moderation as I am the target of two consistant spammers; it is unfortunate but needed to stop me returning to my blog and 50 comments that expose offensive right wing beliefs and personal attacks ruin my blog.

This place is yours, you have to police it as you would any other democracy and if people consistantly disrespect you and your readers than have no fear in removing them.

Take care.

Bastar said...

Comrade,nice debate goining on...

I will have to study on the current issue before making a strong comment...


Daniel said...

Great to see you presenting the Palestinian/Israeli issue on your blog. I've been doing likewise for the last year and I've been amazed at the number of folk who automatically take the Israeli side and ignore the atrocities and the forty year occupation.

There are none so blind...

Graeme said...

I will have to study on the current issue before making a strong comment

Why do that when you can just blame everything on "commies"?

Jobove - Reus said...

Hello friend, we give ourselves a walk along your blog, always we find interesting things, good article about Israel
We read ourselves, regards from Catalunya Sapin

beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...

Tell John Brown to get off my blog.

Interesting a Communist now trying to claim blog ownership.

beakerkin said...
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beakerkin said...

Tell John Brown to get out of my community.

Rita Loca said...

renegad eye, In answer to your comment on my blog...I do not know what influence you think I might have over anyone. If I did ,I doubt I would have to moderate!

Rita Loca said...

I just read what you said at beaks , so now I understand your comment a bit better.
How did you plan to punish me exactly? And what do I have to do with anything over at beaks?

beakerkin said...


If you want peace you have to go to John Brown.

1 He is not to post on any blog in my communty.

2 He is to remove all names from the Klanwatch section.

3 He is to take down the satire blogs.

As Junglemom and all the other blogs are in moderation your antics will not be as effective as mine.

Moreover, my comments may have been strident but were never spam
like until now.

If you are annoyed this is good. Now you have experienced a fraction of what my community deals with every day for three years.

Any sympathy I had has been removed
with the threat to Junglemom. Funny, how you resort to the very tactics you claim to be above.

If Brown will not behave you can purge him. Make him persona non grata and you will get peace that way.

beatroot said...

I think all of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Childish would be an understatement...I know fetuses that have more maturity. Don't you think you should all bring this sorry embarrassing farce to an end, right now? Political Blogs are not for teenagers screaming at each other.... and don't any of you say.."But please, sir, HE started it..." because most of us simply do not care who started it and are not interested anyway.

So do us all a favor, all of you, and stop this boring shit... it's a waste of time and blog space.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

beakerkin is a coward, he never replied to my comments regarding the King-Krane Commission (by the orders of Woodrow Wilson) and the British archives...

Palestine existed, and you will never be able to demolish that fact...

now back to laughing at someone's stupidity:D (hehehe)

beakerkin said...


I did reply at length and Ren deleted the comments.

Who are these non-Arabs. Are you refering to the blacks in the Sudan being butchered by Arabs. The Berbers and Kurds who live under Arab Hegemony. The Assyrians and Copts who have their own language or those Joooos.

You have less claim to a state than Texans or the residents of Brooklyn. Arabs need to settle their own refugges.

Beatroot I have endured three years of far worse from John Brown. Ren thinks 300 plus comments a day and threats to molest people's children are funny.

Frank Partisan said...

You can't justify yourself without lying. I take no delight in anything between you and JB.

nanc said...

beak is NOT lying. brown has hit some of our sites 150-200 times a night on several occasions with an assortment of spam comments.

he comes in and keeps spewing the same nonsense over and over again. this was not provoked by our going to his site in the same wretched manner.

he has threatened another blogger's children with molestation. we have files and files on his behaviors and are awaiting the other shoe to drop, so to speak.

whoever upholds his most base behavior deserves anything they get, up to and including spamming - fightin' fire with fire so to speak.

Frank Partisan said...

Nanc: What has that got to do with me? I wouldn't spam you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing the amount of ProPalganda lies one can pour in one page.....

Abe Bird

Mad Zionist said...

My first visit here. I'll post my opinions another time, perhaps, but for now I'm just trying to get the lay of the land and see if a very, very different viewpoint would be permitted at this site. Regarding Beak, well, since I've been-there-done-that with him already I'll pass on commenting on the drama. I have a pretty good idea how it will play out, though.

beakerkin said...


How many more people need to say the same thing?

You were asked to talk with Brown and you were rude and dissmissive.

Threatening children is beyond acceptable. You certainly were aware of the Klanwatch section.

MarxistFromLebanon said...

sure woodrow wilsin and the brit authorities are also in this mad scheme, hehehehehe

you still didnt reply to any of my sources I slapped you in the face earlier... deal with it, you support a racial movement that rewrites history.


beatroot said...


Anonymous said...