Sunday, November 13, 2005

Paradise Now

"Paradise Now" is the latest movie, from Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad. It was filmed in the West Bank town of Nablus, where the director grew up. The production crew was Palestinian, Israeli and Western. The film follows the story of the main characters, Said and Khaled, two junk yard auto mechanics, who agree to be suicide bombers, having explosives attached to their bodies. The plot focuses on the last 27 hours, before zero hour, when the bombing inside Israel, will occur.

The movie is an objective view of the circumstances. It is a movie, so there is excitement, and subplots. Don't be turned off by the subject. It is a movie, not a college term paper.

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Anonymous said...

I will reserve comment until I watch the film.

My mum refused to watch Trainspotting for years - she thought it glorified drug taking.

She saw it last year and was surprised to find it was probably an advert for not taking drugs!

Anonymous said...

Renegrade you never reply on your own blog! Post a reply, damn it!

Frank Partisan said...

Trainspotting makes druggie life unglamourous, to say the least.

Paradise Now is in Arabic, with subtitles. I think the topic, will scare, or seem too depressing, for people to want to see. It was really good. It didn't take a side or judge, it described. You'll like the scenery shots.

I don't reply, when I don't see an issue, for me to comment on. I always thought of comments, as others reactions.

Yishay said...
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Yishay said...

I heard an interview this morning on Galei Zahal (Israeli military radio, which is actualy one of the least military things in that unside-down place). Apparently after it was screened in Haifa, some people asked the distributers to show it in Israeli schools. Not, of course, because they condone bombings - which, from what I heard, neither does the movie, but because they thought its an issue that needs to be debated.

- Yishay
I got here from your comment, although you left a typo in your backlink.

Anonymous said...