Thursday, November 17, 2005

Hillary Clinton Endorses the Wall Against Palestine.

Hillary and Bill Clinton visited Israel this past weekend to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

Hillary took time out of the events honoring Rabin, to confer with Ariel Sharon, about security issues. She also made her way, to the 2/3 finished, 400 mile wall, between the West Bank and Israel. The wall is hated by the Palestinians, for cutting them off from jobs, schools, and farmland. This barrier has been internationally denounced, including by the UN.

The "lesser evil" Hillary Clinton proclaimed, "This is not against the Palestinian people," Clinton said as she gazed over the massive wall. "This is against the terrorists. The Palestinian people have to help to prevent terrorism. They have to change the attitudes about terrorism."

The Clintons then were off to Jordan. I wonder why they didn't visit Palestine??


Arielle said...


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Viks said...

I was unaware of the 400 mile Wall. Such odium! -terriorist? I got to see one of 'em soon.

Any catastrophic blast 'they' are nescient about is labelled as 'Terrorism'. Sad!


Sangroncito said...

grrrr.....I hate that kind of political double-talk.
In my opinion the wall is racist and doomed to failure.

Anonymous said...

the wall is racist and doomed to failure.

Don't let facts get in the way!

1. Arabs live on both sides of the fence. Jews don't because by and large they are persecuted in all arab countries.

2. Terror attacks in Israel have fallen since the inception of the wall.

Frank Partisan said...

Saddam Hussein and Yasser Arafat not being in the picture, is why terrorism is down in Israel. The wall is barrier, to ending the conflict, along with misleaders.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't see it like that... The wall is symptomatic of the conflict not a cause... :)

When the Palestinians stop celeberating their suicide bombers murdering innocents then they can take the wall down, IMO.

Frank Partisan said...

Suicide bombing is down, since Arafat died. Saddam was financing the families of "martyrs".

Craig Bardo said...

What you say about Arafat and Saddam is true, but that may not explain everything, and I suspect it does not. The demise of the aforementioned is coincidental with the building of the wall.

Although,I don't see the Israeli people as racist, clearly many organizations and states ascribe that sentiment to them. It seems to me that the UN band of thugs and tyrannts and many European countries are alarmingly trending toward antisemitism.

A side note, the only true market economy in the region is what the Palestinians want access to, that is, escept for those with murderous intent.

Hillary's political triangulation aside,if Palenstenians forcefully denounce murder as a means of political expression, they might gain freer access through the wall to the SOVERIEGN state of Israel.

Imagine what the UN will say when we erect the security fence on our southern border. Will they say to Vicente Fox, stop the corruption, divest of your state owned industries, reduce your debt lower your taxes and reduce your regulations to encourage private investment which will spur growth? Will they say, "to consolidate your economic gains, secure it with property ownership rights (those that secure all other rights) and move aggressively to allow the peso to float freely and take other measures that will produce opportunity (spelled J O B S)for your own citizens, so they won't have to risk their lives and leave families to illegally cross an increasingly fortified US Border?" I doubt it. They'll call us racist too.

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