Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Terrorism in the Grip of Justice

On the Iraqi state-run television station Al Iraqiya, is a new "reality show", more interesting than Fear Factor or American Idol, called Terrorism in the Grip of Justice. It shows captured so called insurgents confessing to their crimes. Many videotape their acts as beheadings, so we get to see the home videos. They talk of practice by beheading animals. The thugs are also confronted by the victim's family members. It demystifies the so-called insurgency, and exposes them as small, snivelling, crooked, or amoral.

It is only possible because of the Provisional Govt. These are non-uniformed, often locals based often in Mosul, and not subject to Geneva Accords.

Demystifying the insurgents is a necessary evil. The show's brutality, doesn't equal, the crimes of the clerical fascists and their thug friends.

The Neilsen ratings are not out yet.