Sunday, June 05, 2005

Aliens of the Deep VS. Aliens of the Right.

This Blog Allows Evolution To Be Taught.

On March 19th, the New York Times science editor, Cornelia Dean, reported several Imax theaters in the south refused to show Titanic director James Cameron's Volcanoes of the Deep, due to it being pro "Big Bang" theory. Imax theaters are science theaters. The theaters refused to play that movie, fearing protests from creationists. This happened in about a dozen theaters. The movie is about life under sea, in a volcanic area, filmed from a submarine.

This is a sympton of the overall culture war, between the realty based community, and the faith based. This war is going on, not only in USA, but around the world, as examplified by the civil war in Islam, where visions of the Ottoman Empire, are fought against daily.

One way to fight the Yahoos, is to get colleges, to deny accreditation to schools, that don't teach evolution. The students should be required to take remedial science, or not get into college.

Later I will talk about pharmacists, who refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception.

Thank you C.J.


Chairman eDog said...

First of all, you're confusing Aliens of the Deep, with Volcanoes of The Deep Blue Sea. Don't worry, though. The Times screwed it up even worse. I wrote about how this story is bullshit back in March, but I'm glad that leftists are still trotting it out as proof positive of the Talibanization of Amerikkka. Congratulations, you've been duped.

Chairman eDog said...

Here, I'll make it a link:

See me Cluebat the AP's bullshit story

Chairman eDog said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. Now I know I'm making a difference in this world.

Is your standard of "making a difference in the world" having one person come over and point out to all subsequent readers that your post has even the basic facts of the story totally wrong? Did you even read the comments?

Let's review:

The world-famous director James Cameron (Alien, Aliens, etc) directed Aliens of the Deep, which is playing in four times as many theatres nationwide, including theatres all over the South. Volcanoes of the Deep Blue Sea was directed by an obscure Canadian filmaker and released at almost the exact same time as Cameron's Aliens of the Deep. Both movies explore deep sea life, and both talk about evolution. The only difference is that few theatres want to play the movie by the lesser known Canadian. The producer of Volcanoes of the Deep Blue Sea realized this, and so sought to garner publicity for his film by claiming that it was somehow controversial. In spite of the producer's claim, the distribution of Volcanoes of the Deep Blue Sea is roughly the same throughout the country.

Congratulations, moron, you got duped.

Chairman eDog said...

Here's another one (not as good as mine)

And, I checked the current distribution of VoD and I see that it's grown considerably since these bogus stories came out in March. I guess it pays to generate controversy. Way to shill, "renegade".

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