Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Last Post

The Renegade Eye blog, was born born March 26th, 2005. Today it is going into retirement, after 561 posts.

What an experience. If you read the blog, from the start, you can see my political evolution. Debate can change people. Can you believe I was pro-Iraq War at one time?

I want to thank all the contributing writers as Marxist from Lebanon, Marie Trigona, John Peterson, Ross Wolfe, Maryam Namazie, Aaron and Nadia A etc.

I think blogging is in decline, since the birth of the social network. A blog can still be important, but it has to build a following.

There has been more political combat on this blog, than most others. It was fun at one time. Now its argument for the sake of argument. I tried to deal with my political opponents arguments, without attacking their humanity, as much as possible. The rightist blog that leftists visit is Sonia Belle's Adults Only Blog.

The character of Renegade Eye, will comment on other blogs. I plan to start a new blog, with a different identity. Those who should know the new identity, will be informed.



Jack Crow said...

Well damn. Well met and good luck, RE.

David K Wayne said...

Why the retirement? Are you gonna re-emerge with a new one?

The Sentinel said...

Fair enough Rengeade Eye - I have to say I agree with your analysis:

There is very little debate here anymore.

You have certainly been the fairest, most open and most honest blogger I have ever come across.

I wish you the best of luck in all you do.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance you commie P.O.S.

Neil said...

No secret that my politics aren't the same as yours, even if many Americans seem to think I'm a raving leftie! I have sure learnt a lot here though, so I'll miss your blog.

Intelligent, that's what it's been. Not all that common, I'm afraid,

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

Believe this or not, you'll be missed. We don't agree on much, but I do respect your right to express yourself in whatever form you choose. And I appreciate the fact that you always gave your opposition a fair and even handed opportunity to rebutt.

Best of luck to you, Renegade Eye.

Gert said...

Renegade Eye’s blog lost much of its appeal to me when the lunatics tried to take over the asylum. I hope certain individuals will not be invited [to the new blog] but knowing them, deep searching will help them hunt you down, wherever you are. This became a blog where things could be said that wouldn’t be tolerated on many blogs, including my own. The culprits hide cowardly behind ‘free speech’ [to say the unspeakable] but nothing is ever completely free.

One possibility is to invite people on a membership basis: you have loads of contacts, so inviting people (left, right, middle or otherwise) should be no problem. Without doing so, the new blog would be at risk of becoming an FFA site for the vilest Rightwing views (not even worthy of than name, in many cases).I’ve privately predicted the demise of this blog many times. I’m convinced that anon’s absurd “Good riddance you commie P.O.S.” is in the thoughts of quite a few of the Ultra Far Right that came here for a free lunch, piggybacking at someone else’s laudable attempts at sanity.

Whatever you do Ren, I wish you the best in all your endeavours…

jams o donnell said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are winding up here Ren. There are a lot of us out in the blogosphere who probably would not still be around if you had not given us a leg up

Good luck with your new blog

Ducky's here said...

Sorry to hear it, ren. I enjoyed your blog.

nitesh said...

Will be missed. Hope to see hear about the new avatar.

sonia said...

What the hell is going on ? First Roissy has deleted his blog and now you! Is there some serial blogkiller operating on the Net ?

I am glad that you will be back, though, under a different identity. But why ? If you are just trying to get rid of some of your most insane commenters, using moderation would have been much simpler than a new address. Gert is right, they are going to find you anyway...

Frank Partisan said...

The good news is that my new blog idea, will have a single focus, and fill a niche. The year 2012, will be good for blogs. Elections in the US, Iran and Mexico.

The bad news is this blog was becoming a chore.

Jack Crow: Thank you.

W.Kaspar: I will definitely have new blog. It won't debate all of history with each post.

Sentinel: Thank you.

Farmer: I used to like the black and white TV videos you posted.

You've had some good battles at your blog.

Ducky: Thank you.

Gert: My new blog will have combat as well. It is essentially a single issue blog.

In the early days of the blog, you could learn things from the discussion.

I don't like moderating.

Jams: Thank you.

Nitesh: I like your blog.

Sonia: I don't know if I'm doing you a favor, plugging your blog?

The Renegade Eye character will still comment.

My new blog, is a positive step for me. It will have a focus.

You're correct, my imprint will probably be all over my blog.

My new blog will have much more vicious opponents.

The good fightss on our blogs, are nostalgia.

You're the best moderator.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you're ending your blog. It was one of the first political blogs that I read on a regular basis. It inspired me to start my own blog.

SecondComingOfBast said...

Everybody needs to step back and take a break, either temporary of permanent. I've thought of ending mine as well. I know I'm going to cut back on posting to once or twice a week. Good luck to you Ren. I do mean that.

Ross Wolfe said...

I fully support this decision and look forward to more lively, reasoned debate on your new blog. I will of course stay in touch.

roman said...

WOW, Ren?!?

Your site , even though we differ politically, was always a fun read and it was honest and fair to all those who commented. I know that some of the negative comments can be annoying at times and perfectly understand the weariness that can result. Thanks for the 561 informative posts.

Frank Partisan said...

Spanish Prisoner: Thank you.

Pagan: I appreciate your remark.

Ross: The Renegade Eye identity will exist, to comment on other blogs.

The new blog, will have one focus.

Roman: Thank you.

Your blog is another good one, that is not afraid of political opposition.

Craig Bardo said...


american left history said...

Ren-Always was glad to post stuff from your site- Agree or disagree. You should remind followers that they can link to the In Defense of Marxism site to continue the "high-end" polemical struggle. Again, a good site, agree or disagree.

As for blogs,and their decline,I think I agree alhtough it is hard to believe that a vehicle that is about a decade old faces that situation. However such is the speed of the "information super-highway." Many wrecks on that road. I, personally, refuse to give up on the struggle to keep political language alive, the fight for multi-syllabic words and the need provide left-wing information to as Brecht said in his famous poem-"those who come after." Else we are reduced to "tweet." Damn. The fight continues though, in whatever form. Good luck, Brother. Markin.

THR said...

Best wishes with your future endeavours.

Frank Partisan said...

CB: Thank you.

Markin: My new blog, is more goal oriented. The 2012 elections, will cause people to be interested in politics.

THR: Thank you.

-FJ the Dangerous and Extreme MAGA Jew said...

I just wanted to let you know that you've inspired me to read Solzhenitsyn's "Lenin In Zurich". I've heard it ends badly for the Russians, but it does sound like an interesting read.

Frank Partisan said...

FJ: I read in a bio of Trotsky, that when Lenin returned to Russia, Trotsky had to update him about the revolution.