Friday, June 18, 2010

Is China Capitalist?

Fred Weston, editor of, discusses the genesis of the Chinese Revolution and perspectives for the future of 1/5 of humanity.



sonia said...

I can't read it. Blank space. What program is needed ?

Frank Partisan said...

It's a video.

white rabbit said...

Is China capitalist?

Well obviously...


SecondComingOfBast said...

Does China have property rights? Does the government have the right to expropriate businesses or business holdings. If so, are there limitations to these governmental rights? How did these governmental rights come about? Who or what gave the government these rights? Do businesses have the right to appeal such governmental decrees in a court of law? Who sits on these courts? Who in China is allowed to own a business? Is there any limitations as to where a potential business owner can acquire the funds in order to start a business, or is the potential owner limited to borrowing from state-owned and operated banks? Can privately owned banks operate in China, other than limited investments by foreign banks? Are labor unions allowed to organize? Are they allowed to strike? In the event of a strike, does the government submit both sides to arbitration, or do they just arbitrarily come down on one side or the other? Can someone who makes money in China put their money in a private savings account? If so, are they obliged to pay tax on interest, and if so, what is the tax rate on private interest? Are there public corporations outside of foreign subsidiaries? Can an individual purchase and own stock in a business, or a public corporation? If so, what is the capital gains tax rate? Are people allowed to own private property? If so, are they allowed to pass their property on to their one surviving child? If so, what is the tax rate on inherited property? If I live in China and don't like my job, what are my options? Can I change jobs to something more to my liking? What if I want to stop working for the man and start my own business? How would I go about starting my own business, say as a mechanic or a plumber? How many hoops would I have to jump through, and to what extent would I really be working for myself if I could do so?

If I want to advertise my services, can I do so freely, or do I have to submit my advertisement to a special government board to await approval? If so, how long would this take? Three months, four months, six months, a year?

Calling China a capitalist country based on its managed economic growth and industrialization is like pointing to Social Security as evidence the US is a socialist country. They've both got a ways to go.

Frank Partisan said...

White Rabbit: Not obviously. China has no independent capitalist class.

Pagan: I'm going on to another subject. Your points are answered in the video. It is over an hour long.

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

In answer to the question:

No, not yet but one day, once the statist apparatus is taken apart by American soft power.

white rabbit said...

I saw a thing on tv the other night (Newsnight?) that said that there are 110,000 millionaires in Shanghai.

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