Saturday, April 10, 2010

You Say You Want A Revolution...Kyrgyzstan 2010

The revolution in Kyrgyzstan has de facto overthrown the old hated regime and led to a new interim government being stalled. Now a stand-off is developing between the two forces. The movement that led to this situation was a revolution from below, an uprising of the most downtrodden layers of society, who organised themselves in their own elected councils. Now there will be an attempt to emasculate these councils and divert attention away from the real issues.

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Belizegial said...

I heard about the uprising in Kyrgyzstan on the international news today and will read more here in your link. Hope all is well with you at this time.

tony said...

A Good Link.Thanks Ren.

Nevin said...

Your Article Says: "The USA should get out of Kirgizia, of course, but Russia also should leave its bases. New Kirgizia does not need Russian and American puppets; it needs genuine people’s rule, with the workers in control of politics and the economy."

This is the bases of Imperialism! Neither of the powers will get out on their own accord unless they are kicked out, which will be bloody... At least that is what the history books tell us...

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, all of Central Asia is up for grabs.... It's the same old power struggle...

Frank Partisan said...

Nevin: Good point. Russia should be opposed as well.

Belizegial: It is a good article, for the basics.

Tony: Thank you.

troutsky said...

I fear we have to deal with the existing concept of "spheres of influence" no matter how repulsive. The Big Boys have ways of coercion, some more nuanced than others. Basic needs have to be met before much of a struggle for autonomy can take place.

Frank Partisan said...

Troutsky: No small nation can have autonomy. National liberation is a myth.

Overall you're right.

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