Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving/Odds and Ends/Open Thread


Happy Thanksgiving to all. Christopher Hitchens wrote a brilliant essay in 2005, about Thanksgiving being a great American holiday. It is a holiday not connected to any particular religion. It is a time when a family may be feeding a complete stranger, or neighbor.

Soon I will have a post about the Spanish Civil War, with a Youtube video of John Peterson, who contributes to this blog, talking on that subject. It is the what not to do revolution.

Sean Penn, Douglas Brinkley and Christopher Hitchens interview Hugo Chavez in Venezuela and Raul Castro in Cuba.

The movies to see are Milk***1/2 and Baz Luhrmann's Australia*** with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.

Addendum November 30, 2008

See Giles Ji Ungpakorn's report from Thailand. Who but pro dictatorship demonstrators, can camp at an airport?



sonia said...

The movies to see are Milk***1/2

From what I heard, "Milk" doesn't make a single reference to the Jonestown tragedy. That's like making a film about George W. Bush and not mentioning 9/11.... ooups, I guess they did that, too...

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: I agree with you about W. As for Milk, your conclusion means:

A) Conspiracy theory.
B) Guilt by association.

Sonia had a post that pointed out Milk and Moscone, were killed a week after the Jonestown Massacre, to counter it being pointed out Milk and Moscone introduced Jones to Jimmy Carter.

I would be surprised if you don't like Milk.

sonia said...


Milk didn't introduce Jones to Jimmy Carter, and it's not about conspiracy theories or guilt by association. Milk wasn't guilty of anything, except knowing and admiring a man who LATER turned out to be a psychopath.

The question is why would a film about Milk eliminate all references to Jonestown ?

It's like making a film about Thomas Jefferson without mentioning Sally Hemnmings. It's called a whitewash...

WeezieLou said...

"milk" isn't here yet, but i really look forward to it. whatever was or wasn't discussed - the guy is/was a hero, and twinkies suck.

JayV said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Ren. I'd seen your blog before, too, and now have bookmarked it to read more regularly. And yes, I'd made a comment over at Louis Proyect's. I know him from his comments at Lenin's Tomb.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the commies picked Frida for artistic immortality instead of Frida's creole maid who emptied her bedpan...

Una said...

I really like your stories but my preparation on international politics is not big enough to give an opinion on everything, but I love to read it.
I like Frida Kahlo and Mexico and I am looking forward to seeing your article on the Spanish Civil War.
You know that I love the American cinema, Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman ... Greetings

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: Unlike W., Milk had a tight script. The fact a liberal bourgeoise politician would hustle votes from a black church is not amazing. I think the story can be told without reference to Fish, Moscone or Milk.

Weezie: You'll like Milk. Sean Penn was so good, it was scary.

JayV: Thank you for visiting. I have a friend who knows Louis P, from his SWP days.

Tere: I will be interested in your insights about the Spanish Civil War.

FJ: I like Frida's work. I acknowledge that both her and Diego Rivera, became Stalinist. I put up the video, because I met the singer Grace Echauri. Sopranoes get my heart beating fast.

Una said...

On the Spanish Civil War there are many things that Spaniards do not know, not even seriously studied in the schools.El right-wing party (PP) does not touch the subject, and I know a few things because I read books by Hugh Thomas and novelists explaining details about them.
The President Suarez and the newly legalized political parties in the 70 agreed to the signing of the Moncloa Pacts, and therefore can not desligitimar Franco's government and say clearly that it was a coup against República.La people still afraid to have more if confrontation is telling the truth

Frank Partisan said...

You should read George Orwell's Homage To Catalonia. It's a short, well written book. I never read Hemingway's For Whom The Tolls, because I fell asleep reading The Sun Also Rises.

I didn't know about the pact.

Foxessa said...

Thanksgiving was a welcome respite from barbarism and disintegration.

We spent the day working on a grant proposal before heading up to Harlem for the feast with friends from which we arrived home after 2 AM.

Love, C.

Noni said...

Hi all

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Above all conspiracy theory and backdrop it’s all about blood, blood, blood……all means sufferings of innocents…largely nothing but a non human provocation.
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celinejulie said...

Thank you very much for posting a link to Giles’ report. I totally agree with him, especially this sentence: “The PAD is a royalist fascist mob which has powerful backing “.

Graeme said...

That interview with Castro and Chavez was interesting.

Frank Partisan said...

Foxessa: You have the big Macy's Parade you can go to.

Noni: I signed.

Celinejulie: Good to hear from someone who is actually there.

Graeme: I liked it too. I wanted to know what Hitch was thinking.

K. said...

I still haven't decided what to think about Milk. As a movie about a martyred saint, it was effective, upbeat agitprop. As a movie about a working politician, it left a lot to be desired. But, it's not quite fair to judge it by criteria it wasn't trying to meet.

Anonymous said...


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