Monday, September 01, 2008

Republican National Convention 2008 Open Thread

This blog is based in Minneapolis, MN, near where the Republican Party is having its convention. I attended the legal demonstration the first day.

**I didn't know until I returned home, that Amy Goodman was arrested and several others. Most who attended and took part in the legal route, were unaware of arrests. I saw the police shoot some type of ammunition on a side street. From my viewpoint I didn't see demonstrators.

**My comrades disagreed with the organizers vague slogans that fronted for support for the Democratic Party. Tactically they made an agreement with the anarchist organizers to respect "diversity of tactics." In addition they agreed to not to make public criticism.

I think everyone involved should have been allowed to discuss tactics, and come to consensus. Once the consensus is agreed to, anybody who violates the agreement is on their own. The anarchists seem to think unified slogans and tactics is authoritarian.

**I stayed with the agreed to route, like most involved, didn't know of arrests.

**Private homes and one anarchist meeting place was raided this weekend by the sheriff's department. Some of the arrests were viewed by journalists. They had the effect of lowering turnout. Those arrested feel they'll be vindicated in court. There is a case of a warrant with an incorrect address. I'm sure it scared some from attending.

**There were arrests the weekend before the march. The sheriff's office raided anarchist headquarters and various private homes. Some of the raids were observed by journalists as Amy Goodman.

**If you are dressed in all black, wearing a mask or bandana to cover your face, and go away from the legal route, what can you expect to happen? They had no speaker on the platform to explain what they were about. They were irresponsible and made no political point. Somebody said, "The anarchists don't recognize the state, but the state recognizes them."

**Obama coopted the slogans as from the immigrant rights movement as Sí Se Puede (Yes We Can), and "Power To The People."

**The police allowed rightist protesters to get too close for my comfort, to the main demo. They obviously wanted rightist martyrs. The rightists would be the martyrs, by numbers alone.

**Most of the groups fronted for Obama and the Democratic Party. Most of the speakers only attacked Republicans. Another category is the adventurous groups who mistake militant tactics for principled politics. In addition there was supporters of narrow nationalism (insert country here) and even Islamism. This mess can be straightened out with a movement led by revolutionary socialists, armed with theory and practice, so as to create history and react to it. When the RNC is over, and the delegates and protesters go home. The question is what do you do next?


Aaron A. said...

Interesting stuff.
Wish I was there.

Graeme said...

You raise valid points. I know a few people who marched (at least I think they did) in the anti-capitalist bloc. It is my understanding that they weren't associated with the RNC welcoming committee. They wanted to separate themselves from the democratic front groups.

I'll be there wed, but only for a short time.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Good points, Ren. You have a logical argument for an organized protest. Americans have never really been exposed to that type of unified front and do not understand the potential consequences of haring off on their own to "do their thing."

? said...

I know a number of registered republicans who have no real answers to the current situation. Good question!

MC Fanon said...

I would love to hear more about your experience protesting the RNC. Coverage on the demonstrations outside has been thin, even at the DNC.

Frank Partisan said...

Aaron: It was stressful the whole year, considering the lengths the police have potential to accomplish with millions of dollars, combined with the rotten leadership of the demo.

Graeme: The IWW was masked and dressed in black. I don't know what the anti-capitalist bloc was.

We marched with the immigrant rights group, and chaperoned Rosa Clemente, who is Cynthia McKinny's VP.

Maria: We would be stretched to thin, if we tried to lead that group. It would have been a completely different event. One thing for sure, is the Dems wouldn't be off the hook.

Red Eyes: Welcome back.

Dave: Someone I knew quite a for few years, had his home raided. He owns a home with two street addresses. The search warrant had the wrong address compared to the part of his house that was raided.

He housed videographers, who shot video of police brutality in NYC. Amy Goodman was outside his house, as it was raided. He is no way a masked anarchist.

I heard a march today based on poor people's demands. There are hundreds more arrests. The march was permitted. People seem to be on the street.

Every weapon is used by police; lasers, pepper spray etc.

celticfire said...

I was highly politicized by the 1999 protests in Seattle and coming from that tradition ("diversity of tactics") I feel both appreciation and a certain level of distrust for people (individual anarchists) who bring the repressive arm of the state down on the people unnecessarily. Some of the items found at the leaders home, were among other things buckets of urine.

I would echo RenEye's call for some kind of census making prior to actions that might involve people who aren't willing participants. In Seattle we had families in the same crowd as rock throwers.

We need to learn from this and unite on a genuinely democratic model. It seems like anarchists have a long standing tradition of liking democracy for their control over the rest of the world, but shy away from accountability from that same world.

They would do well to read Mao.

Graeme said...

Lifestyle "anarchists" are twats. Vandalism is moronic, as is throwing rocks with families near.

Strategic blockades and other direct action, as well as class struggle anarchists, shouldn't be put in the same category.

Mao certainly ran a bureaucracy, but I'm all about worker self-management. I don't give a shit what it's called- socialist, anarchist, syndicalist, communist, whatever. Worker run, not state run, industry.

celticfire said...

"Mao certainly ran a bureaucracy, but I'm all about worker self-management. I don't give a shit what it's called- socialist, anarchist, syndicalist, communist, whatever. Worker run, not state run, industry."

I'm pretty much about self-management myself, that's why I say check out Mao. Read about the Antinq incidient or the 3-1 committees.

Also, here's a thought (from Lenin): what if the new socialist society needs medicines, but the workers in the medicine factories want to make icecream? What do we do?

It can't ALL be self-management immediately, or our revolution would quickly go right back to capitalism. Take television. We better make sure TV keeps on the air (in whatever form, in the initial stage) or there will be a strong base for reactionaries.

Frank Partisan said...

Celticfire: The Maoists are the ones that led the event. They consistently made the focus to "Defeat McCain," and "Oppose The Republican Agenda." They made the agreement not criticize to other's tactics. They called for a "diversity of tactics." Their oppurtunism will haunt them.

Graeme: There was no class struggle anarchists there, who seperated themselves from the lifestyle anarchists. The IWW was dressed in all black and hooded.

Graeme said...

yeah, Ren, there's some bad blood between Wobblies and the police farce.

Frank Partisan said...

Graeme: The anarchists managed to break windows, at the studios of where "Democracy Now," is taped.

ortho said...

Renegade Eye, today I visit your blog with Chrome, Google's new browser. It tells me that your site is dangerous and might harm my computer because it hosts malware. What's the deal?

Mike Ballard said...

I used to live in the USA. I'm a Wobbly from Perth, Australia now.

These major party political conventions have been big demonstration venues for lefties since Chicago in 1968. You expect that "The Whole World's Watching!" as the police kick the shit out of you in the street. I'm afraid that time has passed. Now, they just kick a few asses, mostly in private, off live, nationwide camera. You'll have to think of some other way to get a viable, non-co:opted message into the corporate and State media. Good luck with that.

My own tactic is to talk with ordinary workers and find out where they're at : organise at the grassroots for your own program for change. Mine is One Big Union. Major bourgeois pollies fall into two camps in the USA: liberal and conservative. Liberals are easier on the working class, give them more space to organise than conservatives; but of course, they are not pro-working class interests. They are for a more efficient running of the capitalist State. Whether a worker is going to vote for totally bourgeois Obama or not is irrelevant, unless the reason that they're NOT voting for him is based on racism. Beware the Bradley Effect. A worker voting for conservative bourgeois McCain is just in need of more education and agitation on what the meaning of class interest is because they're so confused as to be in the minus area of class consciousness. Finally, what's important is classwide, democratic unity, not which leninist and/or anarchist faction you think has the correct line of propaganda.

Billie Greenwood said...

I so appreciate a perspective from "on the scene." Thanks for taking the time to share this with us.

Frank Partisan said...

I found out that the Minneapolis city council voted to put the Minneapolis Police Dept, under the command of Homeland Security.

Tonight is a "Rage Against The Machine" concert downtown. There are riot police a few blocks away. It seems like a ridiculous reaction.

Tomorrow Ralph Nader and Cundy Sheehan are speaking. In addition another demo tomorrow, involving high school students. They have to pledge to be nonviolent etc.

I think the police win militarily. After being brutal with Amy Goodman, they lose politically.

Ortho: I never heard that before.

MikeB: Tell that to the IWW here. In addition tell them it's not smart to dress in black and have a bandana around your neck. It's like the Black Pamthers wearing leather jackets and berets. I don't think the local IWW, has anything to do with your politics. You could teach them a thing or two.

Border Explorer: Amy Goodman's reports have been excellent. Really concise and accurate.

Larry Gambone said...

If the Wobs were dressed like black blockers, they sure ain't the Wobs I am used to. Dressing in any kind of "uniform" - unless you are the cops, of course, is just marking yourself for arrest and beating, not to mention separating yourself from the rest of the demonstrators.

celticfire said...

I don't buy the accusation that Fight Back clique is Maoist, as I have repeated several times. In their case specifically I think Stalinist is more specifically accurate.

My personal feelings is that Obama wont change shit and he is nothing but a grand distraction from his reactionary policies. That said I am not prepared to denounce all the Obama supporters as reactionaries, what would ignore the historic difference between the Obama campaign and any democratic candidacy in history.

Good progressive and radical people are supporting Obama. Staying on the sidelines throwing stones just kind of seems like a self-repeating Monty Python sketch.

Frank Partisan said...

I heard that people were pepper sprayed after the RATM concert. Graeme will have something to say about that, since he attended it.

Frank Partisan said...

Celticfire: Maoism is Stalinism.

I'm not denouncing Obama supporters in general as reactionary. I oppose the FRSO fronting for Obama, under the guise of socialism.

I think Cynthia McKinny or Ralph Nader are alternatives. Rosa Clemente who is McKinny's VP, is in town. She is open to more radical ideas.

Larry: The IWW is probably trying to keep one foot mainstream, and one with the cultural anarchists.

Frank Partisan said...

Atleast 44 arrested post RATM concert.

My instincts tell me Graeme escaped arrest, and will have a helluva post when he returns home.

Some arrested before the main demonstration face conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism. They aren't charged with actual rioting and terrorism. See this.

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Nate said...

Renegade Eye -

Was the IWW dressed in black and
wearing masks over their faces, or dressed in black and wearing hoods over their heads? You've said both and it's not clear what you mean.

In any case, I'm a member of the Twin Cities General Membership Branch of the IWW and this is the first I've heard about the IWW being all in black or otherwise acting like this. I have no doubt that some members did so, but they have the right to do so. There are people of a variety of outlooks in the IWW.

As for there being "no class struggle anarchists" here, that's also false. I'd be happy to have a conversation about that and about class struggle anarchist organizations (which the IWW is not - the IWW is a class struggle organization but welcomes people from whatever political perspective and people with no real interest in politics), as I'm a member of one of those outside of the IWW as well.

I also think you're tremendously off base here:
"If you are dressed in all black, wearing a mask or bandana to cover your face, and go away from the legal route, what can you expect to happen? They had no speaker on the platform to explain what they were about. They were irresponsible and made no political point. Somebody said, "The anarchists don't recognize the state, but the state recognizes them.""

You may not agree with those tactics but to raise this now and basically say "you deserve this" on a public blog is divisive at a time when folks are under a lot of heat and need support. Wait till this over then begin the public ruthless criticism. That's not to say criticism shouldn't happen now, but it should happen only in forums which are entirely in-house, so to speak, and in a comradely fashion.


Nate said...

Okay comrades I've thought about it some more and I want to re-frame my last comment. I think Renegade Eye misrepresents/misunderstands the IWW and the class struggle anarchists involved in this (and those groups have some overlap but are not the same) and that now is not a good time for public criticism of tactical decisions but none of that should not be the focus of this discussion. I don't want to derail the thread and get sucked into a fight about which organizations and ideologies are better. I'd rather just agree to disagree on that and try to move the discussion forward productively.

I think talking about better protest tactics, building a movement more positively (trainings? mentorship?), and criticism of the powers that be here in the Twin Cities could be good. On the last, I just heard about some agreement with the RNC where the RNC got insurance against charges of police brutality. That is unsettling, and demonstrates or at least supports that the police heavy handedness was planned from the beginning. That also might be an issue for public agitation. This might also be useful for tying this stuff to a public conversation about police brutality in the Cities.

take care,

troutsky said...

I agree with Nate that we should let the facts sort themselves out before reaching conclusions. Also a good point that tacticly we might begin from a point of solidarity and then critique as we know more.

That said, I still think a debate is needed on the theoretical level about those who are "anarchists" in costume only and more practically, knucklehead thugs. Many are police plants, some nihilists, narcissists. The Wobblies need to have a real conversation about policy. "Self-organized workers" still need some kind of organic connectivity to the whole, hopefullty in a horizontal fashion.

The ex Aussie is right that these Giant Media Spectacles provide little real space for deep organizing ,by their very nature they are not serious and are mostly co-opted by the ruling class.

sonia said...

If you are dressed in all black, wearing a mask or bandana to cover your face, and go away from the legal route, what can you expect to happen?

I love people who are "dressed in all black, wearing a mask or bandana to cover your face, and go away from the legal route". Especially in Venezuela.

Larry Gambone said...

Nate, Like I said earlier, I have never met "black bloc" type Wobs before, and was surprised to hear about such. We Wobs are usually maturer than that. Indeed, I would think the IWW would be the last place such types would gravitate to. Maybe Ren saw some other group or could these have been police provocateurs a la Montebello?

Larry Gambone said...

I would also add that the "culture" and general approach of revolutionary syndicalism, like both Platformist Anarchism and Trotskyism, mitigate against Black Bloc type antics. All are oriented toward working people and have a long-term organizational approach rather than headline-grabbing play-acting at being "revolutionary."

Graeme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Graeme said...

The police presence at the Rage Against the Machine concert was completely ridiculous. I have never seen so many cops in riot gear in my life, even on TV. 99% of the people (including me) had no intentions of doing anything other than express how much we disagree with the RNC and everything they stand for. I heard 100 or so were arrested.

Ren, I went to the concert with a friend from DC. She said she'd never seen that sort of police presence at any rallies she'd attended there. She had to get back, so we left early this morning. I wanted to contact you and march (peacefully) today, but it just didn't work out.

Larry Gambone said...

As for "Black Bloc" Cops trying to start a riot see but caught on film red -handed :

Frank Partisan said...

I wonder what Obama has to say about all this?

Graeme: I'm sure you'll have an interesting post.

I was downtown before the concert. I saw the large groups of police everywhere.

I'm going to reply to all the comments tonight. Tonight Nader, Cynthia McKinney's VP Rosa Clemente, Cindy Sheehan are speaking.

Graeme said...


I'm a member of the Red River IWW in Fargo/Moorhead. One of the main reasons I'm a Wobbly is exactly what you say, we are a class struggle based organization, but we are open to any political perspective. there is so much divisive bickering on the left over theory, it gets frustrating.

anyway, i am moving to the Twin Cities area in Oct. and look forward to continuing my support of the IWW.

celticfire said...

Right Renegade, and Trotskyism is fascism=militarization of labor? I don't dig simplistic caricatures as a real political analysis. It's for lazy bones.

That said I unite with what you say about Fight Back weirdos.

Frank Partisan said...

Wild day in the Twin Cities.

Today there was three scheduled events.

The first was a high school student march and rally. The route was changed by the police. It disrupted the timing. I don't know of any arrests.

Another rally and march was to take place sponsored by the Antiwar Committee. It was themed against the nomination of John McCain. The police wouldn't allow it to march to the Xcel Center. See this. Some attempted to march. The group was disciplined, despite provocations. The leadership of the legal march was arrested. Why be arrested for Obama? Several arrests tonight, including camera people from the bourgeoise media. A Fox News crew got gassed.

The Ralph Nader event was peaceful. I enjoyed the music of Nellie McKay who is a great performer and a big time Nader supporter. Rosa Clemente who is Cynthia McKinny's VP spoke. She was introduced by John Peterson who writes for this blog. In addition Jesse Ventura spoke.

Isn't more radical to be at a peaceful Ralph Nader rally than a hysterical dangerous rally, where the politics is really pro-Obama?

Ghazala Khan: It would be great to be interviewed.

Sonia: The masked guys in black in Venezuela, have more money and are sponsored by the US government. Some in the US have sponsorship. It's proven this week.

Nate: Thank you for visiting. As you can tell there are several class struggle anarchists, who visit this blog.

I saw some local IWW dressed in the stereotyped anarchist costume. I didn't see them on the actual march, because my contingent was far from the IWW contingent.

At the news conference today, the person from the RNC Welcoming Committee, was terrible answering a question about broken windows at Macy's. She was in a bind because she had a position as yours not to publicly criticize anyone. She said the windows were broken, but capitalism is bad as well. I would have blamed a provocateur.

I worked with the local IWW in the immigrants rights movement. They were always principled, and easy to work with.

The leadership of both coalitions are arrested.

The organizers of the high school protest unendorsed the coalition that led the big march Monday, because of ambiguity on tactics.

The issue of police brutality is much bigger than the lifestyle anarchists.

Celticfire: Tonight the police arrested the FRSO. They seem to think diversity in tactics is a good thing to put on a leaflet.

Graeme: The police were worse tonight than yesterday.

Frank Partisan said...

Troutsky: I agree.

Ducky's here said...

We should be discussing what happened inside the building which was more frightening than anything going on outside.

McCheese, Governor Olympics, The Tennessee Narcoleptic, the Alaskan Welfare Queen and Ghouliani? Those freaks represent the core beliefs of a major political party.

The goal isn't to repeat 1968 guys. First time tragedy -- second time farce unless you think its a way towards building a true progressive movement in this country. Myself, I'd say get involved locally.

No, I don't think the D's are offering much but when you look around that insane asylum that was the Rethug arena you have to understand that they cannot be allowed into office unless you believe our complete collapse is necessary to reform the country.

Nate said...

hi Ren,
I would have also blamed provocateurs, then tried to shift the discussion to the real issues. The only point I'm making is that if people involved in the protests really did break windows, and I'm not convinced it wasn't provocateurs but if it was protesters, then that should not be used to further divide the left or to distract from the main issues. The cost of this protest in broken glass is far lower than the cost of the war in lives, the costs of current social policies, etc. I also think that if anyone gets arrested for breaking windows or other activities that folk may disagree with, they still deserve full support. A picketing worker may get heated and punch a scab. That's not a good idea, but that worker still deserves our support and that punch is way less important than the main issue driving the strike. Know what I mean?
take care,

Frank Partisan said...

Ducky: Palin is her generation's Phyllis Schafley. I think she is worthless to McCain, and to the world. The GOP could be killed off, it's so unpopular. The best friend it has, is the Democratic Party, because they share interests (goals). The last thing Dems want is a mandate.

I made sure it wasn't 1968. I was at the largest march, which was guaranteed to be legal, and the Nader rally. I heard over 100 journalists were arrested.

Nate: I have been getting emails from liberals opposed to the police actions. They start out their statements as, "we're are not anarchists," and we don't support this, this this etc.

I doubt if many will put in the same sentence, a liberal who has a temper tantrum and breaks a window, with Amy Goodman or Michael Whelan. If you look at the big picture, you don't need to talk about a broken window, covered by the RNC insurance policy.

I read the platform of the RNC Welcoming Committee. One point of unity, is to not believe in a state. If only the RNC Welcoming Committee was around, demos would be small.

I'm opposed to both coalitions, for being vague about what should or shouldn't be supported. To me the window breaker deserves more support than the Code Pink person screaming inside the convention, in essense supporting Obama.

One coalition oppurtunistically fronted for Democrats. The other coalition was ultra-left. Two sides of the same coin. I found out the leaders of the high school demo, didn't support either coalition.

The issue of police behavior is so big, you don't need to talk about specific situations.

sonia said...

, The masked guys in black in Venezuela, have more money and are sponsored by the US government. Some in the US have sponsorship. It's proven this week.,

And you think that your hero Trotsky wasn't sponsored by Kaiser in 1917 ?

roman said...


The goal isn't to repeat 1968 guys. First time tragedy -- second time farce unless you think its a way towards building a true progressive movement in this country. Myself, I'd say get involved locally.

WOW, I actually agree with these two sentences. The quack-meister does on occassion have some sound advice. The rest.. not so much.

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: You have your story wrong. The accusation was made at Lenin not Trotsky, and proved to be untrue.

Roman: I'm not far from Ducky's position. Compared to 1968, which had a real focus, there is no comparison.

landsker said...

Quote:(Ducky`s here.)
"...No, I don't think the D's are offering much......... unless you believe our complete collapse is necessary to reform the country.."

A "complete collapse" is not out of the question.
In fact, with the US in debt and recession, it is probably unavoidable, and would then leave the democrats to emerge as the "only possible solution", or would allow for the US to be divided into smaller regions.
No-one believes that the current focus and spending on "defense" is sustainable.

REJ GOCH said...

Hi - everybody a fresh perspective on US elections as seen from Wales. I can't get worked up about the circus. We're going to get landed with the same old stuff whoever gets elected. Barack's first pronunciations on getting the nomination were to bow to the Zionist lobby and proclaim himself a 'friend of Israel' We know what we're getting from the Republicans - if it moves, shoot it or nuke it! I get no sense of mass movement over there. It's as if the Anti-war movement is treading water. Pretty much the same over here. Mounting cynicism amd apathy but no signs of people really coming together to do something. The Left here has really failed at a crucial moment.

blackstone said...

Obama uses the phrase "Power to the People" that's news to me. You'd figure he would not want to be associated with a word so closely sociated with black nationalism or communism.

But great great report. Especially loved the quip "anarchists dont recongize the state, but the state recognizes them!"

So true. Even though i think the Black Bloc can serve a purpose, i think the Black Bloc must know its purpose as well! In the end i think it's romanticism and people just wanting to be rebels and complain when they get arrested. But enjoy it none the less.

troutsky said...

Ren makes a good point about police brutality, something that could be expanded to a united platform (with conservatives even)against the militarized police state. But this requires discipline withinthe rank and file so that citizens do not see police over reaction as justified. This post 9/11 narrative tends towards fascism, something most Americans despise.(once they recognize it's true face)

Anonymous said...

I heard over 100 journalists were arrested.

I always knew they were "liberal", but until now never knew the real extent.

Frank Partisan said...

The militarized presence in the Twin Cities hardly was to do with culltural anarchists. It was aimed at the immigrants rights, antiwar, labor and other mainstream movements. A certain sign of weakness.

FJ: In Minneapolis Republicans often don't run candidates.

Keith Ellison will probably be in the House forever.

REJ GOCH: I disagree a Zionist Lobby has much power. I believe Israel is a US satellite, like Colombia in Latin America.

The bigger point is the bankruptcy of the organizers of the demo. It was led by Maoists and anarchists, who don't understand priorities. Instead they deal with tactics. It is people who think of a tactic, and later match it to an issue.

Lankster: Thank you for visiting my blog.

To people who support the Democratic Party as social democrats, left liberals and Stalinists, the form of state we have now, is a permanent structure. I beg to differ.

Troutsky: Some of the strongest opposition to the police, came from apolitical people, caught up by accident.

Blackstone: The black bloc substituted themselves for the working class. If the working class moved as a class for itself, tyhere would be no fences or militias to get in the way.

Larry Gambone said...

"The bigger point is the bankruptcy of the organizers of the demo. It was led by Maoists and anarchists, who don't understand priorities. Instead they deal with tactics. It is people who think of a tactic, and later match it to an issue."

The system can easily handle a few thousand "trouble makers." What it would have a hell of a lot more trouble dealing with would be say one million ordinary working people marching in support of a few, but nonetheless key, positions.

Larry Gambone said...

The class struggle anarchist group Workers Solidarity alliance wrote the following about the event:

"we also call for a critical evaluation of the approach taken by anti-authoritarians and anarchists. The repression of RNC activism demonstrates that new organizing models will be needed if anticapitalists are to mount a genuine challenge to the power of
capital and the state. Specifically, we must avoid playing into the hands of the state by using rhetoric, rituals, and tactics that isolate us from the majority of the world's population that suffers
under capitalism. We call for a resistance based not exclusively on the advanced tactics of a jail-ready minority, but the
solidarity and militancy of a revolutionary social bloc, organized in workplaces and neighborhoods, fighting for self-determination."

Frank Partisan said...

Larry: I agree with every word of your comments.

Now the Maoists, are asking the mayor of St. Paul, to have a commission to report on police behavior. If a reformist asks for that is one thing, a so called revolutionary group, asking for that is the worst oppurtunism.

white rabbit said...

Have a peep at WR today ;)

Larry Gambone said...

Ren, here is a critique from another anarchist, See

nanc said...

well, butter my butt and call me muffin - our little ren is a near celeb! did you have any with our law enforcement officers that gave you thrills all over?

are you in any of the youtube vids?

Frank Partisan said...

Larry: Molly is spot on.

Nanc: I never was at any event, where I even observed one arrest.

I did see throughout the week, more police than you'll ever want to see in lifetime.

Unlike the black bloc anarchists and the other leaders of the demonstration, I take strategic and tactical decisions seriously.

Frank Partisan said...

White Rabbit: Wow

JDHURF said...

Great post. Something about anarchists which needs to be adequately cleared up (which, I'm glad to see, has already been very briefly mentioned): the black bloc does not represent all of anarchism.

I really agree with your criticism of the protesters who took it upon themselves to become Democratic Party cheerleaders without any nuanced critique of the Dems - it is always this loosing strategy which is embraced and then the source for the left-liberal's failure to influence in any meaningful way the Dems (this has happened repeatedly and the majority apparently never learn. It happened when progressives silenced criticism of Bill Clinton so that he would be elected and when he finally was he turned his back completely on these people; having been converted by the Republican party.)

Frank Partisan said...

JDHURF: Except for certain national demos, you never hear of or see black bloc anarchists.

On the other hand the fake Marxists are always around. No matter how loud or militant sounding they are, the slogans as stop the Republican agenda or stop McCain is leading the movement to the Democratic Party.

They argue the tired argument that Obama will provide a better atmosphere to organize the antiwar movement. It is really the old CP argument. These people are more treacherous than the black bloc anarchist.

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

The entire affair was as worthless as Dick Cheney and George W. Bush's tenure.

Desi Italiana said...

Renegade Eye,

Thanks for bringing the protests to our attention; a lot of this was left out of the mainstream media. I appreciate reading this!

Anonymous said...


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