Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogs and Food Part I

There is no interest in my sardine tacos, or my use of coffee as a spice. I asked several bloggers, to send me recipes; preferably easy to prepare, common ingredients, ethnic etc. In addition if I print the recipe, I'll plug your blog. Send recipes to me at the email address at my profile. I was going to print them all in one post, but I acquired too many. Political agreement doesn't matter. Atleast every month I'll continue this series. Leave comments about food, the blog, restaraunts etc. Everyone who sent recipes, will eventually have them published. I'm going in random order.

My first recipe comes from Chris Ioanniu G, from Athens Greece. Chris's blog is Blog #1. It covers art and on occasion politics. My favorite post was about film credits and poster graphic designer Saul Bass. That post will give you the feeling, you get when you see great art. Chris got on my good side with this.

Now the main event:

Lemon Anise Cookies


½ cup oil

½ cup sugar

½ tsp anise extract

½ tsp lemon extract

3 cups flour

3 tsp baking powder

Prep Time

15-30 minutes


About 3 dozen

Preparation Instructions

Beat eggs with mixer 3 minutes then stir in oil, extracts & sugar. Add flour and baking powder to the mixture, mix to form dough. Form balls & roll in the palm of your hands to form 4 inch strips & then shape into a knot. Place on lightly grease cookie sheets and bake at 350 for 10 - 15 minutes. Cookies are done when lightly browned. Serving: serve warm with coffee or cool and frost with a vanilla cream frosting using confecters sugar a little warm milk, tab of melted butter, 1 tsp of vanilla extractRENEGADE EYE


CHRIS I. G. said...

Nice work bro...
Special prize to the one who''ll
send the recipe for a perfect revolution...

Nadia A. said...

Yummy! good idea to sprinkle some recipes in your blog. i'm addicted to recipes and i'm always searching for new ones.

Memet Çagatay said...

Hello Chris,

I detest the favor of Turkish Raki, Greek Ouzo, etc because of anise. On the other hand I am a sort of cookie monster. My question is, is the scent of anise obtrusive in this recipe?


Beja Was Here said...

Stroppy has a blog I can get addicted to. I am.

Too bad there's so little time to spend reading up each of my favorite writers!

About your recipes:

There's a certain mixture I'd like to make. It involves cake batter, honey, bananas, thinly sliced almonds, and vooila!!

I'll visit more often as long as you have more recipes. I've also never heard of Maryam, but this should be interesting.

CHRIS I. G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

Sounds delicious. I adore anise cookies-- in my family we put anise in our pizzelles and biscotti. I'll have to come up with something tasty for you...

CHRIS I. G. said...

Hello Mehmet i also prefer raki without anise ,in Crete the producers
make it without.In the cookies i believe that the combination of lemon with anise has a good result.You can,also,cook the cookies without anise.

enigma4ever said...

omg this is killing me....all night everywhere I go I have been finding Killer this rocks...tomorrow I am posting my Borsht and MY Brownie reciepe....but anise and heavenly...

( got a new tune up tonight too.....good Kitchen tune...)

Frank Partisan said...

Be sure to see Chris's Saul Bass post.

white rabbit said...

Thanks for visit to my humble blog! I send recipe soon :D

jams o donnell said...

They sound delicious. Then again good food does not have to be complicated

Beja Was Here said...

* In answer to your comment which I appreciate: his songs are sold out on the streets, and his pictures are usually just picked up by online communities.

**thank you for the link.

Coffee grounds are great as a spice.
Actually, great is a horrible word. Coffee grinds are dark, earthy, and if you use them in the right manner in cake batter, in your ice cream, on your honey, etc...the smell instantly perks up your senses.

I've put coffee grinds into tiny fishnet packs, about the size of a quarter, and then take those with me everywhere. You just take a sniff whenever you're feeling a bit tired and it just perks you right up. No need to consume all that caffeine and ruin your digestive tract. Just a whiff and you're good.

Also...if you ever want to tan, I got this recipe from my ex-lover in Iran (believe it or not he showed me how to do this)- coffee grinds, olive oil, dissolve them together real well with a little heat and then take it off and once it's slightly milk-warm you spread it on your legs and body and it tans without even the need to burn...and the olive oil makes baby-skin feel like snake scales.

nanc said...

these sound like "italian rock cookies" if you take out the lemon!

they're tasty.

i'll leave my fried cabbage recipe to go with your corned beef for st. patrick's day:

in a large skillet, melt one cube of butter, toss in a half of a chopped onion and simmer until the onions are glassy; add two cups of sliced mushrooms - sprinkly garlic pepper to taste; atop that mixture, add a half of a thin sliced cabbage - cook on medium heat, stirring until the mixture begins browning - serve with seasoned rice vinegar - YUM. E.

nanc said...

p.s. - you should really have a "mr. ducky leaves a poem" day...hehehe...


RC said...

sounds good...if only there could be blog-samples.

Frank Partisan said...

Nanc: It is irony, that I was served al my blog team member John Peterson's home last week, that exact recipe, except with steamed poptatoes as well.

It's wrong that Ducky doesn't have his own blog. You would thing he would be tempted.

nanc said...

i was a homeless blogger for quite some time, ren - yes! pluckster should have his own blog - he already has a following AND an audience. he's one of my favorite leftists.

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