Monday, October 29, 2007

Open Thread: Post 220

****This is post 220. The blog started 03/26/2005. I chose the name "Renegade Eye." because the good titles for blogs were taken. All of that is not too important, other than point out this is the post, to talk about what is not usually commented about.

****Pete Seeger at 88 years, finally came out publicly against Stalin. He wrote a song recently denouncing Uncle Joe.

**** Which blogs do you visit and why? If you are lefty, do you stay away from rightist blogs? Why do rightists visit leftist blogs? I personally visit blogs, that support my blog, by commenting or linking to me. I don't play Devil's Advocate all the time.

**** Use Who Links To Me?, to find out who links to you. I have about three blogs a week, many I never visited, link to my blog. If someone links to you, or comments at your blog, link to them. Blog ratings have to do with how many people link to your blog, or mention your blog.

**** I was tagged by PCoE, and asked about my five top political influences. Who are yours? I was highly influenced by Lyndon Johnson. During the Vietnam War, I realized that Democrats share goals with Republicans. Besides Trotsky and Lenin, my early blog readers know Christopher Hitchens influenced me in good and bad ways. Add my old friend Harvey from high school.

**** I want to plug Lefty /bloggers/cartoonists Ben Heine and David Baldinger.

**** At Minnesota's St. Thomas College, it's president Rev. Dennis Dease, due to the recommendations of Zionist groups, uninvited Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu from speaking to a peace conference. When the decision was made public, the college reversed itself, due to worldwide pressure. Some of the Zionist groups that tried to stop him from speaking, now are sponsoring him. Professor Cris Toffolo who heads the Peace and Justice Studies Program there, invited Tutu initially. Tofollo has since been demoted, and Tutu won't speak, until the professor is back in her position.

This is the free for all post!



Mad Zionist said...

First! Zionist cabal wins again!

Frank Partisan said...

Mad Zionist: I hate to break this to you. I think the Zionist cabal expelled you. I think you scare them at times.

liberal white boy said...

Expelled hell. MZ is the leader of the cabal. One state solution? Two state solution? For Palestine MZ is in search of the final solution. MZ is the only Zionist around that tells the truth about his intensions. If he didn't speak the truth he'd be just like the rest of the Zionists. If the Zionists are afraid of MZ its because he's giving away their secrets, right MZ?

Memet Çagatay said...

Mad Zionist,

“Occupation: Denouncing Islam
Interests: Defeating Islam”

Although I sometimes keep myself engaged with denouncing religion for different reasons, this is the most hilarious occupation that I have ever come across for a long time. You should be in Chesterton's "The Club of Queer Trades".

The relation between Mad Zionist and Zionism reminded me the relation between the Mad republican Ann Coulter and ordinary republicans. Which I tried to picture a while ago:

jams o donnell said...

I got tagged for the political influences meme last month. Some very interesting responses among respondents. George Orwell and Tony Benn featured quite highly among British bloggers.

I chose Margaret Thatcher (an influence does not neet to be positive), Tony Benn, Peter Watkins and John Pilger (for the War Game and Cambodia Year Zero, two programmes that deeply affected me) and John Lilburne, as a representative of a number of British proto-socialists (Robert Owen, the Rochdale Pioneers, Gerard Winstanley et al)

Mad Zionist said...

Ren, at the secret cabal meeting the other night I was rejected for failing to produce a gentile baby for our ritual sacrifice. How did you hear about this?

Mad Zionist said...

LWB, unfortunately there really is not enough of me in the Zionist world. Most Jews hold more closely to the liberal agenda, and are more than willing to offer concessions to the Palestinian cause.

However, you are correct when you point out that I am not looking to triangulate anything for popularity. I say what I think is right, and hopefully that is respected if not agreed with. I actually find that my position makes much more sense to those who are not Zionist because the mainstream liberal Zionists cannot make a clear point for why Israel needs to exist as a Jewish State, or defend their flimsy arguments when challenged.

Mad Zionist said...

Mehmet, while I agree with you that I am hilarious, I would like you to know that I was actually being sarcastic about my profession. Defeating Islam isn't really my job - it just doesn't pay very well, and not much room for advancement. Sorry!

Aaron A. said...

A little off the topic,
I do have to admit that I enjoy right-wing blogs. Perhaps sometimes too much. However, unlike this blog, I am not as good at the discussion, and they quickly dissipate and scatter.

Happy 220th.

nanc said...

i've been appreciating a particularly leftwing blog for the last few months - have taken a few lickin's and keep on ticken'!

they're learning to love me...

as for tags, i've not followed through on as many as i should.

i almost NEVER follow bloglinks - it's too easy for others to follow me, but i do keep links at my blog for others to follow if they please.

pete seeger = with age comes wisdom.

nanc said...


i have 3,470 links to my blog - there goez my blogego...

Frank Partisan said...

Jams: Nothing you said surprised me. I'm not from the tradition you are, but I'm lucky enough to be exposed to that tradition.

Nanc: I visit rightist blogs, that support my blog, by linking to it, or leaving reasonably civil comments. I have a long history of visiting Sonia's blog. Leftys have always visited her blog. The more you're linked to, the higher you are on Google.

Almost nobody Trotskyist comments on my blog.

Aaron: Nothing is off topic.

When I choose something to post on, I think about who will I offend this time.

Mad Zionist: I wasn't kidding. I think I can be part of the cabal easier than you. My comrades joined Histadrut and the Labor Party. I take that back. The scenario is the cabal denounces the extreme left which is me, and the extreme right which is you. They all live happily ever after.

Mehmet Çagatay: Is Ann Coulter known in Turkey?

LWB: You are right about MZ.

Graeme said...

congrats Renegade. This blog gets a unique mix of comments, with most being intelligent and respectful. Well, most. besides the one whose name I dare not speak. (i fear that saying his name will, much like Candyman, make him appear)

Anonymous said...

i don't trawl through right-wing blogs. i figure i have better things to do and i get enough of that point of view on the tv and in the murdoch press

Anonymous said...

It's not often I bother with right-wing blogs. Having experience debating far right nutters before, I kind of like them to stay away from my own quiet corner of leftblogland. But if you're a leftist who wants a readership beyond our ghetto, I suppose mixing it up on right wing blogs is a must.

Foxessa said...

I don't go to blogs that support and promote bushismo.

Partly this is due to time management, but mostly because I deal in information and history on a professional level. What I think and write must be supported by reputable citation and reference as far as is able.

Love, C.

JRD168 said...

I generally visit leftist blogs, but occasionally go right to see what t'other lot are thinking.

I link to most poeple who link to me, but follow it through technorati. I'll also link to anyone I come across and find interesting.

I started the political influences thing! The five I named were Kurt Vonnegut, Tony Benn, EP Thompson (Historian), George Orwell and my Gran. I'm currently writing alittle bit more on each one on my site.


Frank Partisan said...

**** Today I found my blog linked to three blogs I never visited before; they were from Bangladesh, Uruguay and France.

**** pet owners: Is jogging with your pets, animal abuse? Just because the owner likes it, does it mean the animal does?

**** The best movies I saw this year are "La Vie En Rose," What We Lost in the Fire (Benicio wins Oscar), and "Zodiac." Best fight scene "European Promises>"

Larry Gambone said...

I never bother with right wing blogs since I get enough of that viewpoint from the mass media and the trolls who harass left-wing blogs and news groups.

nanc said...

care to name the "MASS MEDIA" you're speaking of, larry? i must not get them in my little corner of the world.

avps - would you please elaborate upon what you're blathering?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


A little perspective. Larry's far enough left to call Hillary Clinton "right-wing."


Yours is probably the only "leftist" blog I visit with any regularity.

liberal white boy said...

How lucky that makes us mr. beaminsh. But don't you feel more at home at tiny green hamster balls or whatever that blog is called. There everyone hates muslims.

Frank Partisan said...

I visit the rightist blogs, of bloggers who link to, or comment here.

I stay far away from Powerline, the famous Minnesota based rightist blog, because the owner has a position at the bank that I keep my little amount of money.

Beamish: Clinton is a liberal. I'm sure Larry knows that.

When you talk left/right, you paint a broad abstract brush. It's a diversionary tactic. If someone says "leftist," they are lumping together anarchists, Stalinists, popular fronters, Democrats etc.

Politically I support leftist causes, but only endorse my comrades.

Tina said...

Congrats on 220, Ren.

I link to people that I like to visit, although commenting at their place is not always guaranteed. Sometimes silently perusing is best.

I tend to not visit the places where wingnuts dwell, but the one place I always seem to get into throwdowns with the nutcases is a local N.E. Ohio political blog that supports Dems called The Chief Source. It is linked at my place.
I'm currenty engaged in a week-long exchange with one particularly "lovely" individual, and a few people have echoed something that you said about me: That I fight like hell for my position on an issue.

I must confess; I did not notice that about myself. I guess I just thought that was what one naturally does when one believes in something.
That's why I am soooo frequently left disappointed and disgusted by the spineless and toothless Dems, who willingly choose to be GOP-lite, yet despising disconnects from reality and being repelled by pure evil keeps me far away from the Republicans and their Religious Fright.

Memet Çagatay said...

I felt sick yesterday and I didn’t read these comments until now.

Mad Zionist,

Then I'm right with my doubts about your occupation. I almost didn't understand the joke in it (!) Actually, I laughed quite a while when I read your profile and I couldn't prevent myself from teasing you. I agree with Zizek's point about the importance of dirty jokes to eliminate prejudices. It is not the multicultural tolerance which ensures intimacy.

Actually, I know a man who really occupied with "denouncing Islam". Turan Dursun, a former religious functionary who then became Turkey’s first militant atheist. He spent his whole life by writing books revealing absurdities and inconsistencies of Islam.

He was killed by an assassin in 1990. Here is the link to his website:

Renegade Eye,

Of course, Ann Coulter is not known in Turkey. But no regrets, we have our own Ann Coulters (!) I was informed about her with a post on Marxmail and read some of her essays afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Great idea for a post... I truly enjoyed it.
Thanks Ren

The Red Son said...

Yes your blog is very nice. Might I make your blog roll? I threw a link up on my blog The Revolution Script. Apparently my site is also blocked in China. How interesting.

nanc said...

madze is the bomb!

okay - how do i find out if i'm blocked in china?

i must be...well, with all the trouble i'm giving she of the "take all the tips from the chinese menu washer's association...".

dayam! if i'm not blocked in china - I WANT TO KNOW WHY NOT!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


How lucky that makes us mr. beaminsh. But don't you feel more at home at tiny green hamster balls or whatever that blog is called. There everyone hates muslims.

I assume you mean Little Green Footballs, one of the better anti-jihadist news aggregators on the web. The commenters there are usually the most informative.

I'm most at home in my house.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I realize that leftists come in a variety of factions (Stalin / Hitler / Mao / etc.), degrees (Kucinich hasn't killed anyone yet), and zealotry (.

I hope that you can appreciate that when I say "leftist" I usually mean any and all of those stripes, anarchist to Democrat Klansman, and I'm always opposed to them.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Blogger itself is blocked by China's "Project: Golden Shield" (the "Great Firewall of China") that keeps Chinese citizens from accessing large chunks of the internet (Historically, all leftist governments have had a vested interest in keeping their populations docile and ignorant).

I checked to see if your blog is accessible in China. It is not, neither is mine.

At least not directly. On the sidebar of my blog, there's a button for pkblogs, which basically mirrors you blog on a page accessible to Chinese citizens.

At least, until they crack down on it.

Ben Heine said...

Thank you dear renegade for plugging me.
What a huge honor.
Hope this helps our causes too.
You do a great job for that.

nanc said...

thank you beamish - you the new bomb!

i'll have to check that out...

nanc said...


best online community - read it and weep!

Frank Partisan said...

Kucinich is the worst of the Democrats. His job is to keep dissent in the Democratic Party. To keep antiwar people in the party. The last election he did a bait and switch. Claimed to oppose the war, then endorsed Kerry. He'll do the same thing again.

Beamish: Where I come from, the right pickets funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, as a way to protest homosexuality.

I think it's insane when Hillary is thought of as a lefty. She is an Eisenhower Republican.

You judge people by rhetoric, while I judge by behavior. If you protect capitalism and ban communist groups, you are not left.

Nanc: You are to the right of LGF. That's not a put down, only a description.

Ben: Good work. People might want to know, you drew Graeme's avatar.

blackstone said...

How do you find if your site is blocked from China?

adarna said...

congrats on your 220nd, my friend.

as you well know, you are one (if not the only) 'exemption' in my blog roll. (and it's not only coz we both like good music) ;-p

Frank Partisan said...

Blackstone: Click on my profile at the upper right hand side.

Adarna: Sometime we'll have to have a sharp discussion. More important than impeaching Arroyo, is destroying the system that created her. Playing musical chairs is not what a revolutionary party should be doing.

For security reasons, I would post a discussion on Arroyo etc, on my blog.

MC Fanon said...


I think that's a little hard on Kucinich., calling him "the worst of the Democrats". Kucinich's problem is that he refuses to acknowledge how he is being used by his own party. If he were to break from the Democrats, and of course this is completely hypothetical, he would probably find a fairly dedicated support base from the American left analogous to Ron Paul's faction.

His endorsement of Kerry was the inevitable result of the "lesser of two evils" mentality, to say nothing of the fact that Kerry was a candidate from his own party. You know how I feel about the Democrats but Kucinich's hands have been tied.

On a side note, is Beamish the resident rightist?

Frank Partisan said...

Dave: I'll let Beamish define himself on that question.

I can't read Kucinich's mind. Objectly he sold out his supporters.

The Democrats always have one candidate, to play the role of the rebel. This person keeps the left liberal base in line.

A Malcolm Suber from New Orleans, is running on an anti-racism and pro working class platform for city council in a formation called The Reconstruction Party. That may become the embryonic labor party the USA needs.

MC Fanon said...

I'll need to look into that (Reconstruction Party). As soon as I get some free time to go over it again, I'm going to open up "Federal Socialism" but essentially what I propose is a labor party focusing their efforts within a single state. American federalism grants extraordinary power to the states which remains untapped. A well-regimented working class party could very easily cultivate consciousness within a single state and begin instituting changes on that level.

The idea that any change of this nature can be national in scale is a misnomer and it leads to the lesser-of-two-evils mentality, which has kept the Democrats afloat for so long.

D.B. said...

Thanks for the add, pal. Your blog is a great read. Keep up the good work comrade.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug!

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

David Barlow,

Beamish the resident rightist?

I fall within the confines of the libertarian right on most issues. I'm skeptical of most things to the left of Barry Goldwater.

I prefer to be known as an anti-leftist.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Beamish: Where I come from, the right pickets funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq, as a way to protest homosexuality.


Where I come from, the left smears shit on themselves and calls it art.

liberal white boy said...

Yes but beamish comes from a cult of the delusional where they smear shit on themselves and call themselves Republicans. No healthcare for children for example.

Mad Zionist said...

Dave, I am rather hurt that you wouldn't consider me for being the resident rightest. Mr. Beamish is certainly a worthy selection, but I believe my radical rightwing qualifications are second to none.

Man, being a radical Mad Zionist ideologue should count for something, shouldn't it?

MC Fanon said...

I apologize. We've never crossed paths and thus you never appeared on my right-wing radar. Stop in sometime at my blog, that is if you can stand more socialist rhetoric. I'll toss a link to your blog on mine.


Frank Partisan said...

Mad Zionist and Beamish, you are both wrong. The resident rightist is Sonia.

Beamish: Goldwater had too much class, to function in today's political scene, would never have defined himself by what he is against. I'm not endorsing him, but compare to the politicians of today, he deserve respect. I'd stop being political, if I defined myself by my enemies.

Mad Zionist: Something is wrong when you get more compliments here, than on your blog.

LWB: It hasn't sunk into Beamish, that Bush is staying at 30% approval.

Dave: Do you think Hillary could split liberals, if she won the nomination?

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


Do you think after 8 years of campaigning, the left will finally convince people not to re-elect Bush and Cheney in 2008?

BTW, your paedophilic buddy John Brown is out spamming blogs again, mine included. Do you mind giving him another stern talking to?

Anyway, I agree the resident rightist title would be between Sonia and Mad Zionist.

I still want to be known as the resident anti-leftist.

MC Fanon said...


I think Hillary would be able to draw in most mainstream "liberals". I think the Republicans are the only party in danger of a split vote. If Giuliani gets the nomination and the Christian right jumps ship, the Republicans won't have a prayer. Given Giuliani's fairly liberal social opinions, I would say that the chances of such a split are pretty strong.

Memet Çagatay said...

"When you talk left/right, you paint a broad abstract brush. It's a diversionary tactic. If someone says "leftist," they are lumping together anarchists, Stalinists, popular fronters, Democrats etc."

This is complately beside the mark, but sorry Ren, I did't notice that your e-mail is about this discussion. I wrote something similar:

"I usually use quotation marks along with the term "left" to signify when it includes also the groups that classify themselves as leftists but do not support the distinctive characteristics such as involving in class struggle. Like everywhere, there are so many of them in Turkey that quotation marks are practical tools to point out the ambiguity of the term."

Frank Partisan said...

Beamish: After I wrote JB the email after the melee, he was offended strongly by the content. He removed the link to my blog, demanded his be taken down from my blog, and wrote posts against my politics. I have no relationship to him.

It's an inside-outside world. Bush/Rove created and destroyed their presidency. It is their politics that brought them down. Democrats have even been accomplises, to their politics.

The GOP in 8 years, barely wounded Clinton.

Mehmet: Left includes Stalinists, liberals etc. Since I'm a Trotskyist, and only endorse my comrades. I support others.

I believe in supporting mass working class parties. I tell people to vote for candidates I support, that doesn't mean I endorse them.

I have comrades in Pakistan, in the parliment, representing Bhutto's party. They run as open Marxists.

Memet Çagatay said...

While I was thinking on Sonia's comments that are charging Marxism of ignoring the individualities and diversities of people, I just came across a fragment from the Manifesto, which made me to conclude to read the whole text again:

"In bourgeois society, living labour is but a means to increase accumulated labour. In Communist society, accumulated labour is but a means to widen, to enrich, to promote the existence of the labourer.

In bourgeois society, therefore, the past dominates the present; in Communist society, the present dominates the past. In bourgeois society capital is independent and has individuality, while the living person is dependent and has no individuality.

And the abolition of this state of things is called by the bourgeois, abolition of individuality and freedom! And rightly so. The abolition of bourgeois individuality, bourgeois independence, and bourgeois freedom is undoubtedly aimed at."

(((Thought Criminal))) said...

It's an inside-outside world. Bush/Rove created and destroyed their presidency. It is their politics that brought them down. Democrats have even been accomplises, to their politics.

I don't see Bush's presidency as "brought down." Like it or not, he's there until 1/20/09. Barring any unlikely policy shifts in Congress in the next year, by the November 2008 elections Democrats will stand up and proudly say they have:

1. Driven two homosexuals out of Washington, and

2. Not a damn thing else.

I think Karl Rove gets into hysterical laughing fits and has to be sedated every time he reads that Hillary Clinton is the top Democratic Party contender.

Look for a Republican presidency in 2009, and one amenable to the Bush doctrine.

sonia said...


I just came across a fragment from the Manifesto

Mehmet, you will not learn about Communism by reading "The Manifesto" or any other document, article or book.

The only way to learn about this system is to live under it. There is more freedom inside a prison cell in a capitalist country than inside the Politburo in a Communist country.

Communism isn't even a system, political or economic. It's just a METHOD to seize and maintain absolute, totalitarian power. A Communist will say or do ANYTHING to get that power, and fools like you will admire and believe them for it...

Larry Gambone said...

Corporate capitalism isn't even a system, political or economic. It's just a METHOD to seize and maintain absolute, totalitarian power. A neo-liberal/neo-con will say or do ANYTHING to get that power, and fools like you will admire and believe them for it...

MC Fanon said...

Technically Sonia, living inside the Politburo would grant one immense freedom and privilege. Semantic quibbling, I know.

sonia said...


There is no absolute, totalitarian power under capitalism. Nobody controls 100% of an economy under capitalism. Under Communism, Stalin controlled 100% of the Soviet economy. Under capitalism, George W. Bush only controls a small, federal government-run portion of the US economy.

In 2007, you call Bush a monster, and all you risk is a IRS audit and no federal government job prospects. George Soros can give you a job. A democratic governor can give you a job.

In 1937, you called Stalin a monster and you had no chance of being hired by anyone, since all jobs were government jobs. That's a totalitarian system.

MC Fanon said...

That would assume that both Stalin and the Soviet Union practiced communism.

Craig Bardo said...


As you know, I got here through a mutual friend JAE, who finally finished his book this year. He is a classic black liberal. I write for his newspaper occasionally and it was at his site where we "met."

You were very helpful to me as I got started in the blogging business. Although I haven't had the time to do the research and have grown weary of the same debate with the same people, I still like to visit occasionally to see what's up.

I spend more time at Booker Rising ( which is a site devoted to black moderates and conservatives, although interestingly, it seems that many more black liberals show up to challenge black conservative thought (unsuccessfully).

Personally, I have the soul of a missionary, which is why I visit left, collectivist, sites. I'm still hoping to convert the ignorant and the naive. But it's also fun to see Beak get the usual suspects in an uproar, Sonia slam you (the usuals again) with the facts and personal history/testimony and Beam ties it up with concise, profound wit (which reveals scary intelligence).

steven rix said...

During the Vietnam War, I realized that Democrats share goals with Republicans
You don't need to be a Republican or a Democrat to distinguish right from wrong. Common sense should encompass all cultures, without religion, without ideology, and without political concept. Cartesianism (a french doctrine) is the beginning of a step toward the right direction, but it is not enough to assume your own life because we were born in a system that taught us what is right and what is wrong through our own life. Our only hopes result in criticizing the system, because there is no good system at all. That brings me to another point: the voltarian concept which is criticizing the system even if the system is wrong. Because we are alive and full of life, because the weakest needs to be defended instead of being exterminated, we still need them to determine our own existence.

In the end, you have to be opened about reality VS mainstream media, because media can not shape reality; they only give you a fingerprint of their own intentions because they are the ones that want their own dreams to become real... and we keep listening to them because they think they are the right antidote to the solution. When are we going to defeat such a system?

steven rix said...

PS: I'm not even a Democrat or a Republican. I do NOT identify MYSELF through political ideologies, and it is enough to play with politics. Arguments should be sufficient to justify our own existence instead in a healthy conversation. So this is why this blog is exciting (without licking the ass of Ren Eye) and he should go further in an intellectual debate.

PS2: Ren. Eye I'm still in Texas, right now I am in Houston TX.

Frank Partisan said...

Craig: To see how much Beakerkin stirs things up, look at Sonia's post about Chavez earlier this week. It only received 6 comments. It could have easily received >20 for sure. He is a troll to rightist blogs as well.

Sonia: That was why Trotsky called for political revolution against Stalinism. Stalinism was a manifestation of conservatism. Stalin, Zinoviev and Kamenov played minor, or opposed the Russian Revolution. Stalin played an ambivalent role.

Beamish: I really fear a Clinton win, but I see visceral hatred of Bush. Clinton is happiest attacking Bush from the right. The right woefully mischaracterizes her, that is why the GOP is going to lose.

An antiwar liberal reads blogs like yours, and you are attacking her as leftist. The liberal knows she supports the war, and hears at the same time you calling her antiwar. You get her sympathy that she takes advantage of.

Dave: Stalin's USSR was a transitional state, with a Bonapartist leadership.

Politiques: Thank you for your remarks. I hope all is going well in Houston.

steven rix said...

Politiques: Thank you for your remarks. I hope all is going well in Houston It's so so, it could be worse though, I'm in a motel for the week, until I find a job.

More about blackwater:

First it became a brand name in security for its work in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now it's taking on intelligence.
The Prince Group, the holding company that owns Blackwater Worldwide, has been building an operation that will sniff out intelligence about natural disasters, business-friendly governments, overseas regulations and global political developments for clients in industry and government.
The operation, Total Intelligence Solutions, has assembled a roster of former spooks -- high-ranking figures from agencies such as the CIA and defense intelligence -- that mirrors the slate of former military officials who run Blackwater. Its chairman is Cofer Black, the former head of counterterrorism at CIA known for his leading role in many of the agency's more controversial programs, including the rendition and interrogation of al-Qaeda suspects and the detention of some of them in secret prisons overseas.

sonia said...

Dave Marlow,

That would assume that both Stalin and the Soviet Union practiced communism.


Trotsky called for political revolution against Stalinism. Stalinism was a manifestation of conservatism.

You're missing the point. The point isn't what a totalitarian system is called. You can call it "conservatism", but the fact remains that a totalitarian system can only exist if the private property is abolished and confiscated by the state. You oppose private property and therefore, consciously or not, you oppose the only impediment to totalitarian control.


To see how much Beakerkin stirs things up, look at Sonia's post about Chavez earlier this week. It only received 6 comments. It could have easily received >20 for sure. He is a troll to rightist blogs as well.

Really... I think it was more because few leftists want to comment on a subject where their beloved Chavez is the oppressor. Those anti-Chavez protests are an embarrassement to the left and they prefer to ignore the subject. And even the commenters you had the courage to engage this topic (like you, Graeme and Troutsky) prefered to change the subject to Musharraf, St. Paul and Gucci shoes.

(((Thought Criminal))) said...


I see the opposite. Hillary Clinton's candidacy is a godsend.

Republicans haven't been this motivated to get to the polls and vote against a Democrat candidate since Nixon trounced McGovern and Reagan trounced Carter.

The GOP could nominate Larry Craig's shoe for President and Mark Foley's Blackberry for Veep and probably clean up against Hillary.

Since in all likelihood the GOP will nominate a person instead of an inanimate object, it's probably going to be a GOP landslide.

Unless of course, someone figures out how Karl Rove tricked the Democratic Party into drafting Hillary to run. Makes you wonder if Kucinich's animosity toward the military's mind control lasers is well-founded.

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia: Are you kidding. I would post myself on Venezuela, except so much is happening in Pakistan, with comrades in prison.

Beakerkin did not mention one word about the student demonstrations. Not one word from Beakerkin about the issue of illegal demonstrations. He has to resort to personal attacks, obviously because his politics is bankrupt. Your blog is only to Beakerkin a vehicle to call me anti-Semitic.

Your blog is not the place is was, where you could discuss politics freeely, without personal attacks.

In addition your Che post would have exploded with comments, if Beakerkin wasn't there. I had tons of things to say about your post. I purposely made just a token remark, to not spark discussion. The topic would have been Beakerkin.

And even the commenters you had the courage to engage this topic (like you, Graeme and Troutsky) prefered to change the subject to Musharraf, St. Paul and Gucci shoes. That is true. It was because of Beakerkin setting the pace. Everybody would only be defending themselves against personal attack, if the thread was allowed to get bigger.

It hurts me is he's causing you so much trouble.

Craig Bardo said...


Bravo, LOL!

I like to check in with your site too because you are a good clearinghouse for putting leftist bravo sierra in check. Yours is also where the leftists able to string together at least pairs of coherent fragments come to play. Somehow you're able to screen out most of the moronic left.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

"Pete Seeger at 88 years, finally came out publicly against Stalin. He wrote a song recently denouncing Uncle Joe."

That's not true:

thecutter said...

Congrats on keeping it going so long. I've been going for more than three years, and it seems like only a few weeks!

About visiting rightwing blogs... I think there is a huge difference of rightwing and leftwing as it is defined in the US and Europe. In the US a Bush blog would be right, and here a Fascist one would be. Since I don't really follow that many blogs anyway (not even ones I like get frequent visits due to time restraints) I don't bother with US politics. I tend to at times visit Aliyah and Olim sites, so to get these people who look at stealing property as upward mobility to explain themselves. But, after a few posts, they pit all the people on me, and rather than discuss the argument, attack me as an Islamofascist. I am not Muslim, and I am located in the fervent anti-Fascist sector politically.

I always forget to link blogs, but really should keep up with that more, at least on a monthly basis.

Political influences? Bertrand Russell, some Bakunin, Gramsci, Malcolm X, Nasser at times.

Anonymous said...


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