Monday, June 04, 2007

Get Well Mike Ballard/UFC 75

A friend and comrade to many of the bloggers in this community, is seriously ill. Mike Ballard whose blog is Penguins in Bondage has been the source of both serious political foment particularly on labor's rights issues, as well as recent literary achievement. I think his friendly demeaner won him respect from political opponents as well. For more information about his condition read his wife Jennifer's blog.

Mike, Jennifer and myself are fans of mixed martial arts (MMA). It is a sport involving boxing, wrestling, judo, karate etc. This video is for Mike. Get well soon.



Jennifer said...


? said...

There is nothing that can beat the power of the mind. I have posted my comment on Jeniffers blog. Thanks for the call.

sonia said...

I hope Mike will get well soon and back to blog against wage slavery. I am one of those 'political opponents' who respect him for his friendly demeaner.

Graeme said...

Get well soon! My thoughts are with Mike and his family.

John Brown said...

Sorry about your friend, Renegade.

Just a head's up: SumateHugo doesn't like some of the words I've said over at his blog and he's threatened to start spamming "my friends". This means, quite possibly, that they will attack you as a means of shutting me up.

I'm sorry they behave in such a way, but such is the nature of the beast when dealing with the absolute dregs of society.

Ché Bob said...

Get well Mike!

I would have never guessed you to be a fan of the UFC. That video was absolutely hilarious!

"a triple-decker pecker-wrecker"

"a huckleberry handshake"

"I'll take is back and pound him from behind.

I'm definitely sharing this video with friends.

Jobove - Reus said...

hel.lo thank visit

explendid blog !!!

salutations from Reus Catalonia

Frank Partisan said...

che: on UFC pay per view night, my Trotskyist friends go to a restaraunt that shows the PPV. This year every major fight was an upset. Sometime I'll post about John McCain, and how his so called reforms, make the sport more dangerous.

te': Thank you

Brown John said...


Have you seen what those animals did to my blog? I mean why would they do such a thing? All I did was come by their blogs three of four times a day and spam them with messages about headcoffins and alCIAda. What's wrong with that? After all, I'm just a lonely queen looking for a good FUCKING

Mike Ballard said...

Cheers Ren! Nice vidi piece. Just got out of the hospital this avro. Having a right hemicolectemy done on your gut--they take out half of your large intestine--is quite draining. So, while I feel weak at the moment, I'm happy to report that all tests now show me cancer free!

Thanks to all of you who were pulling for me too : pseudo; sonia; graeme; john brown; che bob...