Friday, January 05, 2007

Predictions 2007

As much as I try to use the dialectical method, as any human I'm surprised by events. It is early enough in 2007, to make predictions for the year. My predictions are just that, but still better than a mystic scammer as Sylvia Browne.

*Nuri al-Maliki's days as Iraq's prime minister are numbered. He will be
replaced by someone who will make Saddam seem like a boy scout.

*Britney will go into drug treatment as a career move.

*Even though the Democrats have no alternative program to Bush's on Iraq, the left-
liberals will stick with the party, despite grumbling.

*The IWW's organizing of Starbuck's, will be major news in the labor movement.

*The Academy Award will go to Letters from Iwo Jima. The Raspberry Award
will go to Fur, the Nicole Kidman as Diane Arbus film.

*The weather is already out of character, from the norm for this part of the
year. Expect that trend to continue.

I expect that yours are better.RENEGADE EYE


Brian said...

Given how left-liberals (myself excluded) stuck with pro-war Kerry, your prediction on the Dems hardly goes out on a limb. :-(

Frank Partisan said...

brian: Google wouldn't let me log on to your blog.

You lost your left-liberal membership card long ago, by being principled.

blank said...

I believe Democrats are riding a dead horse. They can't smell the death because they have plugged their noses. They think the horse is still moving, but it is simply a false-belief they hold tightly.

I posted a response to your post on my blog too, BTW.

I believe America is at a crossroads, one road to leads to the path of failure the Soviet Union followed, disolving from within, and the other leads to greatness.

Lew Scannon said...

I predict the left will become apologists for the Democrat led congress, much the way the right has embraced the Bush administration.
Even though there are no troops for it, and no reasons either, I predict the US will attack Iran with full support from the coporate media.
I predict at least three and a half more new Iraq strategies from the Bush administration before the end of this year.
I predict the corporate media will continue it's kid glove treatment of Hillary and her position on Iraq and Iran.
I predict Cheney will step down as VP, to be replaced by Condi (which is why Negroponte is taking the deputy postion at the state department), giving the Republicans an advantage over both Democratic frontrunners Clinton and Obama.
This is fun. I could do this all night.

MC Fanon said...

Yeah, I caught the Starbucks unionization as it was happening. It's definitely going to be big news. Your other predictions look good, although I have Borat chosen as the Oscar winner. While the movie really wasn't that great, the Oscars rarely choose the best movie from a quality standpoint and push for more controversial fare.

LeftyHenry said...

yeah borat will get something for its popularity. Number 4 should be interesting but yeah those are good predictions. I don't really make predictions. Instead I wait for things to happen and then say, "I told you so" lol.

Mike Ballard said...

IN 2007

I predict that it will get warmer.
I predict more "odd" storms.
I predict nuclear power will be pushed by Shrub and others of his ilk, as a way to cope with the ever increasing tides of climat chaos brought about by cotininuing to burn fossil fuels. (Depend on OUR FEARLESS LEADERS to make the wrong decisions)
I predict that a lot more people are going to be waking up to what their gut instincts are telling them: their survival and the survival of their offspring are in peril.
I predict that Sonia will spend more time indoors in air-conditioned spaces.
I predict that Australia will elect a Labor PM.

jams o donnell said...

Any predictions I have made are of the blindingly obvious sort (eg Blair will be replaced by Gordon Brown who will make some changes to Labour policies but not many).

As for Oscars, I would put some money on Helen Mirren winning the best actress for the Queen - it seems to be the sort of role that the Academy loves. Then again the Academy gave an Oscar to Goldie Hawn so what do they know!

As for the Starbucks staff - Good for them. I wonder when when IWW will get to organise in McDonalds - probably some time after hell freezes over, sadly.

ramo said...

Funny, but mostly true I guess.

beatroot said...

*The IWW's organizing of Starbuck's, will be major news in the labor movement.

OK. Big multinationals are BAD!!! But have you ever worked for small business? I have. It’s WORSE.

I get the impression the Left thinks that just because MacDonalds or the deadly Starbucks are huge and popular means they are the devil himself.

The masses like them. Middle class trendy liberals express their contempt for the masses with their war on ‘junk food’ etc (witness the most patronizing movie ever made Super Size Me).

I remember reading George Orwell droning on about how tinned food was the end of civilization. It’s the same thing.

The Left has contempt for the masses. The masses want MORE THINGS like holidays on cheap flights. And these guys just wont recycle!!! They will damage the ENVIRONMENT. What about their CARBON FOOTPRINT!

They are FAT!

They like Macdonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graeme said...

I have worked for small businesses and large corporations and the small business is much better. I suppose it depends on the dictator, err... I mean owner.

beatroot said...

Ren's comment box is fucked...log in impossible....something to do with New Blogger...

There is nothing wonderful about small business. Most of the exploitative employers the world over are small business. Read your marx. Even in Communist Manifesto he says that capitalism is an improvment on small time trade.

It's strange how the 'left' has become so petty bourgeois....

Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

Let's not forget that the prediction of more chaos in Iraq and more death all around is the surest bet since Babe Ruth pointed toward the fence.

mullet said...

and then in rehab...britney finds out that she's about to give birth to 2 big melons

Ché Bob said...

The return of the IWW to the headlines of labor news will be a fantastic story. The One Big Union will be made stronger by a return to an unexpected former home: MONTANA. Especially if Troutsky and I have anything to say about it. Keep your eyes peeled!

sonia said...

*Segolene Royal will win the French presidential election.

*The Republicans will regain control of the Senate after Democratic Senator Tim Johnson dies, allowing a GOP governor of South Dakota to name a Republican as his replacement.

*Maoists will seize power in Nepal.

*Chavez will ban opposition parties and opposition media in Venezuela.

*The Academy Award will go to Dreamgirls. The Raspberry Award
will go to Miami Vice.

*The Mugabe regime will be overthrown in Zimbabwe.

Anonymous said...

I predicted back in 2004 that Barack Obama would run, and eventually win, for President. Depending on the influence of the times, he will likely represent a significant change in social conscience. Regardless, we will probably have a black male president before we ever have a female one.

Surprisingly, I agree with beatroot. Small businesses are just as likely to take advantage of workers, if not more, as they try to build their empire with fewer resources and without the scrutiny of the public. Of course, it depends on the company.

Frank Partisan said...

beatroot: This blog is old blogger, not new Google.

The healthy diet issues and the IWW organizing Starbuck's are unrelated. Starbuck's now has benefits as healthcare insurance, unaffordable by their employees.

Sonia: Not Mugabe's year to be overthrown. He is entrenched.

Craig Bardo said...

Florida will repeat as Men's NCAA basketball champs

I predict Europe will begin to grow a spine and deal with both entitlements and immigration

Martial law will be declared in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua under the rouse of "security"

NATO will send "advisors" to North East Africa

Conservatives will reassert themselves in GOP politics which will wedge "country clubbers," and "RINOs," from the libertarians and "values voters." This will be the genesis of a yet to be named conservative party

troutsky said...

Sanctions and travel restrictions against Cuba will be lifted

Funding for Plan Columbia will be halved

new Socialist Party of Venezuela will keep term limits on president

After US congrssional hearings FOX will have to re-organize "news" division

roman said...

I predict that socially left off center minded folks like ren, leftyhenry and troutsky will start to agree more and more with views expressed by sonia, CB and roxieamerica.

Anonymous said...

I do not dare make a prediction. I will wait and see how yours turn out.

Wordsbody said...

I agree that the self-perpetuating Robert Mugabe will cling on through 2007 - unless God intervenes from above. Well, sometimes coups do get staged from heaven. It's happened to us in Nigeria before.

Britain's Tony Blair will leave office, but that's really no longer a prediction. Neither is the fact that Prince William will get engaged.

Britney going to rehab? That's so done (mind you, that's what the owner of the largest Britney website said when they shut down: "She's done" - ouch).

How's this for a prediction: Britney will go on humanitarian tour of Africa.

? said...

some good predictions last year, we need to do better this year! Have a great year..

LeftyHenry said...
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LeftyHenry said...

predict that socially left off center minded folks like ren, leftyhenry and troutsky will start to agree more and more with views expressed by sonia, CB and roxieamerica.

interesting. I've never met a socially conservative socialist.

Sanctions and travel restrictions against Cuba will be lifted

That would be great, but I doubt it. If that was the case though, I'd be on the first flight to Havana : )

Bob said...

*The IWW's organizing of Starbuck's, will be major news in the labor movement.

Well it would be big news if the people it benefited cared about organizing...

There is strong anti-union sentiment within the working class that makes organizing any non-union shop a PITA, in my experience people would rather lose benefits, have wages cut , and work for stalinist-types then join a union.

Here is a prediction: Pat Robertson will be caught in bed with GWB, the right wing will suddenly decide to forgive and forget and legalize homosexual marriage, chaos will ensue when Pat realizes that Jr. is married - This will lead to the trashing of the oval office and Mr. Robertson declaring that Bush should be assassinated on his 700 Club program followed by a two month binge of cocaine, twinkies, and pixie-sticks after which Mr. Robertson will go into rehab, meet, and then marry Britney who will birth twins.