Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Dinner Party Game 3

My first dinner party post, brought me more and varied readers, than anything I did before. The original rules were, you could invite any four people, living or dead, from any time in history. In the second game, the rule was added not to repeat yourself.

Dinner Party Three Rules

1) Again four people.
2) Only Bloggers.

This game gives you a chance to plug blogs, that may not be noticed by others.

I'll start:

1) Histologion Taros from Greece, is a
great left journalist. He doesn't visit other blogs often.

2) KiskeyAcity Just look at her smile.

3) Unrepentant Marxist I'd like to
pick his brain. Our politics are close yet far.

4) Une Femme Libérée My first blog

Some predictions: sonia-belle will be popular, and invite leftists as MikeB. celticfire will not invite any Maoists. the beetroot will invite Redwine.



CalabazaBlog said...



Dave said...

Interesting prospect, Renegade.

1) MDConservative at [Conservative Intelligence Report]. Yes he's a conservative but you need one to shake things up. Let's face it: without opposing viewpoints, dinner is going to be pretty boring. And at least he can back up his claims and is willing to go against the Republican norm if he feels it's wrong.

url: http://ci-report.blogspot.com/

2) Mike from ThinkSocialist. Unfortunately Mike has all but dropped off the face of the earth. It's such a shame. He wrote extremely interesting entries. It was actually his blog that brought me up to speed with the situation in Latin America.

url: http://thinksocialist.blogspot.com/

3) ReasonInRevolt at Fruits of Our Labor. We challenge one another on certain issues now and again but out of all bloggers, I find my thinking is most in line with his.

url: http://fruitsofourlabour.blogspot.com/

4) Renegade Eye at Renegade Eye. It goes without saying: Renegade brought me what little notation I have in the blogosphere, accounting for most of my first few comments. Always has something enlightening to discuss, and his knowledge of the socialist spectrum is far-reaching.

url: http://advant.blogspot.com/


sonia said...

Some predictions: sonia-belle will be popular, and invite leftists as MikeB

Wrong. First of all, only girls will be invited.

1. So instead of Mike, I'll invite Mike's girlfriend, Jennifer (aka Unsanesafe), from Perth, Australia. She is a kick-ass philosopher with a PhD thesis in the works, and every color of the rainbow in belts in karate... (that's in case one of you peeping toms tries to crash our slumber party)...

Second, us girls always wanna have some fun.

2. So I will invite the funniest blogger I know, NicoleMART, from Washington DC.

Third, we also need to discuss some politics.

3. So I'll also invite one of the smartest political blogger I know, Redwine, from the land of Dracula and Frankenstein...

And fourth, I can't be the only naked girl at our little slumber party...

4. So I will also invite Krystal, from US Virgin Islands, who, like me, is married, with children, loves to be naked and loves to discuss politics...

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill said...

Mohamed of NOFTA.
Cranky Yankee.

billie said...

only 4 huh? here goes:

1. divajood- journeys with jood. common sense lefty but tells it like it is with facts.

2. glenda- glenda in the land of oz. passionate about just causes and puts her money where her mouth is- and participates.

3. truth-pain- truth-pain emporium. right leaning libertarian who tries to see both sides to every story but is firm in his convictions.

4. spadoman- heart's melody. he is interesting and has an experience with life that most people have never had.

there are so many good bloggers i hate choosing just four. i would have chosen all on my blogroll and that's for sure.

John Powers said...

Ooo,ooo can I play?

Koranteng http://koranteng.blogspot.com/ and I'd ask him to make some mix CDs.



Shark Fu

Jennifer said...

1. http://eshuneutics.blogspot.com/

for attempting to think outside the Modernist box and often succeeding.


for questioning the slackness in the illogical and unthinking biases of public opinion

3. http://www.blog.pulpculture.org/

for daringly exploring novel expressions of gender and culture

4. http://chimurenga98.blogspot.com/

For a positive and skeptical attitude towards Modernist society

Arielle said...

Ugh, I feel so out of it! It has been ages (or what seems like ages) since I have really been in bloggerville.

Renegade thanks for the shout-out! You are probably my "only" blogger friend, but some day I hope to amas a greater number of readers. Here goes my current attempt at a list (no particular order):

1) www.peyinou.blogspot.com/ [Blog on Haiti, en francais]
2) Reidski at: www.thebigblowdown.blogspot.com/
3) Olive and Jae at www.jaebrysonblog.blogspot.com/
4) Gothamimage at www.gothamimage.blogspot.com/

Mike Ballard said...

I'd invite Michael Perleman:

Renegade Eye

Sonia Belle

Jennifer Armstrong aka unsane and safe

To wet the appetites, there would be before-dinner smokes available.
Clothes would be optional. Vegetarian dishes would be available as well as culinary delights for the omnivores. A case of Mad Fish red and white wines (from Western Australia) would on hand as well as two cases of Coopers Sparkling Ale. Espresso would be served after dinner and for those who might feel a bit of fatigue, there would be lines of cocaine.

Jim Jepps said...

Harry from Harry's place

Melanie Phillips

Johann Hari

Nick Cohen

The soup will be poisoned

Agnes said...

Cruel choice: Renegade and Beatroot are very popular, so this time I won't invite them.

I invite

1. Sonia-belle (for her insane sense of humor and style, sharp tongue and excellent taste in wymin.) I like female company, and she invited the best girls (though I would like to see Hak Mao there too). Also, Sonia loves red wine, and that is essential for a good dinner party. I won't betray my good name. But I hope I won't have to discuss politics onl;y: I do have other interests too.

Obokun,(/256bits.blogspot.com) for his comraderie and good taste in music, and excellent manners; rare thing in the blogosphere. We need gentlemen there.

Jams,(thepoormouth.blogspot.com): a dear friend, a wise man, who knows a lot about red wine(hmm) and history, and is vegetarian. He can keep a forgiving eye on the nude, meat-devouring girls.

Peteris, (lettonica.blogspot.com), the murky Northern, as he knows so much (one would say everything) about booze, wymin and literature. There is no good dinner party without a master of elegance around.
Another expert in red wine.

All of them have an excellent sense of humor and all love red wine: and after all, that matters.

Pēteris Cedriņš said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pēteris Cedriņš said...

I know nothing about wymmin except that they are perplexing... especially those Transylvanian reprobrates.

Inviting those not invited here (we could meet afterwards in tall, dark grass, with more red wine, which is not perplexing) --

Stefan the Savage, who blogs on Ukraine but also has a great Random Dykun.

Blair in Kyiv, who should blog more (this is a somewhat Ukraine-oriented dinner party, it seems... but no salo, please!).

The esteemed translator David McDuff, to give Redwine's beloved further-leftists a hard time.

Philippe from Nouvelleurope, because I just missed his visit and because a nice dinner party needs someone from la Francophonie.

Pēteris Cedriņš said...

Oops, here is the link to Blair again...


Frank Partisan said...

I have been occupied with the Minnesota Fringe Theater Festival. Tomorrow is my show, Viva Venezuela, performed by Sentir Venezolano, a Venezuelan folkloric dance and song group. See: http://sentirvenezolano.blogspot.com/

Redwine: I confess, lucky you didn't invite me. I'm a tea totaler. Don't touch alcohol.

Every time I do the dinner party game, I pick up new readers. I have several new blogs to explore.

celticfire said...

Maoists are boring, I would invite some Trotskyite weirdos for entertainment ;)

jams o donnell said...

A forgiving eye indeed Redwine

Who would I invite? hmm....

1) I must offer Redwine a return invitation. What dinner party could exist without plenty of redwine to facilitate lively debate?

2)Peteris Cedrins for his mix of erudition and rabelaisian humour.

The Fotis have an apolitical blog but have become pariahs in their part of californian suburbia for digging up their front lawn and planting vegetables. having already secured the redwine, I might as well get the main course for free too!

the only blogger I know know in that weird, non blogosperical place we call real life.

It's a shame that numbers are limited to four, there are others I would love to converse with over good food and good wine.

MC Fanon said...

You've been tagged.

**See my blog for details.

sphinx said...

Renegade Eye, hope you're well. I've updated my blog with a rather elaborate analysis of the conflict between Israel and Lebanon. Would appreciate your comments.

gray said...

Sonya is a an idiot

Renegade Eye is "her" biggest fan. I wonder why?

Since when have tits and pussies had anything to do with political comment?

? said...

"Since when have tits and pussies had anything to do with political comment? "

I think that is known as freedom of expression. I do not believe that any blogger friend of Ren is an idiot. Or, would you like to take away someone's freedom of expression?

Anyway, back to the game: Who would I invite? hmm....

Frank Partisan said...

Sonya and I, are connected at the hip.

She is an intelligent, political opponent of mine. Trotsky wanted the Russian Revolution , to have admiration, from conservatives. Not many conservative bloggers, want to have dialog on a lefty blog. Sonya obviously is not a cultural conservative.

I think even if you disagree with her, you should acknowledge she is a brilliant representative of her position.

Actually tits and pussies, have little to do with what Sonya does here.

sonia said...

Thanks Ren and Obokun,

You are gentlemen...

Anonymous said...

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Alice B. said...

This is a wee bit late, Renegad, but thanks for thinking about me for the dinner party. :-)

Anonymous said...