Sunday, May 28, 2006

Minutemen Install 10 Mile Fence Against Immigrants in AZ...For Full Immigrant Rights, Not Amnesty

The anti-immigrant "The Minutemen," are building a 10 mile fence in southeastern Arizona, to stop immigrants, from entering the US. It is a protest, from the right of George Bush, who has asked for 6,000 National Guard troops. They want even more troops, and a wall from California to Texas. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps plans to install a combination of barbed wire, razor wire, and in some spots, steel rail barriers along the 10-mile stretch of private land.

Anti-immigrant hysteria, has been a residue at times of imperialist war. In the time of World WarI, strikers mostly Mexican,members of the IWW (industrial Workers of the World) were forced at gunpoint, to be shipped to the Arizona desert, in a boxcar, to die of thirst. Sacco and Venzetti were executed. In WWII, Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps.

The Army Corps of Engineers have awarded Kellogg Brown & Root subsidiary of Halliburton Corporation, a $383 million grant to build "immigration detention centers", to each hold 5,000 detainees. They are to hold,an unexpected influx of immigrants, people fleeing from a natural disaster (another New Orleans), or for new programs that require additional detention space. Its goal is to remove all "removable aliens". This is part of the Dept of Homeland security's "Project ENDGAME."

Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, committed to divisive low wage programs, for immigrants. The amnesty programs provide citizenship, after paying thousands of dollars in taxes and fines, and waiting eleven years. We should oppose amnesty, also because it's a concept that applies to criminals. Amnesty for what?

The massive demonstrations, for immigrant rights, caught the political establishment by surprise. Most immigrant rights group, are subordinate to the Democratic Party. National flags were discouraged, while American flags were encouraged. Both parties represent the corporations desire, to pay the lowest wages to immigrants. To win the fight, Democrats and Republicans, can't be counted on.

See: The Internationalist.


ramo said...

While traveling in unreserved general compartments in Indian railway, people who get inside first, close the door. So that no more people would come in and they can travel comfortably. Then someone opens the door again and some more people get in. They join the people already inside and again close the door.

However, mass, disorganized migration has the capacity to disrupt the life style of existing society. Like it did for the red-Indians. It needs a humane approach.

beatroot said...

You know, the protests against the new immigration laws (whatever they will be) has been one of the most inspiring things I have seen this year.

These people are going against the current view of humans as weak and vulnerable. They are taking their lives in their own hands and protesting in a very effective way. I believe that we should not be scared of immigration as this also fits into the current mind-set that 'people are the problem'...they are not, they are part of the solution.

Open up the borders now!!!

Lynn said...

Estimates coming from mainstream economists indicate that the current wave of immigration has provided a net benefit to the U.S. economy. Of course, those who demand and employ low wage laber cannot lose. Trade agreements are made to exploit it no matter in which country it resides. The wall and other lunatic measures will cause investment to flow south of the border. The American worker will be no better off than before and neither will the Mexican worker.

Meanwhile, American business gets the best of both worlds: low wage labor, plus a deep division in the North American low and middle income work force that guarantees it will remain that way.

And think of all the loot companies like Haliburton will haul in from high tech and ineffective engineering projects. We know who dances to the tune they play on their pipes.

? said...

From a political perspective, these people whatever their condition are surplus to requirement and their fate depends on political ideology of the ruling parties in any given scenario.

The anti immigration movement is akin to I think, any other anti humanitarian event that occur worldwide and can only be understood in terms of political power and control for example, hitlers extermination of the Jews, the history of slavery, the neglect of the starving millions worldwide etc.

It’s a war over land and possessions and concentrated government attempts to impart a pseudo ‘morality’ on the problem of immigration, when in fact, many probably trace their ancestral hereditary to the very countries in which they are seeking asylum. Even those that are not are not committing a crime but seeking basic human rights or fleeing natural disasters in their own countries.

Basically immigrants are as much a problem to those in power as starving millions in Africa for example however there is a stark difference in that governments are willing to spend millions of pounds in restraining the influx of immigrants, who after all would benefit the economy if provided with equal citizens rights whilst innocents in their own country are allowed to die.

Sorry Ren, but you’ve just been tagged again.

troutsky said...

Thanks for the Internationalist link, "the workers have no Fatherland" sums it up very nicely.This is a great opportunity for all anti-capitalists of every stripe to point out the real crux of the issue, basic inequality.These immigrants, our brothers and sisters, are compelled to leave their homes, cultures,families, histories etc..and this is the essence of injustice.Where we can explain the roots of this injustice within capitalism we can raise awareness.Where we can expose the contradiction between the anti-collective possesiveness,greed and racism of the Minuteman attitude and the humanist, even true Christian values of our growing social movement, we can educate and organize.Most Latinos share both collective and Christian values and are the emergent force for the 21st century.

glenda said...

Thanks for writing about this!
We need a Cesar Chavez type leader who will step in and galvanize the workers. Even the guest worker program is extremely exploitive.

sonia said...

Don't worry. Those illegal immigrants who worry about being deported can always enrol in the US army; if they survive their tour of duty in Iraq, they will get their citizenship...

I always found it strange that the same people who denounce the US as an evil, imperialist oppressor, support people who are willing to risk their lives to come and become citizens of this horrible fascist state.

Imagine we are in 1938 and millions of Europeans are trying to get across the border to become citizens of Nazi Germany, in order to pay taxes to finance Wehrmacht's conquests. Would the leftists champion them as well ?

It's a rhetorical question, btw...

beatroot said...

Sonia! I know you are being provocative, but I don't think anyone would claim that the US was 'fascist'.

The US has a very good record on immigration...and has lots to be proud of in that, and many other ways.

What the world's critics find amazing is its (and the UK's) stupid and counter-productive foreign policy.

sonia said...


I don't think anyone would claim that the US was 'fascist'

Obviously, you've never read Noam Chomsky's books, listen to George Galloway speeches, payed attention to Cindy Sheehan's mumblings or looked at 'Bush=Hitler' posters...

Yosef Mikhah said...

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Also, I wonder: do you know how to make the letters that appear on my blog bigger?

Fraternal greetings,
Yosef M, "birobidzhaner

celticfire said...

This is a certainly inspiring event, but it lacks leadership and direction, like most spontanous movements do. It was very motivational to stand next to native americans and other people of color against this racist system.

This renforces, in my view, why we need a revolutionary force in this country, and a party to organize and give direction. No such party currently exists, but one can hope...

Yid Erotica said...

coeCheck out my blog...If you dare that is!

Anonymous said...

No human should be considered illegal! I'm sure the pilgrims filed the proper paperwork to land on native territory. I'm also sure that the British East India tea company filed all the correct paperwork to settle in Southeast, Southcentral Asia, Australia and the Pacific. The hypocrisy of US and UK immigration laws is laughable.

Dardin Soto said...

Although I am -in a way- diametrically opposite the main thesis of this posting, It does espouse it with great candor and amazing points of argument. I found your blog via "Life's Journey" and decided to pop in. Great work.

Bob said...

but I don't think anyone would claim that the US was 'fascist'.

Mussolini defined fascism as the Corporation and the State sharing power and was more aptly termed 'Corporatism.'

If you can look at the state of the government within this country today and not see how our corporations are pulling the strings, then please show me.

I would say that the comparisons to A. Hitler were unfair were it not for the content of the original post, after all it is not as if we are gassing millions of Arabs, we are just bombing them into submission, imprisoning them indefinitely, and torturing them.

What have we allowed this country to become?

sonia said...

Revolutionary Blogger,

I'm sure the pilgrims filed the proper paperwork to land on native territory. I'm also sure that the British East India tea company filed all the correct paperwork to settle in Southeast, Southcentral Asia, Australia and the Pacific

So your point is that the US government should ALSO act as irresponsibly as the Native Indians (East and West) and let themselves be conquered and (possibly) exterminated ?

I hope you realize that your example is PRECISELY the reason the Minutemen are organizing.

Incidentally, I don't agree with them. There are no parallels between Mexican immigration to the US and colonialism. Mexican immigrant come to work the fields and collect garbage. Colonialists came to conquer and kill.


it is not as if we are gassing millions of Arabs, we are just bombing them into submission, imprisoning them indefinitely, and torturing them

Well, if you believe that, why do you want more immigrants to come to the US and help Americans to bomb Arabs into submission ?

Btw, I don't agree with you, I am just pointing out the total illogic of the Left's position...

Graeme said...

Neither party will hold business responsible. We try fighting the suppy instead of the demand. that has completely failed during our "war on drugs"

Frank Partisan said...

Sonia is asking, why is the left so much for opening borders, in a country run by big business, and is the main center of capitalism and imperialism in the world? Is it a contradiction, to be for open borders, in a country that you criticize?

1. Many of the immigrants, come from countries, where they were involved in trade unions, land reform fights etc. Many are open to socialist ideas.

2. As a socialist, one tenet is internationalism. It means doing away with borders.

3. They will be able to help their families, who couldn't arrive. They can also help financially local revolutionary movements.

The Nazi Germany analogy is silly. Fascism occurs under specific conditions. Fascism is not a liberal democracy, an authoritarian state, or even a military dictatorship. Fascism means the total annihilation of the revolutionary movement. The Nazi analogy is silly, even if talking about a dictatorial state.

sonia said...

The Nazi Germany analogy is silly


I am not comparing US to Nazi Germany. Anti-Bush leftists worldwide are comparing US to Nazi Germany.

And I think you are very naive if you think that Mexican immigrants come to America to start a social revolution. On the contrary, by driving down wages, they PREVENT the emergence of a collectivist social worker movement.

Immigrants are highly individualistic. That's why they leave their country, to escape from the collective. They want to achieve individual success and US is the best place for that.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for open borders. But that's because the only internationalism I believe in is 'capitalists of the world unite'....

? said...

We must not forget that 'immigrant' is a "dirty word" in today's capitalist orientated society no matter what their condition i.e. fleeing natural disasters or persecution etc and unfortunately everyone is tarred with the same brush.

In the 21st century, 'immigrants' have as equally limited life chances as those who have been subjected to discriminatory practices throughout history, including the faith of the Jews under the Nazi regime and many African people under slavery.

If humanity is priceless why then can we not afford humanity towards those in genuine need? Can we really account for the motivations of thousands of Mexican immigrants?

sappho said...

I am so damn glad I found your blog!!
I agree 100% with you & join with you in the fight against capitalism, imperialism, etc!
Please stop by The Sappho Manifesto anytime and say hello!
We are all Zapatistas,

FLORIAN said...

Immigrants? How about illegal invaders? RE: why do you think people from 3rd world countries deserve the right to enter and live in the first world?

I have always wondered why immigrants are brave to endure racial and religious persecutions when moving to and fro--but yet cowardly when given the option to challange or overthrow their own corrupt governments and enstill change at home.

Publius said...

The House passed a bill in December and no one cared (HR 4437). Spanish language television and radio stations began to tell their audience about it and they encouraged their audience to protest, and their audience listened. The American people didn’t listen because although they heard there were untold millions of illegals in this country, they were too busy with the Superbowl and Brangelina and other trivial matters. Then hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants marched in the streets carrying the flags of other countries and demanding rights that were not afforded to them because they were here illegally and suddenly the American people saw just how many illegals were here. The American people also saw all these foreign flags and demonstrations against the government and got involved.
This led to “A Day Without Immigrants” where illegal immigrants were going to show how much influence they had in this country but shutting down businesses and trying to bring the U.S. economy to a halt, it didn’t happen but the American people realized what they were doing and got involved.
Then the Senate led by McCain and Kennedy tried to push a massive amnesty bill through the Senate which would have led to 100 to 200 million new immigrants into this country over the next 20 years so the American people got involved.
President Bush went on television and said he was going to send up to 6,000 National Guard to the border but that he was still for amnesty and a guest worker program which appeased no on, so the American people got involved.
Then it was learned that the American government was telling the Mexican government where the Minutemen were stationed along the border so that those who were coming across the border could avoid them and have fewer impediments in their way from entering illegally, so the American people got involved.
Finally, the Senate passed S. 2611 which will allow amnesty and a guest worker program and will lead to a minimum of 66 million additional immigrants over the nest 20 years. The bill also states that the U.S. government will consult with the Mexican government over any walls or additional fending they build between the U.S. and Mexico. The bill passed 62 to 36. Now, the American people are involved and I am glad there are people like the Minutemen along the border doing what our Senate is unwilling to do, which is secure this country.
We have no idea exactly how many illegal immigrants are in this country and the Senate passed an impossible amnesty bill for an unknown number of millions of people. Thankfully, the House is standing up against the Senate and the President on this issue. If S. 2611 goes though the U.S. will add an at a minimum 66 million more citizens over the next 20 years all of whom will be added to our over burdened Social Security system, this country will go from a net exporter of food to a net importer, and wages in numerous industries will go down while the cost of living will increase. And in 11 years S. 2611 will cost taxpayers an additional 50 plus billion dollars a year in social services alone.
So yeah, support the illegal immigration movement. Your children won’t thank you, but you can feel better about yourself tonight knowing you sided with big business and Presidente Fox whose government only allows 3,000 new citizens a year, and does not allow non native-born citizens to hold any federal offices or government positions.

Frank Partisan said...

Florien: I somewhat agree with you. My main argument against Zionism, is that Jews should fight anti-semitism at home.

Publius: Underneath your actual chronological analysis is really anti- Big Business sentiment. Not in your own words, but you're pointing out the cheap labor aspect of amnesty. The answer is not with groups like Minutemen. It is in organizing for better wages, at both sides of the border.

Agnes said...

"I don't think anyone would claim that the US was 'fascist'." Beatroot, yes they are.

" As a socialist, one tenet is internationalism. It means doing away with borders." - Ren, I wish. Not the case of the nation-states.

"They will be able to help their families, who couldn't arrive." _ yes, it is the case. Mexico, Romania, and how many others? What about creating jobs and normal conditions in these countries?

"Fascism is not a liberal democracy, an authoritarian state, or even a military dictatorship" Ren, sorry: what else if not authoritarian and a military dictatorship?

"We must not forget that 'immigrant' is a "dirty word" (..)no matter what their condition i.e. fleeing natural disasters or persecution etc and unfortunately everyone is tarred with the same brush."- Obokun, good point, and sadly the case.
"How about illegal invaders? RE: why do you think people from 3rd world countries deserve the right to enter and live in the first world?" Florian, bull: and who allowed us to invade them and colonize them? Do you happen to have written permission from Africa and the Middle East? Just in case, if you want everything to be so "legal".

Craig Bardo said...

Once again Sonia adds truth light....and heat!

Anonymous said...