Friday, April 14, 2006

Dinner Party Game2

My most far reaching post was my dinner game post. I was linked to by several bloggers, I never knew of before.

The Rules:

1) You can invite any four people, living or dead, from any period in history.

2) If you played before, use different guests,

I'll start.

V.I. Lenin

Diego Rivera

Astor Piazzolla (tango composer)

Salma Hayek

Last year I invited to the party: Leon Trotsky, Keira Knightly, Carl Sagan and Pablo Picasso.



Mike Ballard said...

Four naked women of my choosing from Sonia's site.

sonia said...

Lucretia Borgia

Veronica Franco

Otto Skorzeny

Mordecai Anielewicz

Agnes said...

Only four? Not fair. My favorite alcoholics, junkies and other addcits, of course:

Omar Khayyam
Marguerite Duras
Allan Ginsberg
Alexander The Great

patrick said...

George Patton
Abraham Lincoln
Douglas Adams
Isaac Asimov

Alice B. said...

Okay let me try my hand at this again. How about all my favorite actors:

1) Gael Garcia Bernal
2) Sanaa Lathan
3) Simon Baker


4) Renegade Eye?


Frank Partisan said...

Alice: Haiti's elections will be the last thing I would talk about.

Alice B. said...

very good!

Frank Partisan said...

I'll uninvite Salma for Alice.

beatroot said...

Sodom, Gomorrah, Marquis de Sade, and Bill Clinton.

Human said...

Jesus Christ

The unknown soldier from the
American-Vietnam War Buried in Arlington

The very first KIA from the American-Iraq War

George W. Bush


beatroot said...

It's hard to know what 'KIA' means. It sounds like the first from the 'coalition' to be killed. In which case it was 2nd Lt. Therrel S. Childers, aged 30, from Harrison County, Miss. He died on March 21, 2003 when he was in someone else's country uninvited.

But why do you want him there? He chose to be part of a force that invaded another country. So what?

A more interesting guest to dinner would be the first Iraqi to die. Unfortuntly, the 'coalition' doesn't seem to think these people's deaths are worth recording. So that place at the table will have bto remain unoccupied.

brian said...

Tough call...

Salvador Allende
Leon Trotsky
Hugo Chavez
Joe Hill

Chairman eDog said...

He died on March 21, 2003 when he was in someone else's country uninvited.

But why do you want him there? He chose to be part of a force that invaded another country. So what?

Uninvited invaders? I'd love to hear your views on illegal immigration.

It's hard to know what 'KIA' means.

No it isn't: "killed in action". I didn't even have to look it up. I'm sure you know what it means, too, but your own thinking about the world is so darkly muddled as to make even the most basic acronym into a segue for a ludicrous rant about American "imperialism". The subject is dinner guests--focus, man.

Here's my list:

1. Helen of Troy
2. Augustus
3. Gustav Mahler
4. Amenhotep

Sangroncito said...

Rigoberta Menchu
Nelson Mandela
Cesar Chavez
Martin Luther King.

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro
Ho Chi Minh
Nelson Mandela
Vladmir Ilyich Lenin... to chair the session.

beatroot said...

Chairman: I was wondering why someone would want such a guest at their dinner party. I was focusing.

KIA - of course I know what the three letters stand for, I just didn't know if it meant the first person to die in the invasion or the first to die from the 'coalition'. I hope you are able to see the difference.

Illegal immigration? Let em' stay, legally. I respect people who are brave enought to try and make a new and better life for themselves and their families.

I was focusing. Maybe you should focus a bit and read people's comments a little closer.

That way it makes it easier to have a debate.

Frank Partisan said...

What happened to your blog Edog?

Anonymous said...

Miles Davis
Al Pacino

Olive said...

George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and two hungry lions.

roman said...

Uncle Joe Stalin
Nikita Kruschev
Joseph McCarthy
Noam Chomsky
Two bottles of Stoli, 100 proof to get things rolling.

Frank Partisan said...

In a few months, I'll probably do an all bloggers dinner party scenario.

All the leftys would invite Sonia. I wouldn't be surprised, if more leftists read her blog, than those who agree with her. She has me to blame for that.

sonia said...


Sonia. I wouldn't be surprised, if more leftists read her blog, than those who agree with her

What I would like to know is, since when supporting the overthrow of UNELECTED GENOCIDAL TYRANTS qualifies you as "right wing"...

And judging from the polls, where the enthusiastic support for the Iraq War hovers somewhere around 0.0001%, if only those who agreed with me were reading my blog, I wouldn't have any readers at all....

Tina said...

Thomas Jefferson
Rev Jim Wallis
Dave Chappelle
George W Bush

Jefferson for historical clarity.
Rev Wallis for spiritual questions.
Chappelle for honesty & laughter.
Bush for food testing & dish washing.

Jennifer said...

You say: I was linked to by several bloggers, I never knew of before.

The point is, do you know of them now?

Frank Partisan said...

I know them now.

Most of the links I have came from that post. I met you and Mike B with that post.

Every once in awhile you need to post something you don't get heat for.

Baconeater said...

Darwin, just want to update him
Asia Carrera, atheist porn star
Sharon Stone, if she won't do me maybe she'll do Asia.
Adolph Hitler, so I can kill him again.

Bob said...

GW Bush
Hugo Chavez
Evo Morales


Don King to promote the fight of the century

celticfire said...

Hey! No playing for me, renegade eye!

But yeah, he would be on my list.

1) jack kerouac, or allan ginsberg, or john steinbeck or jack london.

2) frida kahlo.

3) Robert F. Williams or Zhang Chunqiao

4) Obviously, Mao or Lenin or Marx...maybe, if I was drunk enough Stalin, alternatively, Ho Chi Minh or Renegade eye's cheatin' ass...


Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda.

Latour cuz he's cool

But Renegade Eye would get the dirty silver ware. LOL.

...oh and Lady Celticfire because she's a hottie...with smarts! ;)

Frank Partisan said...

I had a laugh at Celticfire's expense, at Latour's blog.

I couldn't help it. The temptation was too great.

Scottage said...

This was a great post. I started one on my site, and linked to yours. As for my 4, I used John Lennon, Karl Marx, Thomas Jefferson and Mahatma Gandhi. I figure the discussion between the 4 of them will be awesome.

gr8gatsby said...

Abu Nuwas

a young Marlon Brandon

Oscar Wilde

Virginia Woolf

Jeff Richards said...

I would like to invite:

- Marxist Academic Terry Eagleton
- Ex Tory Minister Alan Clark (thank you John Hurt for your hilarious protrayal)
- Theroigne de Mericourt (before the madness truly set in)
-The truly great Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun.

Along with a selection of psychoactive substances available for those who chose to indulge and the finest delicacies imported from Tel Aviv, Beirut, Damascus,Amman and Tripoli.