Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Play The Dinner Party Game

You are allowed to invite to a dinner party; any four people, from any time in history, living or dead.

I'll start with my list.

Leon Trotsky

Kiera Knightly

Pablo Picasso

Carl Sagan

Who gets your invitation??????


Snowball said...

Christopher Hitchens.
George Orwell (in part, to explain to Hitchens that he is wrong about imperialism).
Noam Chomsky (in part so he can enjoy Orwell destroying Hitchens)
Rosa Luxemburg (in part to explain to Chomsky why he is wrong about Bolshevism)

Reidski said...

Re comments over at Rullsenburg Rules about Jodie Foster, got this little snippet from imdb: "Kung Fu" playing "Alethea Patricia Ingram" in episode: "Alethea" (episode # 1.10) 15 March 1973 .

Seems that, not for the first time, I'm wrong. Apologies.

And I'll come on over for a visit again some time.

Jennifer said...

Atilla the Hun
Cecil Rhodes

Reidski said...

Jack London

John Lydon

Jock Stein

The woman I kissed at the office party last week who shall remain nameless

Wordsbody said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'd invite to my dinner party, the following 4 people:

- Che Guevara
- Mohammed Ali
- Angelina Jolie
- Marlon Brando

I'll visit again,

gr8gatsby said...

e. m. forster
sylvia plath
malcolm x
martin luther king

Wordsbody said...

Thanks for the link, Renegade Eye. I was so impressed when I saw your blog, that I was going to link it too... but I was bogged down with a problem on my computer. It's now 'sorted' - as we say in England - and so's the link. I find this 'who links to me?' thing really cool, and I've 'borrowed' the idea:-)

Can I also borrow the 'dinner party' idea please, please... thanks!


Viks said...

Dang! I still can't come up with 4 people. I thought of it for a day!

I'll post soon with the 4 lucky human beings :P

Wordsbody said...

Thanks for leaving your dinner party list on mine... You were in a hurry though, and left Keira Knightley's surname as 'Knight'... to you might want to revisit.

Further to Knightley, I think that's excellent taste you are showing. I remember the scene in 'Love Actually' where she's finally seeing all the secret videos made of her by her admirer. It gets to a point, the camera homes in on her faces as she marvels at her own looks as revealed on the video. "I look quite pretty!" she says. And the viewer realises just then too, that yes, she is quite pretty...

That was a great movie moment for me.


Anonymous said...

Can I have four Kiera Knightleys?

Frank Partisan said...

You can have two Hiltons, Knightly and Trotsky.

Brik D said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wanted to read up on yours, so I stopped by.

My four guests for dinner would be:

-Thomas Jefferson (I'm a Virginian, so you know)
-Ayn Rand (to explain some holes)
-Michael Collins
-Eddie Izzard (he'd lighten the mood a little)

Mike Ballard said...

My four:

Karl Marx
B. Traven
Helen Mirren
Mary Shelley

Frank Partisan said...

It just hit me that Picasso had Stalinist sympathies. How would Trotsky take to that??

Craig Bardo said...

I don't know who the woman is, but she's hot!

Craig Bardo said...

Jesus to discover the meaning of some of the "passover texts" in the Bible, the ones I pass over because I don't understand them. I understand he made a mean wine too.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - he was a party animal and he would rock the house on the piano.

Josephine Baker because she was one of the sexiest most provacative women to ever live, plus she and Mozart together at a party would be magic.

For my fourth, I'm trying to decide between any number of super hot women throughout history, Da Vinci, Adam Smith, Irving Kristol, Condoleeza Rice but while this group would represent either visual or intellectual stimulation, this is after all a party.

I'd have to go with Shakespeare, we'd need a great story teller and some serious poetry.

What a party!

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously here's my list

Kiera Knightley
Christopher Hitchens

Sue London said...

Good question. It's difficult to decide between the four people I would most want to talk to and the mechanics of creating a good conversational dinner party.

In either case I would just have to have Oscar Wilde there.

Anonymous said...

Oscar Wilde would be a noble invitation to *any* dinner party. Bring on the port.

Sue London said...

Renegade Eye - Right back at ya with the blogroll.

Happy Holidays!

Alice B. said...

Hey Renegade,
I'd invite:

Bob Marley
Frantz Fanon
Frederick Douglass
Some of my direct ancestors

Yup, a great opportunity to flirt with four handsome men. (Oh rat, just remembered Fanon was gay.)

SugarBitz n MilkyBar said...


My invitation list reads:

Elvis Presley
Roald Dahl
and last but not least, Emperor Shah Jahan (Taj Mahal)

Tom Cleland said...

David Rockefeller
Ed Schultz
Ralph Nader
Mike Ruppert

Carl Davidson said...

Only Four?

Let's see...

George Herbert Mead
WEB DuBois
Janis Joplin
Robert Pirsig

Nice mix of personalities...

but if I had one or two more, Bukharin and, yes, Carl Sagan

Anonymous said...





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