Sunday, December 25, 2005

Osama's Niece.

Wafah Dufour the former Wahfah Bin Laden, is a 26 year old aspiring model and musician. Her father was one of Osama's 50 half brothers. She is scheduled to be presented in a glamour layout in GQ Magazine.

Wafah was born in US, and lived in Saudi Arabia, until she was ten years old. She lived most of her life in USA. Pressures from after 9/11, made her to drop her last name.

Needless to say, she doesn't see her father or extended family. Osama has 400 relatives, who live in Saudi Arabia.

For more info see: BBC News.

This post is a contribution, to the war against clerical fascism.


Reidski said...

"This post is a contribution, to the war against clerical fascism."

No it's not, you've put it on for tittilation value - so, thanks for that, it worked!

Mike Ballard said...

Now you see why insecure Saudi men make Saudi women wear those ridiculous nun's costumes.

There's an old Arab aphorism which goes something like, "a man's honour is found between a woman's legs." It still has great force in the Arab world, but fortunately, it looks like it may be breaking down.

What's to replace it?

"A man's honour lies in making women cum."

Sue London said...

Happy Holidays to you, Renegade Eye!

This girl looks like she's taking on the limitations of her culture, so props to her on that.


Jennifer said...

Mike be not a dum as he looks.

wonderballer said...


Don't you worry about a doggone thing
Don't you worry a'tall
Some man,somewhere,will take you baby, Skinny legs and all

--Joe Tex, "Skinny Legs and All"

Wordsbody said...

Wafar's definitely not as dumb as she looks. I thought it was interesting that she changed her surname to escape the Bin Laden stigma, but traded on it nevertheless, in order to advance her career as a singer and 'hottie'. A contradiction there.

I saw something about her (including footage of the photo shoot) on television here in London, and from all I've heard, she has more in common with the average American than Osama. I guess when you've got 50 siblings, the whole world will be related to you, somehow. Someone here has mentioned Wafar's skinny legs. From the photos I've seen in the press here, she looks best when she strums a guitar (wonder if she plays?) with most of her clothes on... pretty face.

Craig Bardo said...

Is this the equivalent of "all hat no cattle" - All legs (and big feet) no oil money?

TheMalau said...

This girl is reaaally tempting the wrath of her uncle... good for her!! Someone needs to - how do you put it - fight against clerical fascim!! I just hope for her that there are no sleeper cells around her.

Srebrenica Genocide said...


You said you know who genocide denier Diana Johnstone dated in 1970s. It was controversial. (comment )
I would like to know: WHO did she date? Can you provide more info?

Anonymous said...

So what the hell is her talent? I'm sort of baffled as to what exactly her claim to fame is other than being the niece of Enemy #1? Does she sing? Bellydance? Or just sit around doing her nails and photoshoots in a bathtub while giving interviews about how she doesn't want to be known for being a bin Laden?

Frank Partisan said...

You answered your own question Cucumber.

sara said...



Anonymous said...