Sunday, September 18, 2005

Venezuelan Leader Wins Cheers With Rant Against U.S.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stirred up the United Nations this week, at the World Leaders Conference. He denounced the US government's poor response to Hurricane Katrina, the American governments refusal to prosecute Rev. Pat Robertson, for his call for the assasination of the Venezuelan president, and exclusion from the decision process related to documents about terrorism and poverty. He got loud applause for his remarks.

Chavez is a democratically elected leader moving in a socialist direction. He survived a US initiated recall campaign last year, and is stronger than ever. Chavez has interesting, creative ideas about socialism.

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Jae said...

Robertson also called for bombing the State Department. Interesting that no one invokes the Patriot Act for a Right Winger. Great resume, though: preacher, presidential candidate, assassin recommender, traitor. I have GOT to start watching the 700 Club.