Saturday, May 27, 2006

I Was Tagged Again

I was tagged by sonia-belle(adults only). I'm unable to escape this time.

1)If you are tagged, you must answer the question or questions, assigned by the person who tagged you.
2) You must credit the person who tagged you.
3) You can then choose other bloggers to tag.

Name ten of life's simple pleasures.
1) Old school ethnic food, as opposed to nuevo cuisine.
2) The internet (blogging).
3) Argentine tango, flamenco, and other dance experiences.
4) Jane Austen, Isabel Allende, and many others, fiction and non-fiction.
5) Cinema including Bollywood, Hitchcock and indies.
6) Magazines, high and low end.
7) Sex (Vanilla and Flavored).
8) Jazz, tango, roots, classical, show tunes CDs.
9) Long walks.
10) Art gallery openings (free food).
*These are in no particular order. All include high and low end.

I'll pick this list of blogs to tag. Please check them out.

  • Louis Proyect: The Unrepentant Marxist

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  • Histologian

  • thoughtstreaming



    sonia said...

    Thanks Ren,

    What's wrong with nuevo cuisine ?

    Which Jane Austen is your favorite? Persuasion? Mansfield Park ?

    Let me guess about Bollywood - Bride and Prejudice ?

    What flavour ?

    the flying monkeys said...

    Thanks for sharing.

    Mike B) said...

    I like all your choices except long walks and Bollywood.

    Anonymous said...

    I second Allende and Hitchcock.

    Renegade Eye said...

    Nuevo cuisine lacks the soul, as authentic ethnic food has.

    I like Pride and Prejudice.

    I saw great Bollywood movies. I always forget the titles. A masterpiece comes around every once in awhile. Someone talked to me, using Aishwaria Rai's picture. I bought it.

    obukun: You can't tag, the one who tagged you.

    Folkrock: A time to every purpose, under heaven.

    MikeB Give Bollywood a chance.

    the flying monkeys said...

    Thanks Ren. I am still learning the ropes.