Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Honduras: Agreement or Farce?

Written by Jorge Martín
Wednesday, 04 November 2009

A lot of noise had been made about the so-called “reinstatement of Zelaya”, but is that what is really happening. So far a lot of wheeling and dealing has taken place, but no concrete steps to put Zelaya back as the legitimate president. We will see in the coming days how real this agreement is.

Jorge's arrticle is the most comprehensive analysis of the Honduran situation available.

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FJ said...

Zelaya has about as good a chance of being reinstated as president as I do of being nominated to the Honduran Supreme Court.

Renegade Eye said...

FJ: Zalaya like Mousavi in Iran, is an accident of history.

tony said...

As Well as the specifics mentioned in this excellent report.It's also interesting how "western Media" (be it FOX or BBC ) report World Events to us.Often its not the lies told us, its the details that go unreported that keep us in the dark..

FJ said...

btw - You need to tell your boys to calm the 'f down. Throwing grenades isn't going to win Zelaya's supporters any friends around the world.

FJ said...

Somebody needs to tell Mel, the party is over.

Renegade Eye said...

Tony: I know the writer. He is sharp.

FJ: You keep bringing up isolated incidents, while I bring up state sanctioned violence. Why are Colombian sharpshooters there?

I agree with the BBC account.

I have no idea why Zalaya agreed to the accords. Leaders of Honduras, are used to doing what the US says.

FJ said...

I bring up the not-so-isolated incidents merely to point out that Zelaya does not bargain "in good faith." It's either his way, or violence.

It's the same w/Chavez. He isn't a "democrat." He doesn't give a cr*p about "the people." He is a thug. A caudillo, nothing more. To them, the people are merely a means to power. That's all they are. Nothing more. Like w/"Caesar," Brutus was the republican hero. The people were merely his "means to an end." Absolute power.

Renegade Eye said...

The Micheletti group, brought in sharpshooters from Colombian death squads.

Even that BBC article you sent, said Zalaya gave up too much.

FJ said...

The Micheletti group, brought in sharpshooters from Colombian death squads.

The must be working with the agents from Israel's Mossad who are beaming mind control lasers into the Brazilian Embassy where Mel Zelaya is holed up and making him forget to read the fine print on all the government agreements he signs.

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