Friday, November 06, 2009

Open Thread

This is the thread for the miscellaneous. Do you have blog issues you want to discuss? Music? Movies?

I need recipes for my Food and Blogging series. If you have a simple,interesting recipe, I'll post it and plug your blog. I can't say when I'll post your recipe. Some I posted two years after I received them. Send them to the email at my profile.

I'm not sure how hot the Honduras issue is playing out? People are told in the media, everything is solved. At the same time President Zalaya, is still in the Brazilian embassy.

The Iranian protesters had anti-Obama slogans for the first time at the demonstrations this week.

The new Facebook format drives me nuts. My addiction Mafia Wars is untouched. I admit Farmville's niceness, makes me feel guilty at times



SecondComingOfBast said...

I don;t really like Facebook. If you are looking for someone you might have known from the past, you have to either send them an invitation or a message. You can't look into their profiles to see if they are the person you are looking for. There are no exceptions. In other social networking sites, like MySpace, users have the option of making their profiles private, but in Facebook, they are all like that.

Hell, a person might have a reason for wanting to know for sure if they have the right person before they send a message or invite. Screw Facebook.

I like MyYearbook better than any of the others so far. And really, it's a waste of time. They all are.

SecondComingOfBast said...

By the way, if you are interested in meeting people from Asia, you might want to try Friendster.

nanc said...


EGADS - I hate all those invitations to get into those games - so much so that I put it on my status this morning. Still can't get over the fact so many people are in love with themselves there and actually post unflattering photos - YIKES!

Frank Partisan said...

Nanc: I feel guilty that I like Mafia Wars. It has nothing about it socially redeemable, except it's fun.

Farmville brings out good qualities.

Pagan: I was on Friendster a bit. I get spammed to death there.

I don't look for high school mates on Facebook. I know few people personally. I have socialists, tango dancers, movie buffs etc.

white rabbit said...

Oh dear...

I haven't the remotest idea what Farmville is.

Should I?

white rabbit said...

Okay, I googled Farmville.


Ducky's here said...

Saw a pretty good documentary at the Museum of Fine Arts (doubt it gets general release but be on the lookout) "Crude".

Goes into the environmental destruction by Texaco (now Chevron) in Ecuador. The most depressing aspect was that as the case managed to make it's way through the legal system in Ecuador you had a sense that Chevron can stall forever and the American law firm behind this comes off as real ambulance chasers.

The actual catastrophe is secondary. It also brings Petro-Ecuador into question and the exact relationship with Chevron is not clear although you get the impression that PetroEcuador is just a shill. No real nationalization took place, just some shenanigans with the tax laws and balance sheet.

Still an interesting account.

Frank Partisan said...

White Rabbit: Mafia Wars is the game I like.

Ducky: All of the ALBA governments are capitalist.

Ecuador's government is high on rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

All of the ALBA governments are capitalist. ..."state" capitalists.

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